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Following is a transcript of all the speech in the English release of Oni, totaling 45 minutes in length. The text was mostly obtained by extracting the game's subtitles (SUBTsubtitles), with manual transcription of some lines that do not have subtitles (e.g. taunts, and most of Shinatama's verbal guidance in the training level). Here are the total speaking times (not counting pain sounds) for the five characters who speak the most:

  • Shinatama: 141 lines, 793 seconds or 13'13" (6'25" of that is in CHAPTER 00 . COMBAT TRAINING)
  • Konoko: 175 lines, 593 seconds or 9'53"
  • Kerr: 32 lines, 174 seconds or 2'54"
  • Griffin: 45 lines, 169 seconds or 2'49"
  • Muro: 27 lines, 120 seconds or 2'0"

For messages which appear at the bottom of the screen and which are not backed by spoken dialogue, such as tutorial instructions or "New objective received.", see Quotes/Prompts. Some of those messages are referred to below as silent prompts.


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Generic praise (subtitled)
  • 00_01_01 Shinatama: Well done!
  • 00_01_02 Shinatama: Good work! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_03 Shinatama: Good job!
  • 00_01_04 Shinatama: Nice work! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_05 Shinatama: Nice job! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_06 Shinatama: That's great! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_07 Shinatama: That's super!
  • 00_01_08 Shinatama: That's fine!
  • 00_01_09 Shinatama: Super! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_10 Shinatama: Great!
  • 00_01_11 Shinatama: O.K.!
  • 00_01_12 Shinatama: Okay! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
Generic encouragement (subtitled)
These encouragement sounds are not used at all (the training ended up using more detailed/specific messages).
  • 00_01_13 Shinatama: You can do it! Keep trying! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_14 Shinatama: Keep trying! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_15 Shinatama: This can be tricky, but you can do it! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)
  • 00_01_16 Shinatama: Just do your best! (UNUSED; the SNDD and OSBD exist, but the training scripts do not use this line.)

Lines 17 through 28 are objective prompts, listed HERE.

Training sequence intro (subtitled)
  • 00_01_29 Shinatama: Hi Konoko, It's me Shinatama!
  • 00_01_30 Shinatama: I've checked our neural link and it's working perfectly!
  • 00_01_31 Shinatama: I'm so excited. Commander Griffin has authorized us to run through TCTF training program beta 6!
  • 00_01_32 Shinatama: That means you're almost ready for field missions!
Line 00_01_33 is used after 00_01_36.
  • 00_01_34 Shinatama: Are you ready to begin? Let's go! (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD still exist.)
Training sequence core

These lines are 99% un-subtitled in PC Oni except for the generic praises, but they are generally subtitled, sometimes with differences in wording, in PS2 Oni; see that article for details.

Room 1
  • 00_01_35 Shinatama: First, let's begin with a few basic exercises.
Mouse and WASD training are not commented upon by Shinatama.
  • 00_01_36 Shinatama: We'll use the track for the DASH training sequence.
  • 00_01_33 Shinatama: But before we begin, you'd better warm-up. (Subtitled, unlike the previous and following lines.)
  • 00_01_37 Shinatama: That's it! You're dashing perfectly!
  • 00_01_38 Shinatama: Dashing is the fastest way to run, but also the loudest.
  • 00_01_39 Shinatama: That's not quite it. Watch your training displays. (Used to encourage dashing.)
  • 00_01_40 Shinatama: When you're ready, go to the beginning of the perimeter track. (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD still exist, but a silent prompt is used instead.)
  • 00_01_41 Shinatama: Now dash along the wall of the room until you reach the end of the track.
  • 00_01_42 Shinatama: Great! (N.B. Not the same "Great!" as 00_01_10. If the run was accurate but slow, a generic "O.K.!" (00_01_11), subtitled, is played instead.)
  • 00_01_43 Shinatama: Good try, but you strayed from the track a little. The flashing lights will show you the parts you missed. (Used if you missed some parts.)
  • 00_01_44 Shinatama: That completes our basic movement exercises.
  • 00_01_45 Shinatama: If you want to review your basic movement techniques, go to the data console you passed during your track run.
00_01_46 and 00_01_47 are optional and occur slightly later.
  • 00_01_48 Shinatama: When you're ready, we can move to the next room.
Room 2
  • 00_01_49 Shinatama: Now we can practice some basic jumping techniques.
The prompts for jumping are silent ones. A generic "That's fine!" (subtitled) is played after the first jump.
The following two lines are played in sequence after you find the "secret" ammo.
  • 00_01_46 Shinatama: Nice jumping!
  • 00_01_47 Shinatama: In the field, you can often find useful hidden items, like this ammunition clip.
  • 00_01_50 Shinatama: When you're done practicing, jump up to the next room.
A generic "Well done!" (subtitled) is played after you jump up to the next room.
Room 3
The prompt to crouch is a silent one. Fun fact: Karen and the robots are spawned "in the room below" as soon as you enter the crouching room, but do not start fighting until you crouch. So you can "jump up on the platform near the window" first, watch them for a while, and then crouch to activate the combat AI.
  • 00_01_51 Shinatama: Sorry to interrupt you, Konoko, but I thought you might like to watch this. Another trainee is accessing one of the combat practice programs in the room below. Jump up on the platform near the window to watch.
  • 00_01_52 Shinatama: Oh no, that wasn't supposed to happen! Oh, how horrible!! Poor Karen... um... maybe we should just move on. (Used if Karen loses.)
  • 00_01_53 Shinatama: Now we can practice some of those moves too. Let's start with sneaking. (Used if Karen wins.)
  • 00_01_54 Shinatama: That was perfect! Now let's try some acrobatics.
A generic "That's super!" (subtitled) is played after you're done trying some acrobatics (rolls, then cartwheel).
  • 00_01_55 Shinatama: It's also important to learn how to slide.
  • 00_01_56 Shinatama: Some enemies can be knocked down by sliding into their legs.
  • 00_01_57 Shinatama: Let's practice by sliding under these moving laser sensors.
  • 00_01_59 Shinatama: Escape moves are a good way to avoid attacks when you're fighting. Don't forget to dodge when you're in trouble.
The prompt to jump-flip is a silent one. A generic "Good job!" is played after you jump-flip.
  • 00_01_60 Shinatama: You know, the jump-flip is also a great way to hit an opponent on the ground. Jump-flip and land on him, if you can.
  • 00_01_61 Shinatama: Try to jump-flip over the wall to the next training area.
The following two lines are optional and are played only if you suck at jump-flipping.
  • 00_01_62 Shinatama: Keep trying. Make sure you're moving toward the wall when you start your jump.
  • 00_01_63 Shinatama: Don't worry, there will be plenty of time to practice your jump-flip later on. For now, just jump on the crate, and then jump to the next room.
Room 3.5
  • 00_01_64 Shinatama: Let's learn the basics of hand-to-hand combat.
The prompts for basic punches and kicks are silent ones.
  • 00_01_65 Shinatama: Try throwing two punches quickly. Start the second punch just before the first finishes.
  • 00_01_66 Shinatama: The second punch was different from the first, wasn't it? This is the beginning of a combo attack.
  • 00_01_67 Shinatama: Combos link attacks together in a sequence. Some attack moves can only be done at the end of a combo.
The prompt for Sledgehammer Heel (PPK combo) is a silent one.
  • 00_01_68 Shinatama: This combo is tricky. You have to start your second move just before the previous one ends.
A generic "That's super!" (subtitled) is played after you do a PPK combo.
  • 00_01_69 Shinatama: Try linking other attacks to discover different combo sequences.
  • 00_01_70 Shinatama: Now you're ready to train with a sparring partner.
  • 00_01_71 Shinatama: Let's proceed to the first combat training room.
Lines 00_01_72 through 00_01_77 are used later, after 00_01_80.
Room 4
  • 00_01_77 Shinatama: Approach the training drone and practice your attacks. Don't worry, he won't fight back.
  • 00_01_78 Shinatama: Now you're ready to learn about the most dangerous kind of attacks: throws. When you're ready, proceed to the next combat training room.
Room 5
  • 00_01_79 Shinatama: Throws are really easy to do. If you're close enough to an enemy when you attack, you can throw them.
  • 00_01_80 Shinatama: Experiment to see how many throws you can do.
Room 6
  • 00_01_72 Shinatama: This training drone will help you learn about blocking attacks.
  • 00_01_73 Shinatama: See the border on the floor around the drone? When you step over the line, the drone will activate and start to attack you.
  • 00_01_74 Shinatama: Face the drone directly and don't attack it... and you can block its blows.
  • 00_01_75 Shinatama: You'll know that you blocked an attack if a blue flash appears.
  • 00_01_76 Shinatama: Be careful, Konoko! Some attacks are so powerful that they can stagger you even if you block them. Some super moves are so strong they can't be blocked at all!
Lines 00_01_81 and 00_01_82 are used later, after 00_01_91.
  • 00_01_83 Shinatama: When you're ready, proceed to the final combat training room, and you'll learn how to fire and reload weapons.
Room 7
  • 00_01_84 Shinatama: See the weapon on the table? It's the standard issue TCTF auto-pistol. Pick it up, and let's do some target practice.
  • 00_01_85 Shinatama: There are targets on the stands at the far side of the room. Try to shoot them all out.
00_01_86 actually occurs after 00_01_87 (you have to reload at least once before you shoot out all the targets).
  • 00_01_87 Shinatama: Now that you've fired all your ammunition, let's practice reloading the auto-pistol. Pick up the ammo clips on the table.
  • 00_01_86 Shinatama: Perfect!
  • 00_01_88 Shinatama: Let's try firing at some moving targets. Walk over to the table on the right. See the weapon lying there? That's a plasma rifle. Pick it up.
  • 00_01_89 Shinatama: I'll activate a training drone to walk up and down the firing range. Fire at it to disable it.
  • 00_01_90 Shinatama: Good shooting! Now I'll activate one moving side to side.
Training sequence outro (partly subtitled)
  • 00_01_91 Shinatama: You did it! Great job! Now that your basic training is complete you're ready to take on your first mission. I'm sure Commander Griffin will be very pleased with your performance.
  • 00_01_81 Shinatama: Don't worry Konoko, there's a lot to remember, but you'll always have your Data Comlink to help you if you need it. (Not subtitled.)
  • 00_01_82 Shinatama: Your comlink stores lots of information about weapons, items, and mission objectives. It also has a help feature, and even a diary built right in. (Not subtitled.)


