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The un-textured Rooftops level.

Oni 2 has 95 layouts, which could be thought of as levels or rooms. 15 of these are accessible from the Load Game menu by default. The remaining 80 can be unlocked with a patch tool that adds them to the Load Game menu (see the Running page for the patch). Only a few layouts could be considered traditionally "game-like", including "The Blast Chambers", "Initial Attack", "The Rooftops", fightandshoot and M03_A03_Construction_Kev. Most layouts were used by the developers to test features or assets, but some are rather substantial, like "AI Abilities Test", or are simply interesting spaces, like nomad, skydock and TestLab.

Below is a description of each layout, along with the level names assigned to the 15 default layouts listed in the Load Game menu. Sorting the table by the "Level name" column will sort first by the named levels and then by the remaining layouts' names. Screenshots from all layouts can be found HERE, or you can click the layout name in the table below to jump to that layout's screenshot folder. Video playthroughs of the 15 default layouts are also linked to below.

Test results
Aqua Dot-Green.png Works
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png Crashed during gameplay; partly playable
Aqua Dot-Red.png Crashed during level load (see screenshot in layout's folder for error message)
Aqua Dot-Grey.png Layout name Level name Description
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers
The Blast Chambers This level seems closest to being finished, at least out of the material burned to the disc. Konoko must chase Neo-Syndicate bad guys through the subterranean blast chambers of a launchpad. The game hangs when Konoko is about to exit the chambers and face a female opponent, Brunhilda. The fight with Brunhilda can be experienced by playing M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss.
Aqua Dot-Green.png FXCathedral_Scenario_1
footage 1
footage 2
Protect the Statue This is a test of a "defend the target"-type mission. You must defend a statue from Neo-Syndicate bad guys who are shooting it.
Aqua Dot-Green.png all_chars
Brawler This level is simply a large floor grid, on which are placed (apparently) all the characters created so far. They then begin fighting one another, "reservoirdogs"-style. Konoko can attack any of the characters, and some will randomly target her. Among the combatants is an old model of Konoko that resembles her appearance in Oni, but she apparently has no combat moves at her disposal and so she cannot attack other characters. Amaya also appears to be represented here.
Aqua Dot-Green.png junkyard
The Junkyard This may have been a prototype of an actual level, but at such an early stage that there is no briefing screen, enemies, or known goal. It’s a fairly small yet intricate area that probably would have been expanded if made into a finished level.
Aqua Dot-Green.png DestructableBuilding
Destructible Building This is a test of a scripted event in which parts of the floor of a building collapse, leaving holes you must navigate around.
Aqua Dot-Green.png M01_A01_Initial_Attack
Initial Attack Possibly another proto-level, this is the most polished level besides Level 1. You explore different areas of a facility, including an area in which Neo-Syndicate bad guys are attacking civilians that you are probably supposed to defend. There is no briefing screen, therefore no known goal, but upon reaching a dead-end in the level, you get a Mission Complete notice in your HUD ring and can advance to the next level, which is not the case for most of the 15 levels.
Aqua Dot-Green.png M01_A02_Assault
Assault Basically a single large area in the City where you face groups of enemies. Possibly a proto-level, this level is also a demonstration of friendly AI and a test of the AI awareness system. Your AI ally is capable of handling himself but makes little effort to stay with you, similar to the occasional help that the AI provides in Oni. One group of bad guys seems to be set as blind, but can hear you when you pass by. Another type of AI calls on their allies to attack you as a group when you're spotted. Once the bad guys in that area are defeated, there is nothing more to do and nowhere to explore.
Aqua Dot-Green.png M01_A03_Rooftops
The Rooftops Another proto-level, there is a great deal of environmental modeling evident in this level, but no textures. You must leap from rooftop to rooftop (although the structures you run on are not realistic), while being shot at by snipers and chased by enemies who can also leap from roof to roof to chase you. Eventually Konoko advances to an area with no enemies, just navigational challenges — most notably a section where the exhaust from large vents threatens to push her off the roof as she runs by them. Finally she slides down a slope to arrive at a dead-end, and the level is complete.
Aqua Dot-Green.png FXCathedral_Scenario_2
Defend the Statue Essentially the same test mission as level 2, except with a slightly different mix of enemies.
Aqua Dot-Green.png EndlessCity
Endless City A test of a system that allows you to “fly” through a city by standing on a two-dimensional square as it travels through an endlessly looping circle, with walls on both sides and flying vehicles passing you by. There is a series of platforms that one can jump to, but after the first couple of jumps, advancement seems impossible due to the distance between platforms.
