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Secrets of teleporting in Rooftops.

There are 3 factors which affect Mukade's ability to teleport.

1) Flags numbered 9000-9099 define the boundary of the area that Mukade can teleport. In Rooftops flags 9000-9011 are used. A minimum of 4 flags is needed to define the 4 edges of a rectangle.

2) Flags numbered 9500-9599 are points where Mukade can teleport to, Rooftops uses flags 9500-9541.

3) The height of the ground (y axis) needs to be around 600 and above, Rooftop ranges from 644 to 679. Otherwise, Mukade keeps teleporting at a lower height. For example I had a test level at a ground height of 200. Mukade would spawn then disappear. Using chr_focus 1, I found him repeatedly teleporting at around 550.

These factors appear to be hard coded into the engine.

EdT 01:18, 12 August 2012 (CEST)