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  • 01_01_01 Griffin: Give me another reading.
  • 01_01_02 Shinatama: All systems nominal. She's doing fine.
  • 01_01_03 Kerr: This is a mistake.
  • 01_01_04 Griffin: You aren't really in a position to criticize.
  • 01_01_05 Griffin: The Syndicate is using the warehouse to shuttle contraband. Chung went underground to gather evidence. He failed to report in this morning. Find him and get me what I need to shut the place down or shut it down yourself.
  • 01_01_06 Konoko: I'm on it.
  • 01_01_07 Griffin: Update.
  • 01_01_08 Shinatama: Daodan latency holding at twenty seven point one. Bioplasmic waveforms stable. A class three adrenal spike when you gave the order, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  • 01_01_09 Kerr: What are you sending her into?
  • 01_01_10 Griffin: It's a simple bust: in and out. She needs a trial run.
  • 01_01_11 Kerr: Good luck Konoko.


Health meter

  • 00_01_92 Shinatama: Listen Konoko, you weren't in any danger during basic training, but now that you're in the field we'd better review your HEALTH DISPLAY METER.


Fun fact: Shinatama speaks this rather long piece in reaction to Konoko picking up the hypo dropped by Bay2_Thug_1 (any powerup would do, but there are no other powerups in this area). If you pick it up and run straight to Chung, there will be an awkward situation where Konoko cannot report to Griffin until Shinatama is done talking.
  • 00_01_93 Shinatama: Konoko, there's something I have to tell you about hypo sprays. I'm not supposed to talk about this, but data suggests that hypos will work differently on you than on...OTHER people.
  • 00_01_94 Shinatama: If you use a hypo when you're close to full health you may experience the OVERPOWER effect, a temporary burst of strength and health. It will only last a short time, so try to take advantage of the temporary boost it gives you! But please don't tell Commander Griffin I told you about this.


  • 00_01_96 Shinatama: Catch him Konoko! Don't let him reach the alarm console and activate it!


  • 00_01_97 Shinatama: Watch out! If you hurt innocent people then they won't want to help you!

Chung's body

  • 01_02_01 Konoko: Chung...
  • 01_02_02 Konoko: It's Chung. I found him.
  • 01_02_03 Griffin: Dead?
  • 01_02_04 Konoko: Yes Sir.
  • 01_02_05 Griffin: Keep moving.

Warehouse manager

  • 07_02_06civ1 Civilian: Thank you! They're holding the warehouse manager upstairs.
  • 07_02_06civmale Civilian: They took over the whole place and they're loading some kind of armored truck. I think they're almost finished. You'd better hurry up. I'll open these doors for you.


  • 00_01_95 Shinatama: Konoko! Those Syndicate troops are trying to remove evidence from the warehouse. I've scanned the truck and they've almost finished securing their cargo. There's no way to get inside the truck. You've got to find some way to stop it from leaving the building!


  • 01_03_01 Konoko: I found a datapad...it's an encrypted shipping manifest that links the warehouse to Musashi Manufacturing. I want to go check it out. It's not far from here...
  • 01_03_02 Griffin: Well done Konoko. Fall back, I'll have you picked up.
  • 01_03_03 Konoko: Musashi is owned by BGI. According to your latest report BGI is a suspected Syndicate front. If we can prove the connection we can move against them. I can go in and...
  • 01_03_04 Griffin: Negative. Fall back.
  • 01_03_05 Konoko: We can't afford to wait for another team to arrive. We have to move quickly or they are going to get away.
  • 01_03_06 Shinatama: She won't back down. Her adrenals have been rising steadily. Too much stress could destabilize her latency.
  • 01_03_07 Griffin: All right Konoko. I'm giving you a shot at this.
  • 01_03_08 Konoko: Thank you Sir. I won't let you down.


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  • 01_04_01 Receptionist: Good afternoon and welcome to the Musashi Heavy Manufacturing Concern. How can I be of service?
  • 01_04_02 TCTF Agent Thorson: Good afternoon ma'am. I'm Agent Thorson...
  • 01_04_03 Konoko: We are with the TCTF and we hereby order you to cease and desist all operations. We have reason to suspect that this facility is involved in the manufacture of illegal technology!
  • 01_04_04 Receptionist: Of course officer, I'm sure I can get someone to help you.

  • 02_05_01 Barabas: They're here! Finally!
  • 02_05_02 Muro: Is everything ready?
  • 02_05_03 Barabas: You know it. They aren't getting out of here alive.
  • 02_05_04 Muro: Let me know when things start to get messy.
  • 02_05_05 Barabas: Count on it. When I get through with them they're...
  • 02_05_06 Muro: Just make sure I'm not interrupted.
  • 02_05_07 Muro: There may be someone with them, an exceptional agent...
  • 02_05_08 Barabas: I'm ready for anything. You made sure of that.
  • 02_05_09 Muro: There is always someone stronger. Have you forgotten?
  • 02_05_10 Barabas: No. I haven't. I'll be careful.
  • 02_05_11 Muro: See that you are. You know the consequences of failure.

  • 02_05_12 Receptionist: Please have a seat, someone will be right with you.
  • 02_05_13 TCTF Agent Thorson: What the?
  • 02_05_14 Konoko: Heads up. We've got company.


  • 02_06_01 Konoko: This is a wild goose chase.
  • 02_06_02 Griffin: Explain.
  • 02_06_03 Konoko: This whole place - it's a trap. They planted that datapad.
  • 02_06_04 Griffin: To what end?
  • 02_06_05 Konoko: It's a diversion. It has to be. The Syndicate is going to try something big while my team and I are busy here.
  • 02_06_06 Griffin: I'll try to confirm your suspicions. Until then your orders are unchanged. Find something we can use to shut them down.
  • 02_06_07 Konoko: Yes Sir.

  • 02_07_01 Griffin: You were right. Syndicate forces are attacking a research facility ten minutes from your current position. Get out of there - fast. I sent another team but they're gonna need your help.
  • 02_07_02 Konoko: I'm on it.

Deadly Brain detected

  • 02_08_01 Shinatama: Pardon me Konoko.
  • 02_08_02 Konoko: What is it?
  • 02_08_03 Shinatama: I used a wideband theta scan to locate the control mechanism that was used to activate the facility's defenses. I'm detecting a biomechanical expert system with a full suite of interface overrides and intrusion countermeasures.
  • 02_08_04 Konoko: A deadly brain? I thought we tracked down the last of them.
  • 02_08_05 Shinatama: Apparently Muro found one we missed or manufactured one of his own. If you disable the device we should be able to take control of the security system and clear a path to the nearest exit.
  • 02_08_06 Konoko: Finally, some good news. Where is it?

Dr. Kafelnikov

  • 02_62_06 Dr. Kafelnikov: I warned them not to activate it! It will kill us all!
  • 02_62_12 Dr. Kafelnikov: Run while you still can!
  • 02_62_07 Konoko: Why did you build it in the first place?
  • 02_62_08 Dr. Kafelnikov: Well...uh...you know...
  • 02_62_09 Konoko: Forget it, just get out of here!
  • 02_62_10 Dr. Kafelnikov: Here...
  • 02_62_11 Dr. Kafelnikov: AIIIIIEEEEEEEE!

The Glorious Deadly Brain Fight (sic!)

  • 00_01_106 Shinatama: I've interfaced with the Deadly Brain.
  • 00_01_107 Shinatama: It's broken out of the Musashi intranet, and is trying to gain access to the local TCTF Public Security Node.
  • 00_01_108 Shinatama: Turn off those breakers...Fast!
  • brain07final Deadly Brain: Am I the Pacific Brain? The Doltish, Shallow-Pated or Hebetudinous Brain? Indeed not. I am the Deadly Brain! Deadly, I say! You haven't a chance.

  • 00_01_113 Shinatama: Unfortunately, the Brain's subconscious is attempting to crash the Public News Net. Something about "the glory of instant celebrity."
  • 00_01_114 Shinatama: Ugh! It's unleasing [sic] a torrent of digital images of itself! Stop it!
  • brain03final Deadly Brain: Who can resist my subtle charm, my rakish lobes? No one! The world is my oyster, and I...I am the public's pearl.

