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Coming from the game resource SUBTmessages, these prompts are used for tutorial instruction in Chapters 0 and 1. A few general messages are also stored here, such as notifications that the game has been saved, that you have a new objective, and that you learned a new move. In CHAPTER 00 . COMBAT TRAINING, about half of the messages you see on-screen come from SUBTmessages and half are subtitles for what Shinatama is saying. That text would be found in SUBTsubtitles, and you can read it on the Quotes/Speech page.



  • good Movement complete. (UNUSED)
  • xwelcome [o.Basic movement training initiated.]
  • xmouse To change your orientation, [c.move the mouse].
  • xmove To begin moving, [c.use the directional keys (W,A,D,S)].
  • xcombo To move diagonally, [c.use key combinations like (W+A) or (S+D)].
  • xconsole1 Go to the yellow floor target beneath the window and face the CONTROL CONSOLE there.
  • xactivate1 Controls perimeter track lights. (UNUSED)
  • xactivate2 [o.DASH training sequence initiated.]
  • xdash1 Face the center of the room and [c.tap the forward key just before pressing and holding it down again (tap W then press and hold W)].
  • xdash2 [o.Dash successful.]
  • xdash3 The sound of dashing will alert anyone in your vicinity.
  • xencouragedash That's not quite it. Think of it as a "double-tap" dash. [c.Don't pause between keystrokes (tap W then press and hold W)].
  • xgotrack Go to the beginning of the perimeter track marked by the floor target.
  • xrun Dash along the perimeter of the room until you reach the end target.
  • xgreat [o.Track run successful.]
  • xgoodbutslow Track run successful (but it was a little slow).
  • xpractice Track run unsuccessful.
  • xslowtoo Track run unsuccessful. Be sure to dash [c.(tap W then press and hold W)] and stay in the middle of the track.
  • xendbasic [o.Basic movement exercises completed.]
  • xreview Go to the yellow floor target near the DATA CONSOLE toward the rear of the room.
  • xgodoor Go to the floor target near the door to continue training.


  • goto_door1 Go to the target point near the door.
  • unlock_door1 The door will unlock as the INDICATOR LIGHT above the door turns green.
  • open_door1 To open it, [c.face the door and press the (CTRL) key].
  • open_door1b All doors with indicator lights are opened this way.
  • proceed_door1 Please proceed to the next room to continue training.


  • jump_basic [o.JUMP training sequence initiated.]
  • c01_50_06 To jump vertically, [c.press the (SPACE BAR)].
  • jump_basic2 Holding down the jump key will result in a higher jump.
  • c01_50_07 To jump forward, backward, or laterally, [c.start moving and then press (SPACE BAR)].
  • jump1 Practice jumping. Then go to the yellow floor target and jump to the next room.
  • jump_flip The (SHIFT) key is also used for one more important maneuver: the JUMP-FLIP.
  • c01_50_19 [c.Press (SHIFT) while in mid jump (SPACE BAR)] to perform one.
  • c01_50_20 Performing a flip during a running or dashing jump will allow you to cover more distance and height.
  • c01_50_22 The jump-flip attack works while jumping forward or backwards.
  • c01_50_23 Run to the target point and jump-flip up to the next training area.
  • jump_encourage Keep the jump key (SPACE BAR) pressed to get the most height.
  • jump_encourage2 Jump onto the crate and then up to the next room.

Item found

  • xpower1 Search high and hidden places for useful items.
  • xpower2 To pick up an item, stand over it and then [c.press the (Q) key].

Karen's training

  • xinterrupt [o.<training sequence interrupted>]
  • xresume [o.<training sequence resumed>]
  • xfite Jump up to the floor target to view the combat training in the next room.


  • shift [o.Advanced movement training initiated.]
  • c01_50_08 To CROUCH, [c.press (SHIFT) while standing].
  • c01_50_09 To CREEP, [c.press (SHIFT) and then a directional key (W,A,D,S)].
  • c01_50_10 Creeping footsteps cannot be heard.