Aqua Dot-Green.png testzipline5
Zipline Test 5 A simple test of “ziplines”, which appear as geometric lines and arcs drawn in the 3D space of the level. Some ziplines are hand-over-hand rails, and others are built for sliding down by holding onto an object that runs along the line, in the way that real-life ziplines work.
Aqua Dot-Green.png testzipline8
Zipline Test 8 Another small level with multiples types of ziplines. The ziplines in this level are all hand-over-hand, and come in different shapes such as a square and a Y shape.
Aqua Dot-Green.png FXCathedral_Scenario_3
Destroy the Statue This level is a test of the "destroy the target"-type mission goal, taking place in the same kind of area as levels 2 and 9, with the statue you were protecting now set as your target. Numerous Neo-Syndicate bad guys defend it by shooting at you, and you have a time limit in which to destroy the target.
Aqua Dot-Green.png kirk_meat_and_potatoes
AI Abilities Test A tutorial level, either for the player or for internal testing purposes. By way of messages that appear onscreen, and different areas set up for specific purposes, the game demonstrates such features as: enemy spawning, manual aiming and lock-on for weapons combat, special contextual actions (such as pushing someone off a ledge), and various aspects of the enemy AI. The level has a definite endpoint, but no Mission Complete is granted for reaching it.
Aqua Dot-Green.png tim06
Acrobatics Test A small “playground” level that is designed for testing Konoko’s acrobatic maneuvers. It consists of some spires and some ramps in a geometric space.
Aqua Dot-Green.png AlphaRoomTest A room for testing transparency in textures.
Aqua Dot-Green.png BlastChamberTextureTest A test space in "Blast Chambers" for dropping trash to the ground on a timer.
Aqua Dot-Green.png bra_grapple You play as Brunhilda attacking Konoko. Pressing Triangle wrestles Konoko to the ground.
Aqua Dot-Green.png char_cggtest You play as a type of enemy who wields a metal weapon.
Aqua Dot-Green.png circus You're in an area with blocks to jump around on.
Aqua Dot-Red.png cksound1
Aqua Dot-Green.png cnkcrane3 A test plane where standing near the pole will cause a crane to grab you.
Aqua Dot-Green.png cnkcrane4 A slightly larger test plane than cnkcrane3, with two cranes. The second one will drop you off the plane if it grabs you.
Aqua Dot-Green.png cnkcrane5 When the level starts, a crane drops a small cylinder off the test plane.
Aqua Dot-Green.png cnkcrane6 Seems to be the same as cnkcrane5.
Aqua Dot-Green.png cnkcurve1 A test space where a box moves back and forth along a curve. You can jump on top of it and it will bob up and down until adjusting to your weight.
Aqua Dot-Green.png dmg_vs_scv You control a "dmg", whatever those are, but he cannot attack the "scv"s (Scavengers), nor do they attack him, and the camera is fixed in place.
Aqua Dot-Green.png fightai_grapple You control a Neo-Syndicate fighter who can attack Konoko.
Aqua Dot-Green.png fightai_leader You control Konoko and can attack a group of AIs with a leader, but none of them fight back.
Aqua Dot-Green.png fightandshoot A test room where you get in a firefight with a few AIs who will take cover and try to disarm you.
Aqua Dot-Green.png fightandshoot_seanc Seems to be the same as fightandshoot.
Aqua Dot-Green.png FXCathedral In the cathedral level used by "Protect/Defend/Destroy The Statue", a man on fire runs back and forth on a walkway.
Aqua Dot-Green.png fxcathedral_kev The cathedral level now has a shaft of light falling down on it, and there are three Neo-Syndicate baddies.
Aqua Dot-Red.png HarborLayout
Aqua Dot-Green.png InventoryTest Same as FXCathedral, except there is a medkit you can pick up.
Aqua Dot-Green.png junkyard1 Seems to be the same as "The Junkyard", but with no scripted activities or player character.
Aqua Dot-Green.png junkyard2 Just a black screen with no player character. This can happen in The Junkyard when you fly around with the free-floating dev cam, so probably the camera is spawning in the wrong place.
Aqua Dot-Green.png junkyard3 Seems to be the same as "The Junkyard". You control Konoko.
Aqua Dot-Green.png junkyard3kno "The Junkyard" with subtle alterations. Konoko hovers in the air near the beginning of the level and cannot move.
Aqua Dot-Green.png kev A sprawling level, probably the second biggest after nomad, with boxes that move along paths, and many interconnected rooms.
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_fightai_plane
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_fightai_plane_M10
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_fighter_shooter_plane
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_hangline
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_individual_blocked_segmented
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_individual_sections
Aqua Dot-Green.png kirk_kno_and_gang Spawns Konoko with "the gang", a group of baddies including Brunhilda. You can attack them, but they do not fight back.