  • 00_01_115 Shinatama: You must have decoupled its core logic on that final pass. The Brain tells me it will irradiate everything within a 50 block radius unless we meet the following demands: it wants feet.
  • 00_01_117 Shinatama: Clearly it's gone rampant, but it's [sic] Xiox destruct mechanism is extremely powerful. Complete the final sequence, and shut that Brain off for good!
  • brain08final Deadly Brain: I am a Brain. Hath not a Brain feet? Hath not a Brain hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...


  • 02_09_01 Griffin: How is she holding up?
  • 02_09_02 Kerr: According to Shinatama her Daodan latency has crept up to twenty nine but her bioplasmic waveforms are holding.
  • 02_09_03 Griffin: So she's still stable?
  • 02_09_04 Kerr: So far as we can tell - yes, but prolonged stress could be dangerous.
  • 02_09_05 Griffin: She insisted.
  • 02_09_06 Kerr: This is why I was against moving to Phase Three. We have no right to...
  • 02_09_07 Griffin: I'm getting tired of listening to your self righteous tirades. Konoko is as much your creature as she is mine.


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  • 00_01_99 Shinatama: The main gates and lobby security doors have been locked through the security controls and something is keeping our agents at bay.

  • 03_10_01 Barabas: Let's get it on!

  • 03_10_02 Barabas: You're strong, but this isn't over. Not by a long shot!

  • 03_11_01 Barabas: She's with them.
  • 03_11_02 Muro: Who is with them?
  • 03_11_03 Barabas: The Agent you warned me about. I couldn't take her.
  • 03_11_04 Muro: Where is she?
  • 03_11_05 Barabas: She's on her way.

  • 00_01_98 Shinatama: Konoko, I'm experiencing a lot of scanner interference. But reports from inside the Research Lab indicate that Syndicate troops are all over the building. I think they're searching for research data, but it's hard to tell.


  • 03_12_01 Konoko: All clear. Come on in. (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD exist, but the line isn't used in scripts.)

  • 03_12_02 TCTF AGENT: We are under fire out here. They have us pinned down!
  • 03_12_12 TCTF AGENT: I think the shooters are in the mezzanine level of the foyer! Can you free us up? We're taking casualties down here!
  • 03_12_03 Konoko: I'll see what I can do.
  • 03_12_04 Bomb Trooper: Too late. I just triggered my detonation harness. In five seconds you I and will both be dead. The entire tower will be vaporized! Hahahahaha!!

  • 03_12_05 TCTF AGENT: Uhhh, roger that... Foyer secured.


  • 03_12_08 TCTF AGENT: Good work Konoko. You might need this.
  • 03_12_09 TCTF AGENT: Keep your head down. There are still some Strikers on the upper floors.


  • 03_13_01 Konoko: Oh no you don't. You aren't getting away that easily.
  • 03_13_02 Syndicate Henchman: She's right behind us. Should I take her out?
  • 03_13_03 Muro: No. Have the rest of the men meet us at the airport.


  • 03_12_06 Civilian: Those maniacs locked us in! (BROKEN: the SNDD exists, but the OSBD doesn't; a NEUT is set up to use the missing OSBD, and would enable the line for lab's Floor2_Sci_5 if fixed.)
  • 03_12_07 Civilian: They're moving floor to floor...there's no where to hide! (BROKEN/UNUSED: the SNDD exists, but the OSBD doesn't; a NEUT is set up to use the missing OSBD, although no CHAR uses it.)


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  • 00_01_104 Shinatama: This is horrible! Syndicate troops are attacking the airport. I don't know if these numbers are correct, but there might be dozens of casualties! I still can't get a solid fix on Muro's position...he must be using the chaos to cover his escape.

  • 04_14_02 Konoko: Muro! Stop!
  • 04_14_01 Muro: Kill her. I have a plane to catch.

"Booth" talk

  • 04_17_01 Muro: I'm impressed. Your potential is almost as great as mine.
  • 04_17_02 Muro: Unfortunately that means you could pose a threat to me.
  • 04_17_03 Muro: I can't allow that.


  • 04_17_04 Civilian: You are with the TCTF, right? I wish there was something I could do to help. (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD exist, but no reference in any NEUT or scripts.) (The actual speech line is longer, continuing: "Wait, maybe I can help: there is a hypo spray up there if you need it."; there is no hypo spray "up there" anywhere in Airport, though.)
  • 04_17_05 Security Guard: Thanks for the assist. It was only a matter of time before they came back to finish me off. Take this VanDeGraf [sic] Pistol. You might need it. (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD exist, but no reference in any NEUT or scripts.)
  • 04_17_06 Civilian: Here take this ______ (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 04_17_07 Security Guard: You might need this ______ (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)


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  • 06_20_01 Civilian: Thank god you showed up when you did.
  • 06_20_02 Konoko: I need your help.
  • 06_20_03 Civilian: Name it.
  • 06_20_04 Konoko: The man who did this is on his way out. I need a way to track him.
  • 06_20_05 Civilian: There is an LSI Tracker and harness in the next hangar over.
  • 06_20_06 Konoko: Perfect...
  • 06_20_07 Civilian: Be careful, those maniacs are all over the place, and the security systems are all haywire.


  • 06_21_01 Syndicate Henchman: I've been monitoring the woman tracking us as you instructed. Scanners indicate a standard comlink as well as a second set of sub dermal transmissions. Analysis suggests that she is neurolinked to an SLD.
  • 06_21_02 Muro: An android? Interesting. They must be using it to monitor her progress. I want it. Tell Barabas to retrieve it for me.


  • 04_17_08 Civilian: I'm glad to see you. I hid back here as soon as the shooting started. Maybe these will help you.


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Level start

  • 07_22_01 Konoko: Showtime...

Syndicate's progress

  • 07_23_01 Syndicate Henchman: We've disabled the power substations. Static defenses are down. All units converge.

  • 00_01_105 Shinatama: Konoko hurry! They've landed on the roof, and they're breaking into the Command Chambers. We can't hold them off for long!


  • 07_26_19 Civilian: We're trapped! They've blown the access ramps and even tried to blow out the elevator!
  • 07_26_20 Konoko: Elevator?...
  • 07_26_21 Civilian: Yes, they stopped access to the high security chambers above and below, but the cables held and so the car didn't fall, thank goodness.
  • 07_26_22 Konoko: Couldn't blow it free, huh?...
  • 07_26_02 Konoko: Get me a LASER TORCH, quick!
  • 07_26_03 Civilian: What for?
  • 07_26_04 Konoko: You wouldn't believe me if I told you!
  • 07_26_25 Civilian: Here.

Barabas grabbing Shinatama

  • 07_24_02 Shinatama: No! Stay away! Konoko, help! No!
  • 07_24_01 Barabas: Got ya!
  • 07_26_06 Scientist: They tore through this place like we weren't even here! You should have seen that monster that grabbed Shinatama!
  • 07_26_07 Particularly suave scientist: I think they were headed for the roof!


  • 07_25_01 Konoko: Shinatama...
  • 07_25_02 Konoko: You again...
  • 07_25_03 Barabas: You can't escape me.
  • 07_25_04 Konoko: Who says I want to escape?


  • 07_26_01 Konoko: Don't worry Shinatama. I'm on my way.


  • 07_26_05 Scientist: Konoko! Its good to see you again but I wish you had shown up just a few minutes sooner.

  • 07_26_08 Civilian: Thank god you're here! Take this ______ (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 07_26_09 Civilian: Here take this ______ (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)

  • 07_26_10 Scientist: They're maniacs! You got here just in time!

  • 07_26_11 Civilian: You may need this. (UNUSED/BROKEN; the SNDD exists but the OSBD doesn't; no trace in NEUT, either; possibly related to the missing c16_91_23 and c16_91_24 SNDDs.)

  • 07_26_12 Cop: Thanks for the help. But I think the real fight is on the floors above us.
  • 07_26_13 Konoko: I'm going after them, can you stay here with these civilians?
  • 07_26_14 Cop: Yes, but here take this.
  • 07_26_15 Konoko: Thanks.

  • 07_26_16 Konoko: Things aren't looking good.
  • 07_26_17 Cop: No, we haven't secured a single area -- not even our armory.

  • 07_26_18 Civilian: I told them we'd just make things worse if we tried to use these guns. You should be the one using this!

  • 07_26_23 TCTF Agent: Thanks for the assist.

  • 07_26_24 TCTF TROOPER: Hey, good to see you.

  • 08_29_20 Konoko: Are you alright?
  • 07_26_14 Cop: Yes, but here take this.


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  • 08_27_01 Konoko: I'm going after her.
  • 08_27_02 Griffin: I have dispatched a Strike Team to recover the SLD.
  • 08_27_03 Konoko: This is personal.
  • 08_27_04 Griffin: Which is precisely why you should have nothing to do with it.
  • 08_27_05 Konoko: My mind is made up.
  • 08_27_06 Griffin: I am your Commanding Officer...
  • 08_27_07 Konoko: I don't care who you are. My friend is in trouble and I'm going to help her if I can. Stay out of my way.


