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  • Real name : name.png
  • Birth date : November 1980
  • Job : Quantitative analyst
  • Contact : email2.png

Hyperdedicated to Oni. More or less committed to a lot of more or less ambitious perspectives around Oni : Oni modding, "developing" Oni 2 (in several ways), coadministering this wiki.


Artwork-like stuff I'm not ashamed of.


Key aspects that appeal to me in Oni (2) and elsewhere.




  • A few contributions to the community knowlegde on the way some data is stored in Oni's binaries
  • Oni Un/Packer (an Oni modding tool) : dev talk
  • More generally, Oni ni Kanabô : modding characters, weapons, levels, global features etc.

Konoko Payne

  • dev talk, scripting

Daodan DLL

  • dev talk

Serious Konoko

  • The necessary premise to "Oni 2": experimentation on just what can be done, in free form (multiplayer, no plot). Powered by Serious Engine 2.


As of 2021, this user space will be used as a temporary solution for the political/sociological project ДоброПобеждает (literally, "Goodness Is Winning"; for more info on the philosophy, the best reference so far is Stephen Pinker's book "The Better Angels Of Our Nature"). Please forgive the Russian language and the general unrelatedness.