Aqua Dot-Red.png Kirk_Kno_Test_Jump
Aqua Dot-Red.png kirk_targeting_plane_redux
Aqua Dot-Red.png LAYOUT
Aqua Dot-Green.png M02_A01_Harbor An unfinished harbor area with docked ships that you can enter by climbing on shipping crates.
Aqua Dot-Red.png M02_A02_Flip
Aqua Dot-Red.png M02_Harbor
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss A wrestling-oriented boss fight with Brunhilda. This is essentially the portion of the level that follows "Blast Chambers" at the point that it crashes.
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss_Pan The same area as M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss, but with four AIs that shoot at you while crane arms try to grab you and hold you. Three inactive Brunhildas are off to the side.
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_BossSC The same area as M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss, after passing through an intangible version of the door at the end of "Blast Chambers". There are no enemies in it.
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Fredrik Spawning in the "Blast Chambers" area, you immediately fall through the floor and out of the level.
Aqua Dot-Red.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Kev
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Movies The same area as M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss, with an inactive Brunhilda and four cranes that try to lift you. You can target and destroy them with your gun.
Aqua Dot-Red.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Orig
Aqua Dot-Red.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Pan
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_SeanC A version of "Blast Chambers" without working scripts. Enemies do not spawn/attack, and the ending arena can be entered but Brunhilda is not present.
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Test A version of "Blast Chambers" with slight alterations, but it crashes with an assert message shortly after beginning.
Aqua Dot-Red.png M03_A02_Tunnels_And_Shafts
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A03_Construction_Kev A level with buildings and construction equipment, and enemies that attack.
Aqua Dot-Red.png M03_A03_Deconstruction_Zone
Aqua Dot-Green.png M03_A03_Deconstruction_Zone_SeanC A test plane for testing animated level pieces.
Aqua Dot-Red.png M03_Total_Kev
Aqua Dot-Yellow.png NewBlastChamber Loads the "Blast Chambers" area, but it crashes with an assert message shortly after beginning.
Aqua Dot-Green.png nomad An enormous devastated city. You can explore it with Konoko (or the developer camera), but there are no AIs.
Aqua Dot-Green.png NomadBlocks A haphazard arrangement of walls and blocks spanning a large area.
Aqua Dot-Red.png obstacle_course
Aqua Dot-Red.png obstacle_course2
Aqua Dot-Green.png OldShooter The same scenario as fightandshoot, but only one of the four AIs shoots at you.
Aqua Dot-Red.png Rooftops Not to be confused with M01_A03_Rooftops, "The Rooftops", which works.
Aqua Dot-Green.png seanc_ai_pacing A test plane which demonstrates AI group behavior as they surround an enemy.
Aqua Dot-Green.png shoottest1 You must traverse a moving walkway while enemies run at you and try to knock you off.
Aqua Dot-Green.png ShootTest2 Konoko spawns in the space from M03_A01_Blast_Chambers_Boss. Disconnected from this arena are some walkways, but she cannot get to them.
Aqua Dot-Green.png skydock The camera is stationary in the air near a skydock with a docked ship.
Aqua Dot-Green.png spawntest On a simple plane, an enemy spawns from a flaming disc and attacks you. There is nothing else to do once he's defeated.
Aqua Dot-Green.png TEST A box moves along a line in a simple plane level. A test UI animation also seems to play.
Aqua Dot-Green.png test_basic_behaviors A demo of AI behaviors such as running for help and taking cover.
Aqua Dot-Green.png test_two_two A demo of the AI behavior of holstering their weapons and using melee moves when Konoko is close.
Aqua Dot-Green.png testDisks A simple geometry test of two curved 3D pieces on a plane.
Aqua Dot-Green.png TestForNate A large walkway surrounds a pointed dome. There is apparently nothing to do here.
Aqua Dot-Green.png TestLab A small lab area with spiderbots carrying boxes along walls and the ceiling.
Aqua Dot-Green.png testrotate A test area with a spinning level element.
Aqua Dot-Green.png testslope4 A test area with shallow slopes for Konoko to climb and steep slopes for her to slide down.
Aqua Dot-Green.png testzipline A test area with shapes that move along straight and curved paths.
Aqua Dot-Green.png tim05 A series of steps and platforms for Konoko to jump on.
Aqua Dot-Red.png tim07
Aqua Dot-Green.png tim12 A pile of blocks and a couple slides for Konoko to traverse.
Aqua Dot-Red.png timtest
Aqua Dot-Green.png uitest This is the layout used to present the game's main menu. When loaded directly, no animation occurs, so the game appears frozen.
Aqua Dot-Green.png Xenon A single AI in the fightandshoot arena demonstrates shooting and taking cover, but when you get close, he demonstrates a throw and a choking grapple.