  • 08_28_01 Muro: I'm impressed. You're almost human.
  • 08_28_02 Muro: Curious. Why bother programming you to feel pain so intensely?
  • 08_28_03 Muro: Of course pain is a necessary response to certain stimuli, but they could have dulled the sensation or given you a threshold that would limit the extent and depth of your agony.
  • 08_28_04 Muro: I'm glad they didn't.
  • 08_28_05 Shinatama: Aaaahh!
  • 08_28_06 Shinatama: Aaaaaahhhh!

Out of control

  • 08_29_01 TCTF Agent: Sir, I'm picking up a power surge from Processor 31-B. It's consistent with the waveforms of a Daodan spike, but far more powerful.
  • 08_29_02 Griffin: This is getting out of control..


Power grid

  • 08_29_05 Civilian: Who are you?
  • 08_29_06 Konoko: The person that just saved your life.
  • 08_29_07 Civilian: Right, yeah. I'm sorry. It's been kind of a rough day.
  • 08_29_08 Konoko: Tell me about it. I need to get across that power grid out there, any ideas?
  • 08_29_09 Civilian: Yeah...if I recalibrate these capacitors the power flow will lag for a few cycles until central control reroutes it.
  • 08_29_10 Konoko: How long is 'a few cycles'?
  • 08_29_11 Civilian: Not long.
  • 08_29_12 Konoko: It figures.


  • 08_29_13 Civilian: I noticed those maniacs were making a lot of modifications to the facility before they locked me up. Do you have any idea what the Syndicate wants with an Atmosphere Processor?
  • 08_29_14 Konoko: Modifications? What kind of modifications?
  • 08_29_15 Civilian: Hard to tell without getting a look at everything but it looked like they were repurposing it.
  • 08_29_16 Konoko: Why?
  • 08_29_17 Civilian: Beats me. All a facility like this can do is suck in air, treat it and then belch it back out.
  • 08_29_18 Konoko: I don't like the sound of that.
  • 08_29_19 Civilian: You may need this. (UNUSED/BROKEN; the SNDD and OSBD exist but the NEUT stops at 08_29_18. Possibly related to the missing c16_91_23 and c16_91_24 SNDDs.)

Lost my crew

  • 08_29_20 Konoko: Are you alright?
  • 08_29_21 Civilian: I'm ok, but I lost my crew when these terrorists showed up. Take this, it isn't much but it'll help you find them.

Cop girl

  • 08_29_22 Cop: It's about time! I've been able to keep them from the elevator platform here, but we still have some personnel trapped below.
  • 08_29_23 Konoko: I'll take care of that.
  • 08_29_24 Cop: Then take this...

Good thinking

  • 08_29_20 Konoko: Are you alright?
  • 08_29_25 Construction Worker: Yeah. The last thing my foreman told me was to stay out of trouble. And so I am.
  • 08_29_26 Konoko: Good thinking.
  • 08_29_27 Construction Worker: Yeah, and in case you're not going to do the same, here...


  • 08_29_28 Security Guard: Hey, I saw those killers take a hostage with them into the building -- a little girl, I think.
  • 08_29_29 Konoko: Shinatama...
  • 08_29_30 Security Guard: Wait, take this...

Really really misc

  • 08_29_31 Striker: Huh? (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 08_29_03 Scientist: Thank god you're here! (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD exist, but with no references in scripts or NEUT.)
  • 08_29_04 Civilian: Here take these ______ (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)


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Shinatama's death

  • 09_31_01 Konoko: What did they do to you?
  • 09_31_02 Shinatama: You are not who you think you are.
  • 09_31_03 Konoko: What?
  • 09_31_04 Shinatama: You are Mai Hasegawa. Your father...
  • 09_31_05 Konoko: You're malfunctioning. Let me get you out of this chair.
  • 09_31_06 Shinatama: Don't! He...hurt me Konoko. Badly. If you try to move me I will probably die.
  • 09_31_07 Konoko: But why? Why did they do this to you?
  • 09_31_08 Shinatama: I am an SLD, an android programmed with your brain engrams. I have seen everything you have seen, felt everything you have felt. They used me to monitor the growth of the Chrysalis inside you...
  • 09_31_09 Konoko: I don't understand.

  • 09_31_10 Scientist: Sir...bio-readings indicate that the host is in close proximity to the SLD. The Xiox destruct mechanism is charged...
  • 09_31_11 Griffin: Did you get a waveform reading?
  • 09_31_12 Scientist: She's all over the charts, and the change rate is unstable. It is safe to assume that her latency will rise steadily from here on out.
  • 09_31_13 Kerr: You don't know that for sure.
  • 09_31_14 Griffin: What is the yield of the device?
  • 09_31_15 Scientist: 1.21 Gigawatts sir. We're confident it will be enough to destroy her at this proximity. Sir...?
  • 09_31_16 Kerr: Give her a chance...
  • 09_31_17 Griffin: You heard the readings, Doctor. I can't afford to let her transformation continue uncontrolled. Proceed.

  • 09_31_18 Konoko: Shinatama, what's wrong?
  • 09_31_19 Shinatama: I have just received a coded self-destruct transmission from TCTF command. I can't stop the sequence, but I can slow it down.
  • 09_31_20 Konoko: Why! Why are you doing this! Stop it! Stop! (RELICT; the OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 09_31_21 Shinatama: Konoko, I can't delay the self destruct command for long. Get out of here while you can. Doctor Kerr was your father's partner. He has been helping Griffin. He knows everything. Find him. Ask him. (FAILS to play due to lack of sound_dialog_play_block between this and 09_31_19; BWest probably intended to cut this along with 09_31_20, and may not have realized that the only reason why it wasn't playing was a scripting error.)
  • 09_31_22 Konoko: I'm not going to abandon you. There has to be something I can do...
  • 09_31_23 Shinatama: Goodbye Konoko.
  • 09_31_24 Konoko: No!
  • 09_31_25 Shinatama: Detonation in twenty, nineteen, eighteen... (Note 1: FAILS to play due to script calling for "c09_31_25shinatama" when the OSBD name is "c09_31_25shinatama_" – perhaps a space/underscore was intentionally added to the file name in order to prevent it from playing? The line conflicts with the following detonation sequence which starts from 30 seconds) (Note 2: The actual spoken dialogue is "Detonation in twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve...".)
  • 09_31_26 Konoko: Goodbye Shinatama.
  • 09_31_27 Shinatama: Detonation in 30 seconds
  • 09_31_28 Shinatama: Detonation in 20 seconds
  • 09_31_29 Shinatama: Detonation in 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1....

One way out

  • 09_32_01 Konoko: That was close but I'm clear. That access hatch leads to the surface. (RELICT; the OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 09_32_02 Security Guard: No you fool! We're not secured for atmosphere... (RELICT; the OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 09_32_03 TCTF AGENT: If she reaches the access hatch, she'll get away! I know how to stop her!

Konoko has gone rogue

  • 09_33_01 Griffin: Any luck?
  • 09_33_02 Scientist: Checking broadband...
  • 09_33_03 Griffin: And?
  • 09_33_04 Scientist: Registering high frequency waveforms... I have her. The Host survived.
  • 09_33_05 Griffin: That's it then.
  • 09_33_06 Kerr: You could have given her a chance.
  • 09_33_07 Griffin: I gave you both a chance, Doctor. That was my mistake.
  • 09_33_08 Griffin: I knew it was only a matter of time. It's over. (RELICT; the OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)

  • 09_33_09 Griffin: All units: Konoko has gone rogue. She is a Class B threat and this is a Code Red situation.
  • 09_33_09a Griffin: Take her in or take her down. Use any means necessary.


Just do it

  • 09_34_01 Scientist: He was going to KILL me!
  • 09_34_02 Konoko: Not any more. Now listen, I have to get across -- shut down the power.
  • 09_34_03 Scientist: The best I can do is recalibrate---
  • 09_34_04 Konoko: I know, just do it!
  • 09_34_05 Scientist: Alright.
  • 09_34_06 Scientist: Better go now. (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD still exist, but the SNDD is in level11_Final instead of level10_Final, and there is no reference to the OSBD from scripts or NEUT.)

Quickest way out

  • 09_34_07 Scientist: Is it safe now?
  • 09_34_08 Konoko: Not yet -- what's the quickest way out of here?
  • 09_34_09 Scientist: Probably the maintenance route for the main line above. But it isn't easy...


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We'll be ready for her

  • 10_34_01 Griffin: Konoko can't hide from us. She is a rogue and she knows it. She can't come in and no one will help her.
  • 10_34_02 Kerr: She will want to know the truth.
  • 10_34_03 Griffin: If she's looking for answers she'll try for the secure files in the State Building. And we'll be ready for her.

I don't have time for this

  • 10_34_04 Security Guard: Stop! Don't move a muscle.
  • 10_34_05 Security Guard: I have two men down over here. Get us some backup, fast!
  • 10_34_06 Konoko: I don't have time for this.
  • 10_34_07 Security Guard: Stop or I'll shoot!
  • 10_34_08 Konoko: Your call.

Retrieving data

  • 10_35_01a Konoko: Here we go...Light security. Nothing special. There it is. My life, all tucked away nice and neat in a classified archive. Time to take back what...
  • 10_35_01b Konoko: Someone else is in the system. Not good. Stripping away the files I'm trying to download.
  • 10_35_01c Konoko: Not much more. Just a few seconds... No! Kicked offline. Somebody knew I was going to be poking around in there and sent that hacker after me. I wonder what they're protecting?


