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Password field

What is that Password field for, on the game's Options screen? It's only four characters, and rather than allowing you to select A-Z for each space, each slot has a different selection of numbers that is allowed:

  1. A-F and S
  2. A-F and W
  3. A-F and Y
  4. Only A-F

The "A-F" business seems to be a reference to hexadecimal. The fact that the only characters outside of that range which are allowed for the first three slots are S, W, and Y implies to me that at least one password is "SWY_", where the '_' is something from A to F. However, I tried all those permutations and didn't see any result in the game. I cannot find a string anywhere in the game data that is of the form "SWY", nor "YWS" if written little-endian like Oni's tag codes. So I may be arriving at a wrong conclusion based on the allowed characters.

Perhaps the Password field is where cheat codes are entered? There's a single reference to cheats in the engine, a portion that reads "End Cheat Flying Mode [...] Start Cheat Flying Mode". Perhaps the mystery "SWY_" code above is the flying cheat? --Iritscen (talk) 04:28, 12 December 2016 (CET)