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These are Konoko's combat moves as shown in her Diary. For commentary on some of these moves, see Gameplay.

Starting moves

Escape Moves


Press CROUCH + any DIRECTION. These are useful for avoiding hand-to-hand attacks! - and picking up objects!

Jump Flip


JUMP, then press CROUCH while in mid-air. Perform higher and longer jumps with flip. Also a great attack move!


The manual has a different, incorrect description for this move (you must be dashing, not running): "Slide — While running press CROUCH to avoid traps, knock enemies off their feet, or pick up objects!"

DOUBLE-TAP FORWARD to dash. While in dash press CROUCH to avoid traps, knock enemies off their feet, or pickup objects!!



While standing next to an opponent press FORWARD [the manual adds: "(into the body of your enemy)"] + PUNCH or KICK. Try throwing from various angles to get different results!

Running Throw


While running towards an opponent press KICK. Great move if you don't have time to slow down!

Sledgehammer Heel


Press punch, punch, then KICK. Slow move to get off but very, very powerful! Use with Caution!



Face your opponent and don't press any buttons to block normal attacks. Crouch to block low attacks.



While standing next to an armed opponent press FORWARD [the manual adds: "(into the body of your enemy)"] + PUNCH. Try from different locations for different results.


Based on the name of the image, this move may have been intended to be learned in CHAPTER 09 . TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES, but it is actually available all along. It's possible that Bungie West changed their mind at some point during development, since the diary page and move are both set to unlock in Chapter 1, which is an unlikely accident. It's also documented in the manual, which is only true for the starting moves and Triple-Hit Haymaker, the first learned move.

When standing behind an enemy hit FORWARD [the manual adds: "(into the body of your enemy)"] + KICK. Few enemies can survive such a brutal assault!

Unlockable moves

Triple-Hit Haymaker

(learned in CHAPTER 02 . ENGINES OF EVIL)

Hit the PUNCH key three times in a row to perform this combo!

Spinning Sidekick

(learned in CHAPTER 03 . PUZZLE PIECES)

Hit the KICK key three times in a row to perform this combo!

Willow Kick

(learned in CHAPTER 04 . TIGER BY THE TAIL)

Hit BACKWARDS then FORWARD + KICK. This Move has a staggering effect on your opponents!

Crescent Moon Kick

(learned in CHAPTER 05 . HOT PURSUIT)

Hit Kick, Kick, then FORWARD + KICK. Knock enemies out of the air!

Devil Spin Kick


CROUCH. Then LET OFF CROUCH and hit KICK. A great area effect move to be used when surrounded!!

Running Lariat

(learned in CHAPTER 07 . A FRIEND IN NEED)

While RUNNING hit PUNCH when near an opponent. Kick other enemies while in this move!!

Rising Fury Punch

(learned in CHAPTER 08 . AN INNOCENT LIFE)

CROUCH. Then LET OFF CROUCH and hit PUNCH. Hit enemies on the way up or on the way down!

Twister Kick

(learned in CHAPTER 10 . CAT AND MOUSE)

Press LEFT (or RIGHT) then FORWARD + KICK. A dodge and attack move all in one!!

Stepping Disarm

(actually learned in CHAPTER 13 . PHOENIX RISING although the diary page doesn't appear until Ch. 14)

When standing in front of an armed opponent, press FORWARD + KICK. Disarm your opponent with a kick to the face!!