  • 10_37_01 Mukade: I have it. Let's move.



  • 10_38_01 Civilian: Please...what do you want from us?
  • 10_38_02 Konoko: The restricted access files. Where are they kept?
  • 10_38_03 Civilian: They're in the basement data vault.

Command center

  • 10_38_04 Civilian: Don't kill me! I'm just a clerk!
  • 10_38_05 Konoko: I don't want to kill anyone. I just need some information.
  • 10_38_06 Civilian: I can't tell you anything. I wish I could but I can't. These terminals are for data entry only. I can't access restricted files from here.
  • 10_38_07 Konoko: So how do I get what I need?
  • 10_38_08 Civilian: All the high security access terminals are over in the command center. Please don't hurt me. I have a wife and kids...

Way out

  • 10_38_09 Civilian: You're that terrorist!
  • 10_38_10 Konoko: Is that what they're saying? Fine. I'm a terrorist and right now I'm looking for a way out.
  • 10_38_11 Civilian: The underground security passage! It gives us direct access to the command offices! Maybe you could get out over there!


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  • 11_39_01 Konoko: Where...? Ah, over there. (BROKEN; the SNDD exists but the OSBD doesn't; the script references the line, and would play it if it weren't for the missing OSBD.)
  • 11_39_02 Konoko: It's strange...I can almost feel him out there, creeping from shadow to shadow...
  • 11_39_03 Konoko: I lost him. Wait...there he is. (BROKEN; the SNDD exists but the OSBD doesn't; the script references the line, and would play it if it weren't for the missing OSBD.)
  • 11_39_04 Konoko: He can't escape me, but why?
  • 11_39_05 Konoko: There is something familiar about him...I can't quite place it.
  • 11_39_06 Konoko: It's like this is his territory, and I'm invading. (BROKEN; the SNDD exists but the OSBD doesn't; the script references the line, and would play it if it weren't for the missing OSBD.)
  • 11_39_07 Konoko: He's angry. I can taste his frustration.
  • 11_39_08 Konoko: He knows I can feel him...that we are...rivals? Natural enemies? (BROKEN; the SNDD exists but the OSBD doesn't; the script references the line, and would play it if it weren't for the missing OSBD.)
  • 11_39_09 Konoko: I'm backing him into a corner. This isn't going to be pretty...


  • 11_40_01 Mukade: All you have done by hunting me is force me to fight. You should have let me go.
  • 11_40_02 Konoko: Who are you? Why can I feel you inside me?
  • 11_40_03 Mukade: Does your blood burn when you kill? Mine does.
  • 11_40_04 Konoko: Stop it...
  • 11_40_05 Mukade: We writhe inside as we are torn apart to make way for what we will become. Surrender to it. Let the bliss of oblivion free you of all your doubts and fears...
  • 11_40_06 Konoko: You are one of Muro's thugs, nothing more.
  • 11_40_07 Mukade: We shall see...

Neck break

  • 11_41_01 Konoko: My father's file. Griffin encouraged me not to look too deeply into my past. It seems like there's a lot he didn't want me to know... I could feel the Ninja and I knew he could feel me. Why? What am I becoming? Are we the same?
  • 11_41_01b Konoko: No! I have nothing in common with him.
  • 11_41_02 Konoko: Nothing.


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  • 12_42_01 Konoko: My father's lab. It is hard to imagine what it would have been like to have known him. Coming here is like walking with his ghost through the past we never shared.

  • 12_43_01 Hasegawa: Since the loss of my beloved Jamie I have tried to find a way to excuse my survival.
  • 12_43_02 Hasegawa: Her sacrifice must have some meaning or the tragedy of it will overwhelm me.
  • 12_43_03 Hasegawa: I met Jamie when she was a student of mine. She was one of my best. It was also obvious that she was an exceptional person. I fell for her from the start.
  • 12_43_04 Hasegawa: Jamie was an activist. She knew government was concealing the facts about the environmental crisis. She was determined to set things straight no matter what the cost.
  • 12_43_05 Hasegawa: Jamie convinced me to join in the struggle. We both knew it was dangerous but we were young and thought we were indestructible.
  • 12_43_06 Hasegawa: I miss her terribly.
  • 12_43_07 Hasegawa: We never should have left the city. But we wanted proof of what was being allowed to happen.
  • 12_43_08 Hasegawa: They called it a Wilderness Preserve. It was one of the Contaminated Zones, the dirty secrets that the government made it easy to ignore.
  • 12_43_09 Hasegawa: We knew that traveling there would brand us as enemies of the state. We thought we were prepared to deal with the consequences of our choice, but what happened was more horrible than anything we could have ever imagined.
  • 12_43_10 Hasegawa: On our way into the Zone, Jamie cut her leg. The wound became infected almost immediately. I'd never seen anything like it. She was dying in my arms and there was nothing I could do to save her. All I could do was ease her pain.
  • 12_43_11 Hasegawa: The world outside the Atmospheric Processors is poisonous. If something isn't done we are all doomed. Jamie's death won't be in vain. I'm going to do something about the nightmare that killed her. Her brother will help me. He misses her as much as I do.

  • 12_44_01 Konoko: Jamie Hasegawa. Maiden Name Jamie Kerr. Kerr's sister. Shinatama was right. Kerr worked with my father, but on what?
  • 12_44_02 Muro: You really don't know?
  • 12_44_03 Konoko: Tell me...
  • 12_44_04 Muro: No more time for questions little girl.


  • 12_45_01 Griffin: You are such a disappointment.
  • 12_45_02 Konoko: You lied to me!
  • 12_45_03 Griffin: I told you what you needed to know.
  • 12_45_04 Konoko: You used me!
  • 12_45_05 Griffin: I did my job, which is better than I can say for you.

Evil Konoko

  • 12_46_01 Konoko: Hello Mai.
  • 12_46_02 Konoko: What?
  • 12_46_03 Konoko: Mai Hasegawa. That's your name, isn't it?
  • 12_46_04 Konoko: I'm not sure who I am...
  • 12_46_05 Konoko: Oh, well let me help you. Ward of the State. TCTF pawn. Murderer. Ring any bells?
  • 12_46_06 Konoko: Leave me alone...
  • 12_46_07 Konoko: Can't do that. You are a Rogue Agent. I'm under orders to bring you in.


  • 12_63_01 Shinatama: Konoko...this way...
  • 12_63_02 Shinatama: Listen to me Konoko... listen...listen...listen (UNUSED; the OSBD and SNDD exist, but the scripts do not use that line.)
  • 12_63_03 Shinatama: Follow me...
  • 12_63_04 Shinatama: Over here...
  • 12_63_05 Shinatama: <giggles>


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Griffin's pet doctor

  • 13_47_03 Security Guard: Hey, it's me. Let me in.
  • 13_47_04 Security Guard: All right. Hold on.
  • 13_47_01 Security Guard: Where's Griffin's pet doctor today?
  • 13_47_02 Security Guard: Touring the pod wing I believe.

Meeting Kerr

  • 13_64_01 Konoko: Hello Uncle.
  • 13_64_02 Kerr: What are you doing here? Griffin's men are...
  • 13_64_03 Konoko: Let me worry about Griffin. Right now I need your help.
  • 13_64_04 Kerr: Yes, you do. Perhaps more than you know...but I'll need my equipment. And they will try to shut me out so I need you to reroute the power manually.
  • 13_64_05 Konoko: I'm on it.
  • 13_64_06 Kerr: I'll meet you in my lab.

