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Jun 2006
killmequick bound to Dev Mode
at 0x0019024B Replaced 00000014 with 0000000B
Aug 2006
Intel fix, disabled GL extension list from printing in startup.txt
at 0x00117B36 Replaced 1F03 with 1F02
Jan 2007: Return/Enter key enabled
at 0x001B6050 Replaced 0D00000A with 0D00000D
Jul 2007
Console output display fixed in Dev Mode
at 0x00189FDC Replaced 90610018 9081001C 90A10020 90C10024 90E10028 9101002C 91210030 91410034 4E800020 with 7CEA3B78 7CC93378 7CA82B78 7C872378 7C661B78 38600000 3883FFFF 38A30001 4BF2F6F8
Jul 2007
Increased pathfinding grid cache size by 8
at 0x00096DCB Replaced 04 with 20
at 0x00096DE3 Replaced 04 with 20
May 2008
Non-"_Final" levels are now valid. Plugins enabled.
at 0x000E2D19 Replaced 7A with 9A
Jun 2008
Support 512x512 textures (Does not work, 2nd texture buffer needs to be found)
at 0x001151C3 Replaced 04 with 10
Jun 2008
Increased flailing timer (For jetpack hack)
at 0x0005E4C2 Replaced 00 with 7F
Oct 9 2008
Changed function cm_barabus into chr_focus
at 0x1B9080 Replaced 000358BC with 0004196C pointer to function _SetMainCharacter
at 0x16E834 Replaced cm_barabus with chr_focus
at 0x16E840 Replaced "special camera for barabus" with "sets a new player character"
at 0x16E85C Replaced [ai_name:string | script_id:int] away:float up:float time:int with chr_index:int
Oct 9 2008
Changed function chr_hold_key into chr_location
at 0x1B918C Replaced 0016EE24 with 0016EE23 pointer to BSL name; shifting 1 char backwards
at 0x1B91A0 Replaced 000345A8 with 00041720 pointer to function _iSetAnyCharacterLocation
at 0x16DE23 Replaced chr_holdkey with chr_location
at 0x16EBE8 Replaced "forces a character to hold a key down for some frames" with "sets location of a character or prints current location"
at 0x16EC20 Replaced [ai_name:string | script_id:int] key_name:string num_frames:int with chr_index:int [[loc_x:float loc_y:float loc_z:float] | ]
Oct 9 2008
Changed function ai2_panic into chr_set_class
at 0x1B95DC Replaced 0016F2EC with 0016F2EA pointer to BSL name; shifting 2 chars backwards
at 0x1B95F0 Replaced 000355F8 with 00040614 pointer to function _iSetCharacterClass
at 0x16E2EA Replaced ai2_panic with chr_set_class
at 0x16F948 Replaced "makes an AI panic or not panic" with "sets class of a given character"
at 0x16F968 Replaced [ai_name:string | script_id:int] timer:int with chr_id:int [oncc_name:string | oncc_id:int]
Oct 15 2008
Changed variable ai2_showlos into co_display
at 0x1B9D20 Replaced 0018EDD4 with 00193579 pointer to variable _COgDisplayConsole
at 0x170E8C Replaced ai2_showlos with co_display
at 0x170E98 Replaced "shows AI line-of-sight" with "enable console display"
Oct 15 2008
Changed variable ai2_showintersections into door_ignore_locks
at 0x1B9E90 Replaced 00195D2C with 0027A1B9 pointer to variable _OBJgDoor_IgnoreLocks
at 0x171410 Replaced ai2_showintersections with door_ignore_locks
at 0x171428 Replaced "debug AI's melee intersections" with "disables all door locks"
Oct 15 2008
Changed variable ai2_showsounds into wp_kickable
at 0x1B9DB0 Replaced 0018EDC2 with 00192B05 pointer to variable _WPgPlayerKicksWeapons
at 0x171098 Replaced ai2_showsounds with wp_kickable
at 0x1710A8 Replaced "shows AI sounds as they are generated" with "lets the player kick weapons"
Oct 17 2008
Changed variable ai2_debug_showsettingIDs to chr_pin_character
at 0x1B9EC0 Replaced 0018EDD2 with 0018F926 pointer to variable _gPinCharacters
at 0x1714E8 Replaced ai2_debug_showsettingIDs with chr_pin_character
at 0x171504 Replace "shows ID numbers for combat, melee and neutral settings" with "pins a character to the ground"
Oct 17 2008
Changed variable ai2_melee_weightcorrection to chr_draw_all_characters
at 0x1B9E30 Replaced 0018EDCB with 0018F927 pointer to variable _gDrawAllCharacters
at 0x171274 Replaced ai2_melee_weightcorrection with chr_draw_all_characters
