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General info

We might write have several topics (content) here and express our condensed thoughts to ease a later discussion, voting and unification.



Goal and hopes



General ideas for Oni2
Oni2 is a fight during chaos and destruction
- man vs man vs man (WCG vs Syndicate vs public)
- Mai defending herself against head hunters (humans blaming someone else)
- Human's desperate adaption to the cataclysm (resource wars)

Oni2 is a fight for realization
- man vs nature (toxic nature should not be denied, it is "striking back")
- adapt or die

Oni2 is an advanture and fight of hyper-evolution
- man vs. himself (the rise of Imagos, "true self")
-- If everyone is potentially an Oni (monster) what is the consequence?
-- Are we doomed to fight each other?
-- Do we accept or do we improve - and do we use Chrysalis as a chance for a new start?
- Mai vs/with Shinatama
-- Can you not forgive your family? (Shinatama participated in terror acts of SLD resistance???)
-- What is the next level: biological and artificial shell, or both?

Oni2 is a fight to recover identity
- Mai's search for her father Hasegawa
- Hasegawa: innocent or guilty? Couldn't he give humans the Daodan in another way?
- Mai: innocent or guilty? She had no other option but to trigger the ACCs' destruction?
- Muro: innocent or guilty? He had no other option but to execute Sturmanderung? (Pushed by Hasegawa.)
- Griffin: innocent or guilty? Means justified for turning Mai into a monster?
- Humans: innocent or guilty? To comfortable to change themselves?

Oni2 is a fight for a new future
- man vs machine (man vs SLD, Bioc)
- Do we enslave new lifeforms to secure our survival and living standard ...
- ... or do we strengthen symbiosis with SLD, Daodan, Bioc and other humans (Gaia AI, biocracy) to live a more peaceful and happy life?

Specific goals and hopes of GUT



Muro is dead?

Griffin is dead?

Kerr is dead?

Hasegawa is dead

Shinatama is dead?

The Daodan Chrysalis was solely created by Kerr and Hasegawa