Scanner room

  • 13_64_01 Konoko: Hello Uncle. (Yes, the line plays again here.)
  • 13_65_01 Kerr: Get into the chair.
  • 13_65_02 Konoko: Is this absolutely necessary?
  • 13_65_03 Kerr: Yes. You've been out of contact since Shinatama was kidnapped. I need to know what is going on inside you.
  • 13_65_04 Konoko: All right.
  • 13_65_05 Kerr: This may sting a bit...
  • 13_65_06 Konoko: What are you doing? (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist. No reference in scripts, either.)
  • 13_65_07 Kerr: I'm taking a look at the Chrysalis and testing to see how far its integration with your body has progressed.
  • 13_65_08 Konoko: Integration? (FAILS to play due to lack of sound_dialog_play_block between this and 13_65_07.)
  • 13_65_09 Kerr: You're stable, but the transformation is farther along than I anticipated.
  • 13_65_10 Konoko: What does that mean? What's happening to me?
  • 13_65_11 Kerr: How much do you know already?
  • 13_65_12 Konoko: My birth name is Mai Hasegawa. You worked with my father, but I don't know what you were working on.
  • 13_65_13 Kerr: The Daodan Chrysalis. Your father believed that the only way to save the human race from the poisonous atmosphere was to change them so they could adapt to the new world.
  • 13_65_14 Konoko: Shinatama said that you used her to monitor the growth of the Chrysalis. Is there one of those things inside me?
  • 13_65_15 Kerr: Yes.
  • 13_65_16 Konoko: What is it doing?
  • 13_65_17 Kerr: The Chrysalis is the hyper-evolved clone of its host body. As the host experiences stress or harm it grows to reinforce or replace the body's damaged systems.
  • 13_65_18 Konoko: Who did this to me? You?
  • 13_65_19 Kerr: Griffin forced me to do it.
  • 13_65_20 Konoko: Griffin? But why?
  • 13_65_21 Kerr: Your father and I were criminals, funded by the Syndicate. We couldn't get backing from any legitimate source. They left us alone for the most part. We didn't think they were interested in our work. We were wrong.
  • 13_65_22 Konoko: Go on.
  • 13_65_23 Kerr: They had been watching us very closely. When they figured out what the Chrysalis was they raided our lab. We'd only grown two prototypes, based on the genetic codes of you and your brother...
  • 13_65_24 Konoko: My brother?
  • 13_65_25 Kerr: Muro.
  • 13_65_26 Konoko: You've got to be kidding.
  • 13_65_27 Kerr: The Syndicate captured your father and Muro. We had never intended to implant those Chrysalises. They had other plans.
  • 13_65_28 Konoko: Where was I?
  • 13_65_29 Kerr: I managed to escape with you. I took you to the TCTF. There was no other way to ensure your safety.
  • 13_65_30 Konoko: And Griffin forced you to implant mine. Why? Insurance?
  • 13_65_31 Kerr: Yes. We weren't sure what kind of mutation the prototypes would produce. Griffin wanted to make sure we had a match for any weapon the Syndicate ended up with. He's a cold hearted man.
  • 13_65_32 Konoko: He makes you work for him, doesn't he?
  • 13_65_33 Kerr: Yes, but it's all right. You have been my only project. I owe it to you to look after you however I can.
  • 13_65_34 Konoko: Muro and his men. They're monsters... What am I?
  • 13_65_35 Kerr: You are who you have always been. The Chrysalis can't change that. The effect of the mutation is influenced by the subject's nature.
  • 13_65_36 Konoko: What?
  • 13_65_37 Kerr: You are changing...into a more powerful, resilient version of yourself. But whatever your final form, it is an expression of your true nature...
  • 13_65_38 Security Guard: Target acquired. It's her!
  • 13_65_40 Kerr: (while jumping in front of Konoko to take bullet) Wait! Noooo...... (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist. No reference in scripts, either.)
  • 13_65_39 Konoko: You'll pay for that! You'll all pay!

Jump in the goo

  • 13_66_01 Konoko: No way out. But something Kerr said. There might be a way. I've got to make it to the biomatter disposal vats.

  • 13_66_02 Konoko: The last acid vat may have a drain wide enough...but I've got to reach the center.

  • 13_66_03 Konoko: The crane controls...

  • 13_66_04 Konoko: I just hope the Chrysalis can keep me alive...

  • 13_66_05 Konoko: Father, I pray you were right...

Target neutralized

  • 13_67_01 Security Guard: What do you think?
  • 13_67_02 Security Guard: Dead. She has to be.
  • 13_67_03 Security Guard: Shouldn't we check it out?
  • 13_67_04 Security Guard: How do you suggest we do that?
  • 13_67_05 Security Guard: Target neutralized. All clear.


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  • 14_50_01 Scientist: No waveform readings detected for over 48 hours. Given the magnitude of the last readings we're confident the host was destroyed in the acid.
  • 14_50_02 Griffin: Continue scanning.
  • 14_50_03 Scientist: But commander... Yes sir.

  • 14_50_04 Konoko: I want some answers and I want them now.
  • 14_50_05 Griffin: I'm sorry. I can't help you now. No one can.

Omega Bunker

  • 14_51_01 Konoko: You can't escape me. You saw to that.
  • 14_51_02 Griffin: You are a failed experiment, a calculated risk. Nothing more. I made sure that I would be ready for this day from the very beginning.
  • 14_51_03 Griffin: Shinatama was in constant contact with you through every stage of your development. No one knows you better. I have wired her to the control system of this assault pod. You haven't got a chance. You never did.
  • 14_51_04 Shinatama: All system armed and active.
  • 14_51_05 Konoko: Shinatama...no...!

  • 14_51_06 Shinatama: I'm sorry...
  • 00_01_100 Shinatama: Kill me Konoko...please!
  • 00_01_101 Shinatama: I'm sorry...so sorry!
  • 00_01_102 Shinatama: Forgive me...
  • 00_01_103 Shinatama: Let me out!

  • 14_51_07 Shinatama: Level 1 security mode defeated. Switching to level 2.

  • 14_51_08 Shinatama: Level 2 mode neutralized. Engage level 3.

  • 14_51_09 Shinatama: Warning: target neutralization failed. Daodan symbiote organism present. Engaging Omega security mode
  • 14_52_01 Griffin: Emergency Override Griffin Alpha Zero. Emergency Override... No! Stay back!

Griffin's fall

  • 14_52_02 Konoko: Gotcha.
  • 14_52_03 Griffin: This is a bad idea. Put the gun down.
  • 14_52_04 Konoko: I'm a rogue Agent, haven't you heard? Very dangerous. I'm exactly what you wanted me to be.
  • 14_52_05 Griffin: So how does this end?
  • 14_52_06 Konoko: For you? Badly.
  • 14_52_07 Griffin: That's your call. You can pull the trigger or you can walk away. It's up to you.

Killing Griffin

  • 14_53_01 Konoko: No, it was never up to me. YOU did this. YOU made my own uncle put this THING inside of me. YOU lied to me, betrayed me. You are a monster. And now I'll take care of Muro myself.

Walking away

  • 14_54_01 Konoko: I won't be the monster you thought I would be. Just remember what I am: the woman you betrayed because you weren't big enough to take responsibility for your actions.


Zombie Shinatama

  • 14_54_02 Civilian: Konoko, please don't hurt me. They made me do it, I swear.
  • 14_54_03 Konoko: Do what?
  • 14_54_04 Civilian: I knew she was more than an android, to you at least...
  • 14_54_05 Konoko: What did you do?
  • 14_54_06 Civilian: Griffin wanted something to use against you...
  • 14_54_07 Konoko: Get out of my sight. Now!

Ask your boss

  • 14_54_08 Civilian: Please...I surrender. Take my weapon.
  • 14_54_09 Konoko: This will come in handy.
  • 14_54_10 Civilian: Why are you doing this?
  • 14_54_11 Konoko: Maybe you should ask your boss. But don't expect him to tell you the truth.

A medal in your casket

  • 14_54_12 Scientist: I refuse to deactivate this substation. You have no right to do this!
  • 14_54_13 Konoko: Very brave of you. I bet they'll put a medal in your casket.
  • 14_54_14 Scientist: Fine. I'll let you in. It doesn't make any difference. They'll get you eventually. You can't escape the TCTF.


  • 14_54_15 Civilian: Konoko, you should be ashamed of yourself, after all Griffin has done for you!
  • 14_54_16 Konoko: Ashamed of myself? I'm doing all this to pay him back. Now hand them over.
  • 14_54_17 Civilian: Alright! Take them.

  • 14_54_18 Civilian: Konoko! What's happened to you?
  • 14_54_19 Konoko: None of your business. Give me the hypos and the force field.
  • 14_54_20 Civilian: You were one of us. Griffin treated you like a daughter. You should be ashamed of yourself!
  • 14_54_21 Konoko: Ashamed of myself? Griffin made me a monster when I was 07 years old and imprisoned the only man brave enough to try and protect me. I'm here to settle the score and nobody is going to stand in my way. Now hand them over.
  • 14_54_22 Civilian: Alright! Take them.


  • 14_54_23 Konoko will need to have some IM talking about how she will disable the power substations in the TCTF HQ so she can get to GRIFFIN. Her interaction with the neutral cha at 530 above is the last step in the process. We'll need three other VO segments: (DEV NOTES, not dialogue.)

  • 14_54_24 Konoko: Griffin's barricaded in a high security locked chamber. The Syndicate disabled the building security systems by knocking out the power substations. I'll do the same.

  • 14_54_25 Konoko: Sub-station 1...

  • 14_54_26 Konoko: Here's that sub-station...

  • 14_54_27 Konoko: One more junction...

Really really misc

  • 14_54_28 Civilian: Hey, I'm just here to replace the equipment.
  • 14_54_29 Civilian: See I'm a nice guy, no need for violence.

  • 14_54_30 Scientist: Oh Konoko, I am so sorry. I didn't want to be part of this trap.

  • 14_54_31 Konoko: Now what are you doing hiding back here?
  • 14_54_32 Scientist: Trying to hide. (He actually says "Just trying to hide".)

  • 14_54_33 Konoko: Sorry about the mess.
  • 18_75_17 Engineer: Don't shoot! (Not subtitled; it's a generic "cower" line.)

  • 14_54_34 Civilian: I'm unarmed! This is all I'm carrying, I swear.


Related : Consoles Objectives Diary


  • 15_57_05 Konoko: I wonder how strong those doors are?

  • 15_57_06 Konoko: I don't see a buzzer. Looks like I'll have to knock.


What do you want?

  • 15_57_07 Syndicate Scientist: Who are you! You're not authorized to be in here!
  • 15_57_08 Konoko: Who's going to throw me out...you?
  • 15_57_09 Syndicate Scientist: What do you want?
  • 15_57_10 Konoko: I'll take whatever you've got. Right now!
  • 15_57_11 Syndicate Scientist: Ok, please don't hurt me!

