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State of Emergency at a glance (More pics here)

Official trailer (zipped MOV, 21.6 MB) Teaser trailer (streaming MOV, 7.5 MB) Hector Soldado AKA Spanky
TrailerLong.jpg TrailerShort.jpg two15.jpg
Roy McNeil AKA Mack Eddie Raymonds AKA Bull Ricky Trang AKA Phreak
three27.jpg bull2.jpg two12.jpg
Anna Price AKA Libra...
libra1.jpg general19.jpg two25.jpg
...and some more of her...
three06.jpg two24.jpg libra3.jpg


  • Released on PS2, PC and Xbox in Feb. 2002
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Decent melee, but with poor animations and no interpolation
  • Developed by VIS Entertainment as a budget title and published by Rockstar
  • Essentially one of Rockstar's controversial "bad boy" titles like Grand Theft Auto; the breakthrough hit GTA III released just a few months before SoE
  • Garnered a 71 on Metacritic, just two points lower than Oni's PC release
  • Less-successful sequel, State of Emergency 2


The scene unfolds in the streets and buildings of Capital City, where the Corporation (same role as the World Coalition Government in Oni) maintains a martial, propaganda-driven order. You're part of the Freedom Movement and lead a muscled fight against the Corporation to bring freedom to the people. To spice things up, there are gangs all around the city which have their own interests, contributing to the chaos you generate, but not necessarily acting in your favor.


  • Take GTA 3. Take away the cars. Add advanced hand-to-hand combat and environment interaction. Crowd the streets with hundreds of panicking people. Shake well.
  • Or, take Oni. Replace the sissy TCTF troops with an almighty Syndicate. Make the environment much more complex and colorful and interactive. Crowd the streets with hundreds of panicking people. Shake well.


You can choose from 5 very different protagonists to take on your missions.

In-game footage

For those who can't access the official Flash site, or hate it for some reason.

Streaming MOV (average size 5 MB, maximum size 14 MB)
McNeil+Bazooka Re:McNeil+Bazooka Spanky+Melee McNeil+Melee McNeil+Flamer
McNeil+Bazooka Libra McNeil+Bench Libra+M16 Spanky+Mortar
McNeil+Bat McNeil+Minigun McNeil+Flamer McNeil+Minigun McNeil+Bazooka
Libra+SMG Phreak+Grenade Spanky+Melee Libra+Melee McNeil
McNeil+Minigun Phreak+Melee Bull+Melee Spanky+Bench Spanky+Minigun

State of Emergency 2

The sequel was eventually released in Feb. 2006, but has a Metacritic score of 44. Apparently it was developed by the same team as the first game until they went bankrupt -- at which point development was finished by DC Studios and the game was published by SouthPeak Interactive. It didn't seem to add anything new to the gameplay of the first title.

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