  • escape The (SHIFT) key also allows you to perform ESCAPE MOVES.
  • c01_50_11 To perform a somersault escape move, [c.begin running (W,A,D,S) and then press (SHIFT)].
  • back To perform a backwards cartwheel escape, [c.tap the backward key (S) and (SHIFT) simultaneously].
  • c01_50_16 To perform a slide escape move, [c.begin dashing (tap W then press and hold W) and then press (SHIFT)].
  • slide Try sliding beneath the moving LASER SENSORS here.
  • c01_50_13 Escaping is especially important when trying to fight multiple opponents.

Basic melee

  • begin_fight [o.Close quarter combat training initiated.]
  • xpunch PUNCH with the [c.(LEFT MOUSE)] button or the [c.(F)] key.
  • xkick KICK with the [c.(RIGHT MOUSE)] button or the [c.(C)] key.
  • punch [c.Throw two punches quickly (LEFT MOUSE, F)]. Start the second punch just before the first finishes.
  • c01_50_27 [o.PUNCH-PUNCH COMBO successful.]
  • c01_50_28 The most dangerous attacks can only be done at the end of a combo.
  • c01_50_29 [c.Now press the punch button twice quickly followed by the kick button (RIGHT MOUSE, C)].
  • c01_50_29b Start your next move just before the previous one ends.
  • xppk [o.PUNCH-PUNCH-KICK COMBO successful.]
  • xspar2 After practicing, proceed to the first combat training room.
  • start_hit Approach the TRAINING DRONE and practice your attacks.
  • c01_50_35 Note the colored flashes that appear when you hit the drone.
  • blueflash A [b.BLUE] flash means that your attack was blocked by your opponent.
  • c01_50_37 The other flashes indicate the condition of your opponent, ranging from [g.GREEN (good)] to [r.RED (critical)].
  • c01_50_38 You've beaten your enemy when you see the FINAL FLASH!

Training drone status

  • xregen1 [o.Training drone defeated. Resetting in 3 seconds.]
  • xdroneactive [o.<training drone activated>]
  • xdronedeactive [o.<training drone resetting position>]


  • goto_throw Proceed to the next combat training room.
  • c01_50_41 To perform a throw, [c. hit the punch or kick button as you press forward (W) into your opponent].
  • xthrow1 Try to perform a throw while standing behind the drone.
  • xthrow2 Also try to perform throws while running at the drone.
  • c01_50_45 [c.Pressing the (F1)] key will pause the game and allow you to access your DATA COMLINK. In it you will find your DIGITAL DIARY.
  • c01_50_46 Any new moves that you've unlocked will be listed there, along with instructions on how to execute them.


  • goto_block When ready, proceed to the next combat room.
  • c01_50_32 To block, [c.stand firm or retreat while facing your opponent]. Do not attempt an attack of your own.
  • c01_50_33 Stand before the training drone and block its attack.
  • xblocking2 A blocked attack is indicated by a blue flash.

Firing range

  • goto_shoot Proceed to the final combat training room.
  • c01_50_54 When properly armed, [c.clicking the (LEFT MOUSE)] button will fire the weapon.
  • c01_50_51 If you are already holding a weapon, [c.pressing (Q)] will holster it, or switch it with any weapons lying near you].
  • c01_50_53 Drop the weapon in your hands by [c.pressing the (E) key].
  • c01_50_61 Go to the red ammunition clips on the table.
  • c01_50_62 Go to the green energy cells on the table.
  • xreload Press [c.(R) or fire your empty weapon] to reload.
  • xkeepshoot Finish shooting all the glass targets.


  • xf1 Hit [c.F1] to access your diary.
  • xlastreview Use the data console near the table for a summary of your training.


  • poopy [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 100.]
  • poopy2 [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 97.]
  • poopy3 [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 89.]
  • poopy4 [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 81.]
  • poopy5 [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 74.]
  • poopy6 [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 69.]
  • poopy7 [o.Training program Beta 6 complete. Rating 61.]