Are you talking to me?

  • 15_57_12 Syndicate Scientist: Hey! Have you finished calibrating the...
  • 15_57_13 Konoko: Are you talking to me?
  • 15_57_14 Syndicate Scientist: Do..do I know you?
  • 15_57_15 Konoko: I don't know...do I look familiar? Remind you of anyone?
  • 15_57_16 Syndicate Scientist: Oh god...YOU! Here take these! Just leave me alive!

Is that a yes?

  • 15_57_17 Konoko: Excuse me doctor, have you seen my brother around?
  • 15_57_18 Syndicate Scientist: Your brother? What are you talk..oh no!
  • 15_57_21 Syndicate Scientist: You...you're the other prime symbiote!
  • 15_57_19 Konoko: Is that a yes?
  • 15_57_20 Syndicate Scientist: I'm no threat to you. Just take what you want and leave. Please!

Hacking Sturmanderung

  • 15_57_01 Konoko: The Syndicate has been busy. They've taken control of processors all around the world, but why? (She actually says "very busy" and "all over the world".)

  • 15_57_02 Konoko: Muro's crazy. I think he's going to reverse the atmospheric processors, and poison the atmosphere. He's trying to kill us all!

  • 15_57_03 Konoko: These readings indicate a controlled rise in the toxin levels. I get it: he plans to spill enough poison into the air to kill anyone who won't sell their soul to him for a Chrysalis.

  • 15_57_04 Konoko: There's too many stations: they could never be disarmed before Muro activates them. But there is one chance: if I overload the generators I could blow them up before the atmospheric damage is irreversible.

Final battle

Mutant Muro (Griffin dead)

  • 15_59_01 Muro: Welcome sister. I am very impressed with what you have been able to accomplish without drawing on the full power of your Chrysalis. You are capable of so much more. Let me show you...
  • 15_59_02 Muro: Glorious, isn't it? This is the future. Join me or die like all the others, choking on dead air and foul water. I have accomplished everything our father dreamed of doing.
  • 15_59_03 Konoko: He dreamed of life. All you know is death.

Muro & Griffin & friends

  • 15_60_01 Muro: You were a fool to come here alone.
  • 15_60_02 Griffin: She isn't alone. You are under arrest. This ends here and now.
  • 15_60_03 Muro: He used you. Join me or die like all the others, choking on dead air and foul water. I have accomplished everything our father dreamed of doing.
  • 15_60_04 Konoko: He dreamed of life. All you know is death.
  • 15_60_05 Konoko: Surrender. We have you surrounded.
  • 15_60_06 Muro: Never.


  • 15_61_01 Konoko: When I blew the processors I bought us some time, but at a horrible cost. The dead and the dying now line the streets but it is impossible to deny the problem any longer. My father's work may prove to be the salvation of the afflicted after all. (RELICT. The OSBD exists, but the SNDD doesn't. This line can now be heard only as part of the outro anime sequence, overlaid with music.)
  • 15_61_02 Konoko: Mankind as we knew it is doomed: the Chrysalis will change us all. Let's hope it's for the better. (RELICT. The OSBD exists, but the SNDD doesn't. This line can now be heard only as part of the outro anime sequence, overlaid with music.)


Shinatama prompts

  • 00_01_17 Shinatama: I've uploaded a new objective to your Data Comlink. (UNUSED: the OSBD and SNDD exist, but the scripts do not use that line.)
  • 00_01_18 Shinatama: Here's a new objective for you Konoko!
  • 00_01_19 Shinatama: New mission objective.
  • 00_01_20 Shinatama: New mission data.
  • 00_01_21 Shinatama: Incoming objective data, stand by.
  • 00_01_22 Shinatama: Uploading new objective data.
  • 00_01_23 Shinatama: Please check your comlink Konoko. (UNUSED: the OSBD and SNDD exist, but the scripts do not use that line.)
  • 00_01_24 Shinatama: New compass data.
  • 00_01_25 Shinatama: New compass target.
  • 00_01_26 Shinatama: Incoming compass data.
  • 00_01_27 Shinatama: New compass data for you Konoko.
  • 00_01_28 Shinatama: I've got a new heading for you.


Vocalizations come in several types: taunt, cower (non-combatant), alert (upon hearing something), startle (upon spotting an enemy), checkbody (after defeating an enemy), pursue (while searching for a known enemy who's no longer visible), and super# (various super moves). Not all characters implement all of the available types. Some characters have additional vocalizations. None of the vocalizations are subtitled.


  • 17_99_28 You're gonna get beat by a girl!
  • 17_99_29 Ready to lose?
  • 17_99_30 Show me what you got!
  • 17_99_31 Hmph!
  • 17_99_32 So there!
  • 17_99_33 Hahahahaha!
  • 18_79_14 Rising Fury!
  • 18_79_15 Devil Spin Kick!


  • 17_99_26 Maybe I should start trying...


  • 17_99_25 Stronger and stronger! (Also used when regenerating.)
  • 18_79_16 Earthquaker!


  • 17_99_24 Muahahahahaha! (Also used when teleporting.)
  • 18_79_13 Devil Star! (When using heat-seeking attack.)


  • 17_99_02 You're going down!
  • 17_99_03 Now I strike!
  • 17_99_04 I'll finish you!
  • 18_69_04 Huh?
  • 18_69_05 What was that?
  • 18_69_06 Who's there?
  • 18_70_04 Ha!
  • 18_70_05 Whoa!
  • 18_70_06 Hey!
  • 18_73_02 You lose!
  • 18_74_02 Scanning the area.
  • Striker Slam!

Elite Striker

  • 18_73_05 No one can defeat me!
  • 18_69_13 Huh?!
  • 18_69_14 What was that?
  • 19_69_15 Huh... who's there?
  • 18_70_13 Ah!!!
  • 18_70_14 Aha!
  • 19_70_15 Hey!
  • 17_99_11 It's over!
  • 17_99_12 You're done!
  • 17_99_13 You lose!
  • 18_74_05 Come on out...
  • 18_79_04 Cannonball!


  • 17_99_05 I'm all that!
  • 17_99_06 Oh, please!
  • 17_99_07 Whatever!
  • 18_69_04 Huh?
  • 17_69_05 What was that?
  • 17_69_06 Who's there?
  • 18_70_07 Oops!
  • 17_70_08 Oh...
  • 17_70_07 Hey!
  • 18_73_03 She was weak...
  • 18_74_03 Are you hiding from me?
  • 18_79_02 Whirl Kick!
  • 18_79_03 Ten Shadow Punch!
  • 18_71_07 She's a masochist! (Not referenced in OSBD or elsewhere.)


  • 17_99_10 You're all mine! (Referenced through OSBDc17_99_08ninja.)
  • 18_69_10 Checking.
  • 18_69_11 Investigating.
  • 18_69_12 Sound detected.
  • 18_73_04 Neutralized...
  • 18_74_04 I will find you...


  • 17_99_14 Come on!
  • 17_99_15 Oh, yeah!
  • 17_99_16 Can't top Tanker!
  • 18_69_16 Huh?
  • 17_69_17 What was that?
  • 17_69_18 Who's there?
  • 18_70_16 Whoa!
  • 18_70_17 Hey now...!
  • 18_70_18 Holy...!
  • 18_73_06 How'd that butt-kicking feel?
  • 18_79_08 That hurt!
  • 18_74_06 Where'd you go?
  • 18_79_05 Nuclear tackle!
  • 18_79_09 Blockbuster!
  • 18_79_06 Hoo-ha!!! (Not referenced in OSBD or elsewhere.)
  • 18_79_07 Ooh, baby!!! (Not referenced in OSBD or elsewhere.)


  • 17_99_18 You're weak!
  • doug_blast_comguy Okay, okay, don't frog blast the vent core! (Rare taunt variant with a 4% chance of playing. This is a reference to the Assimilated Bobs in Marathon.)
  • 18_69_20 Huh?
  • 18_69_21 What was that?
  • 18_69_22 Who's there?
  • 18_70_22 Hey! (Referenced through OSBDc18_70_20comguy.)
  • 18_73_08 Just as I planned!
  • 18_74_08 I know where you are.
  • 18_79_11 Static Fist! (Referenced through OSBDc18_79_10comguy.)
  • 18_79_10 Radio Saber! (Not referenced by any OSBD (OSBDc18_79_10comguy links to c18_79_11).)
  • doug_everywhere_comguy She's everywhere! (Another Marathon reference. Not referenced in OSBD or elsewhere, but it is heard at 4'53" in End Titles on the soundtrack CD.)

Mad Bomber

  • 17_99_19 We're all doomed!
  • 18_69_23 I hear you...
  • 18_70_23 Yikes!
  • 18_72_18 Happy to die?
  • 18_74_09 I'll find you!
  • 18_71_24 He's a masochist! (Not referenced in OSBD or elsewhere.)
  • 18_73_09 Damn, that was quick... (The OSBD exists, but "Happy to die?" is used instead.)


  • 17_99_17 Wait till I reload!
  • 18_69_19 Checking...
  • 18_73_07 Target is down!
  • 18_74_07 Searching...


  • 17_99_20 Renegade...
  • 18_69_24 Possible contact.
  • 18_69_25 I'll check it out.
  • 18_70_24 Whoa!
  • 18_70_26 Hey!
  • 18_73_10 The perp is down.
  • 18_74_10 Come out with your hands up!


