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This text is copied verbatim from Oni.
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Welcome to Oni!
This ReadMe file accompanies version 1.0


- General Notes
- Contact Information
- Installation and Configuration
- Known Issues
- 3D Video Card Drivers

General Notes

After installing Oni you may want to check out and for news about Oni. Also, to maximize your Oni experience, you'll want to make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. Check with the manufacturer's web site, or try

To learn how to play Oni, try the training level in the game. You can also hit the F1 key while playing to get the keyboard controls and hints.

Contact Information

For news, hints, and community check out or

To register, go to

For Tech Support, go to or call: 214-303-1202 or e-mail:

Installation and Configuration

If your computer does not automatically install Oni after the compact disc has been inserted into the CD-ROM drive, perform the following procedure:

1) Click Start, and then click Run.
2) Type x:\OniSetup, where x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive. For example, if your CD-ROM drive letter is D, type d:\OniSetup.
3) Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Oni sets the default keyboard controls upon its first launch. If you would like to change the keyboard controls, you need to modify the key_config.txt text file. key_config.txt is located in the same directory as the Oni.exe application file.

Known Issues

This section contains a list of known problems and their various work-arounds if available. Many of these issues are related to video cards and as a general rule of thumb, can be fixed by either running GLSetup or getting the latest driver from your card manufacturer.

[All Systems] - Animated cutscenes are choppy and audio slurred. This may be caused by low hard drive space, try freeing up hard drive space to fix.

[Multiple Monitor Setups] - Display setting in option screen can be invalid. The option screen provides settings based on your primary video card, regardless of which card Oni is actually running on. The solution to this is to make the card you wish to run ONI on your primary display adapter.

[Win95 Gold] - Game won't launch. This can be caused by missing OpenGL, try running glsetup.

[nVidia GeForce] - Resizing video display causes display abnormalities. This can be fixed by getting the latest video driver.

[3Dfx] - No fog. 3Dfx cards do not support Oni's implementation of fogging. This is purely cosmetic.

[3Dfx] - Lensflares shine through movable objects (including characters) 3Dfx does not support Oni's implementation of lensflare occlusion. This is purely cosmetic.

[3Dfx] - Gamma slider doesn't work. Oni's implementation of gamma correction does not work on 3Dfx cards.

[ATI Radeon & Windows 2000] - Game freezes. This is a driver issue. Updating your driver may fix this problem.

[ATI Rage Fury Pro, Rage Fury Maxx, Rage 128] - Missing texture on "talking head" fly-in panels. This is a driver issue. Updating your driver may fix this problem.

[Diamond Monster Fusion AGP] - Crash at launch. There are compatibility issues with the Voodoo Banshee chipset. Updating your driver may fix this problem.

[Diamond Viper V550] - Crash after opening movie. Update your video driver to fix this problem.

[Diamond Viper 3 S3] - Playing twice in a row causes blue screen. Try replacing video driver.

[Savage 4] - Gray or Black screen at main menu. This is a driver issue. Updating your driver may or may not fix this problem.

[PowerVR KYRO 32MB AGP] - Launch to black screen. This card is not supported.

[Number Nine SR9 Pro, Revolution IV] - Oni won't launch or crashes. This is a driver issue. Number Nine no longer manufacturers video cards or drivers and we cannot provide a solution to this problem.

3D Video Card Drivers

Make sure that you have the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your video card. Many video issues will be resolved if you install your video card's latest drivers. ONI may not detect some older video cards properly because their video drivers are not OpenGL compliant. Please contact your video card manufacturer for updated drivers or install the Open GL driver supplied with GLSetup. Listed below are some common video card manufacturers' Web sites. Oni may not support some or all of the cards produced by a particular manufacturer.

3Dfx Interactive -
3Dlabs -
AccelGraphics - <>
Asus -
Aztech Labs -
Canopus -
Creative Labs -
Diamond Multimedia -
Elsa Technology -
Gateway 2000 -
Guillemot -
Hercules (see Guillemot) -
I/O Magic -
Intergraph (see 3Dlabs) -
Jaton -
Leadtek -
Matrox -
Number Nine -
Orchid (see Diamond Multimedia) -
S3 Incorporated -
SiS -
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SiS) -
STB (see 3dfx Interactive) - <>
VIA Technologies -
VideoLogic -