  • c01_50_81 This is a CONTROL CONSOLE.
  • c01_50_82 Activate it by using the action key [c.(CTRL)].
  • xdoorislocked This door is locked. Find the CONTROL CONSOLE that unlocks it.


  • xincoming [o.Incoming message.]
  • c01_50_71 To unlock these doors you must find the appropriate CONTROL CONSOLE and activate it.
  • xarrow Notice the direction of your compass elevation arrow: up means above you, down means below you.
  • c01_50_80 You need to reach the second floor. Find a staircase or other means of getting up!

Dropped items

  • c01_50_84 Defeated enemies can drop useful items and weapons.
  • c01_50_86 Each HYPO SPRAY will gradually refill a portion of your Health Bar. Press the [c.(TAB)] key to use one.
  • c01_50_87 You can administer more than one HYPO SPRAY at a time.
  • xtabhypo Press [c.(TAB)] to use a hypo.

Alarm consoles

  • c01_50_88 Some enemies will try to run for help when they are attacked.
  • c01_50_89 If they reach an ALARM CONSOLE other enemies nearby will come to the area.
  • c01_50_90 Stop that Syndicate agent before he reaches an alarm!
  • alarm_warn This is an alarm console. They are used to warn others of a breach in security.


  • c01_50_91 Some people are just innocent bystanders.
  • c01_50_93 When an area is safe, approach them and press the [c.(CTRL)] key to see if they will help you during your mission.
  • c01_50_94 Don't hurt the innocent.


  • timer_text The timer in your right tactical display tells you how much time you have left to reach your objective.
  • timer_text2 Remember to follow your objective compass.


  • new_objective New objective received. ([c.F1])
  • new_move New combat move learned. ([c.F1])
  • autosave Game saved.
  • w1_tap [r.EQUALIZER PISTOL] received. ([c.F1])
  • w2_sap [r.BLACK ADDER SMG] received. ([c.F1])
  • w3_phr [b.PLASMA RIFLE] received. ([c.F1])
  • w4_psm [b.PHASE STREAM] received. ([c.F1])
  • w5_sbg [r.SUPERBALL GUN] received. ([c.F1])
  • w6_vdg [b.VAN DE GRAAF PISTOL] received. ([c.F1])
  • w7_scc [r.SCRAM CANNON] received. ([c.F1])
  • w8_mbo [r.MERCURY BOW] received. ([c.F1])
  • w9_scr [b.SCREAMING CANNON] received. ([c.F1])
  • w11_ba1 [y.WAVE MOTION CANNON] received. ([c.F1])
  • autoprompt_hypo Press [c.Q] to pick up HYPO SPRAY.
  • autoprompt_cell Press [c.Q] to pick up [b.ENERGY CELL].
  • autoprompt_ammo Press [c.Q] to pick up [r.BALLISTIC AMMO].
  • autoprompt_invis Press [c.Q] to pick up [y.PHASE CLOAK].
  • autoprompt_shield Press [c.Q] to pick up [y.FORCE SHIELD].
  • autoprompt_datapad Press [c.Q] to pick up [g.DATAPAD].
  • autoprompt_keys Press [c.Q] to pick up [g.TRUCK KEYS].
  • autoprompt_torch Press [c.Q] to pick up [g.LASER TORCH].
  • autoprompt_harness Press [c.Q] to pick up [g.RAPPELLING HARNESS].
  • autoprompt_zip Press [c.Q] to pick up [g.ZIPLINE RIDER].
  • autoprompt_weapon Press [c.Q] to pick up weapon.
  • autoprompt_usehypo [r.WARNING:] Low Health! [c.TAB] to use HYPO SPRAY.
  • autoprompt_useconsole Press [c.CTRL] to use this CONSOLE.
  • autoprompt_usealarm [r.WARNING:] This console raises an [r.ALARM].
  • autoprompt_usedoor Press [c.CTRL] to open this door.
  • autoprompt_nci Press [c.CTRL] to speak with this person.