  • 17_99_21 No escape!
  • 18_70_26 Hey!
  • 18_70_27 Aha!
  • 18_73_11 Justice is done.
  • 18_74_11 Surrender - now!
  • 18_79_11 Lion Fist!
  • 18_79_12 Lion Axe!

Black Ops Lite

  • 17_99_23 You're mine!
  • 18_69_29 Checking... (Referenced through OSBDc18_69_28blackopslt.)
  • 18_69_29 Yow! (Referenced through OSBDc18_70_28blackopslt.)
  • 18_69_30 Hey! (Referenced through OSBDc18_70_28blackopslt.)
  • 18_73_12 Target neutralized.
  • 18_74_12 No target in sight.

Black Ops SWAT

  • 17_99_25 Turn yourself in. (Referenced through OSBDc17_99_23blackopsswat.)
  • 18_69_28 Possible target...
  • 18_69_28 Ahh!
  • 18_69_31 Aha!
  • 18_73_13 Pathetic!
  • 18_74_13 Wait till I find you!


  • 17_99_01 Don't make me hurt you!
  • 18_69_01 Huh?
  • 18_69_02 What was that?
  • 18_69_03 Who's there?
  • 18_70_01 Whoa!
  • 18_70_02 Hey!
  • 18_70_03 Huh?!
  • 18_73_01 Ha! I win.
  • 18_74_01 Hey, come back here!
  • 18_75_17 Don't shoot!
  • 18_75_18 I just work here!
  • 18_75_19 I-I won't try anything, I swear!
  • 18_75_20 <whimpering>

Male scientists

  • 18_75_01 No, no, please, no!
  • 18_75_02 I am innocent!
  • 18_75_03 I'm unarmed!
  • 18_75_04 <whimpering>

Female scientists

  • 18_75_05 This can't be happening!
  • 18_75_06 Please, don't hurt me!
  • 18_75_07 Help... Help!!!
  • 18_75_08 <whimpering>

Male civilians

  • 18_75_09 I surrender.
  • 18_75_10 I have a family!
  • 18_75_11 Please, oh please, not in the face!
  • 18_75_12 <whimpering>

Female civilians

  • 18_75_13 Oh, I wanna live!
  • 18_75_14 Why?! Why is this happening?!
  • 18_75_15 Somebody please help me!
  • 18_75_16 <whimpering>

Myth Dwarf

  • cdorf Whoops! Sorry about that, Konoko. (Myth reference; no reference in OSBD or elsewhere.)

Generic NPC interaction

Conversation start and interruptions

Apparently there were meant to be "generically interactive" TCTF agents (both male and female), but the corresponding voice lines were completely removed. Konoko can have some scripted interaction with her TCTF buddies in CHAPTER 03 . PUZZLE PIECES, CHAPTER 06 . COUNTERATTACK and CHAPTER 07 . A FRIEND IN NEED, but it is done with level-specific dialogue. Point of interest, the line "Incoming!" made it into the bonus track on the OST CD (hidden in End Titles), so it's not completely gone (it's easy to isolate, too).

  • 16_89_01 Civilian: Look out!
  • 16_89_02 Civilian: Oh no!
  • 16_89_03 Civilian: Behind you!
  • 16_89_04tctfmale TCTF Agent: Incoming! (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 16_89_04civmale1 Civilian: Over here!
  • 16_89_05 Civilian: Hey, hey, come here!
  • 16_89_06 Civilian: Hi there!
  • 16_89_07 TCTF Agent: Hey Konoko! (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 16_89_08 Civilian: Where are you going?
  • 16_89_09 Civilian: Wait! I'm not finished!
  • 16_89_10 Civilian: Well, excuse me! (indignant)
  • 16_89_11 TCTF Agent: Check back with me later. (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 16_89_12 Civilian, fem: Look out!
  • 16_89_13 Civilian, fem: Watch out!
  • 16_89_14 Civilian, fem: Oh no!
  • 16_89_15 TCTF Agent: Watch yourself! (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 16_89_16 Civilian, fem: Over here!
  • 16_89_17 Civilian, fem: Excuse me!
  • 16_89_18 Civilian, fem: Hi!
  • 16_89_19 TCTF Agent: Konoko! (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)
  • 16_89_20 Civilian, fem: Where are you going?
  • 16_89_21 Civilian, fem: Wait! I'm not finished!
  • 16_89_22 Civilian, fem: Oh, sorry!
  • 16_89_23 TCTF Agent: Check back with me later. (RELICT. The OSBD and SNDD no longer exist.)

Generic gifts

  • 16_91_01 Civilian, fem: Here, take this hypo.
  • 16_91_02 Civilian, fem: You might need this hypo.
  • 16_91_03 Civilian, fem: Here, take this ammo clip.
  • 16_91_04 Civilian, fem: Take this ammo clip, it'll help you.
  • 16_91_05 Civilian, fem: Here, use this weapon.
  • 16_91_06 Civilian, fem: Take this weapon, I'm sure it'll help.
  • 16_91_07 Civilian, fem: Here, take this force field. (RELICT. The OSBD exists, but the SNDD doesn't.)
  • 16_91_08 Civilian, fem: You need this force field, it'll help you.
  • 16_91_09 Civilian: Here, take these hypos.
  • 16_91_10 Civilian: Here, you'll need these ammo clips.
  • 16_91_11 Civilian: Here, take this force field.
  • 16_91_12 Civilian: Here, take these weapons.
  • 16_91_13 Civilian: Here, take these force fields.
  • 16_91_14 Civilian: Look, take this hypo.
  • 16_91_15 Civilian: Here, take this ammo clip.
  • 16_91_16 Civilian: Hey, you can use this ammo clip.
  • 16_91_17 Civilian: Hey! You can use this force field.
  • 16_91_18 Civilian: Here, take this force field.
  • 16_91_19 Civilian: Look, take this force field.
  • 16_91_20 Civilian: Here, here's a weapon for you.
  • 16_91_21 Civilian: Hey, why don't you take this weapon?
  • 16_91_22 Civilian: Go on! Take this weapon.
  • 16_91_23 Civilian: You may need this. (BROKEN/RELICT. The OSBD exists, but the SNDDs don't. However, the line is matched by SNDDc07_26_11civ3 from level8_Final, which doesn't have an OSBD.)
  • 16_91_24 Civilian: You may need this. (BROKEN/RELICT. The OSBD exists, but the SNDDs don't. However, the line is matched by SNDDc07_26_11civ3 from level8_Final, which doesn't have an OSBD.)
  • 16_91_25 Civilian: Here, take this hypo.
  • 16_91_26 Civilian: You may need this ammo clip.
  • 16_91_27 Civilian: You better take this weapon.
  • 16_91_28 Civilian: You're going to need a force field.
  • 16_91_29 Civilian: Here, have a hypo.
  • 16_91_30 Civilian: Why don't you take this ammo clip?
  • 16_91_31 Civilian: This weapon could be helpful.
  • 16_91_32 Civilian: Here. Take this force field.
  • 16_91_33 Civilian: Here, take this hypo.


These subtitles are redundant of the ones in the previous sections.
  • civfemale_abort Civilian: Wait! I'm not finished!
  • civfem_enemy Civilian: Watch out!
  • civfem_gift_ammo Civilian: Here, take this ammo clip.
  • civfem_gift_force_field Civilian: You need this force field, it'll help you.
  • civfem_gift_hypo Civilian: Here, take this hypo.
  • civfem_gift_weapon Civilian: Here, use this weapon.
  • civfem_trigger Civilian: Over here!
  • civmale1_abort Civilian: Where are you going?
  • civmale1_enemy Civilian: Look out!
  • civmale1_gift_ammo Civilian: Here, you'll need these ammo clips.
  • civmale1_gift_force_field Civilian: Here, take this force field.
  • civmale1_gift_force_fields Civilian: Here, take these force fields.
  • civmale1_gift_hypos Civilian: Here, take these hypos.
  • civmale1_gift_weapons Civilian: Here, take these weapons.
  • civmale1_trigger Civilian: Over here!
  • civmale2_abort Civilian: Wait! I'm not finished!
  • civmale2_enemy Civilian: Oh no!
  • civmale2_gift_ammo Civilian: Here, take this ammo clip.
  • civmale2_gift_force_field Civilian: Here, take this force field.
  • civmale2_gift_hypo Civilian: Look, take this hypo.
  • civmale2_gift_weapon Civilian: Here, here's a weapon for you.
  • civmale2_trigger Civilian: Hey, come here!
  • civmale3_abort Civilian: Well, excuse me!
  • civmale3_enemy Civilian: Behind you!
  • civmale3_gift_ammo Civilian: You may need this ammo clip.
  • civmale3_gift_force_field Civilian: You're going to need a force field.
  • civmale3_gift_generic Civilian: You may need this. (BROKEN/RELICT. The OSBD exists, but the SNDDs don't. However, the line is matched by SNDDc07_26_11civ3 from level8_Final, which doesn't have an OSBD.)
  • civmale3_gift_hypo Civilian: Here, take this hypo.
  • civmale3_gift_weapon Civilian: You better take this weapon.
  • civmale3_trigger Civilian: Hi there!