at 0x171290 Replaced "weights down non-attack techniques so they are never more than attacks" with "forces the drawing of all characters"
Oct 17 2008
Changed variable ai2_debug_localmovement to chr_weapon_auto_aim
at 0x1B9EA0 Replaced 0018EDCF with 0018F931 pointer to variable _gWeaponAutoAim
at 0x171448 Replaced ai2_debug_localmovement with chr_weapon_auto_aim
at 0x171460 Replaced "debug local-movement code from player's position"
Oct 21 2008
Support 1024x1024 textures
at 0x1220AF: Replaced 0x06 with 0x46
at 0x1220B3: Replaced 0x06 with 0x46
Nov 11, 2008
52 BSL commands (12 functions and 36 variables) were added to the Oni Mac engine. (Previously added functions and variables are included in this list)
chr_active, chr_aim_width, chr_all_active, chr_auto_aim_arc, chr_auto_aim_dist, chr_big_head_amount, chr_block_angle, chr_disable_melee, chr_disable_visactive, chr_display_combat_stats, chr_draw_all_characters,, chr_draw_dot, chr_focus, chr_health, chr_location, chr_location_settocamera, chr_lod, chr_main_class, chr_mini_me, chr_mini_me_amount, chr_pin_character, chr_set_class, chr_weapon, chr_weapon_auto_aim, chr_who, cm_canter_unarmed, cm_canter_weapon, cm_distance, cm_height, co_display, corpse_reset, door_ignore_locks, draw_every_frame, draw_every_frame_multiple, fast_mode, fx_laser_width, gs_fov_set, gs_input_accel, gs_screen_shot_reduce, gs_show_corpses, gs_show_environment, gs_show_ui, m3_fill_solid, m3_shade_vertex, make_corpse, powerup_reset, show_performance, single_step, ui_fill_element, weapon_reset, wp_kickable, wp_scale_adjustment.
By replacing the following BSL commands
ai2_barabbas_run, ai2_blind, ai2_chump, ai2_chump_stop, ai2_deaf, ai2_debug_localmovement, ai2_debug_localpathfinding, ai2_debug_showsettingIDs, ai2_melee_weightcorrection, ai2_panic, ai2_pathdebugsquare, ai2_printbnvindex, ai2_printspawn, ai2_showactivationpaths, ai2_showastar, ai2_showcombatranges, ai2_showconnections, ai2_showdynamicgrids, ai2_showfights, ai2_showfiringspreads, ai2_showgrids, ai2_showhealth, ai2_showintersections, ai2_showjoblocations, ai2_showlasers, ai2_showlocalmelee, ai2_showlos, ai2_shownames, ai2_showpathfindingerrors, ai2_showpaths, ai2_showprediction, ai2_showprojectiles, ai2_showsounds, ai2_showtargeting, ai2_showvision, ai2_skill_bestangle, ai2_skill_decay, ai2_skill_delaymax, ai2_skill_delaymin, ai2_skill_error, ai2_skill_inaccuracy, ai2_skill_recoil, ai2_skill_revert, ai2_skill_save, ai2_skill_select, ai2_skill_show, ai2_spacing_cookies, ai2_spacing_enable, ai2_spacing_weights, ai2_stopignoring_count, ai2_stopignoring_time, chr_hold_key
Nov 14, 2008
Restored "killmequick" to Ultra Mode
at 0x0019024B Replaced 00000008 with 00000014
Nov 14, 2008
Bound "thedayismine" to Dev Mod
at 0x0019025C Replaced 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 with 00172258 00172244 00172239 0000000B
Dec 2008
Restored some Debug functions
Replaced chr_disable_visactive with ai2_showfights
Replaced chr_lod with ai2_showcombatranges
Replaced gs_show_corpses with ai2_showgrids
Replaced single_step with ai2_showlocalmelee
Replaced draw_every_frame_multiple with ai2_showpaths
Replaced gs_screen_shot_reduce with ai2_showprojectiles
May 2009
Revert Nov 14 changes.
Oni crashes when shapeshift and press F1 to enable cheat codes
Change cheat killmequick to x
Change Ultra Mode to Dev Mode
May 2009
Particle dodging
at 0x0001650C Replaced D141005C with C0010074
at 0x00016510 Replaced D1010060 with C1A10078
at 0x00016514 Replaced D1210064 with C021007C
at 0x00016568 Replaced C0010060 with 7F86E378
at 0x0001656C Replaced C1A1005C with 7F86E378
at 0x00016574 Replaced C0210064 with 7F86E378
at 0x0001655C Replaced ED6B with EC2B
May 2009
Fixed Mercury Bow Exploit
at 0x000A42CC replaced B13C0054 B13C0052 913C00FC B13C004C A00B00C2 with 913C0008 913C0008 913C0008 913C0008 913C0008

Failed patches

So far the following functions or variables have failed or have no effect when added to the Mac engine.
sc_bind_f2, sc_bind_f3, env_ray_number