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A Tanker is an SLD grown by the Syndicate. The moves and taunts they use in-game are reminiscent of professional wrestling. However, these Tankers serve the Syndicate and can be formidable foes.


  • Can't top Tanker!
  • Oh, yeah!
  • Come on!
  • Blockbuster!
  • Nuclear tackle!
  • Where did you go?
  • That hurt!
  • How'd that butt-kicking feel?


Washing Machine (over-the-shoulder pile driver)

Lifting the opponent over his shoulders, the Tanker leans forward, driving their head into the ground.

Headbutt Disarm (trapping headbutt)

Grabbing the opponent's arms and pulling them around his shoulders with his back to the opponent, the Tanker then headbutts backwards, striking the opponent in the face.

Blockbuster (discus-style double sledge)

Spinning in place to build up momentum, the Tanker interlocks his hands and brings down a horizontal two-handed blow.

Nuclear Tackle (dropkick)

A running two-footed jump-kick.

Corporate Elbow (elbow drop)

A move used on supine opponents, dropping the elbow first onto the opponent's midsection.

Full Body Massage (triple front knee strike)

Grabbing the opponent's head and pushing it down as he knees upwards, yielding three devastating blows to the chin.

Face Slam (bound leg throw)

The Tanker uses his incredible strength to grab an opponent's legs from behind, lifting him back over his shoulder, and throwing the opponent forward while still holding the legs, striking the opponent's head into the ground.


Grabbing the opponent's shoulders, the Tanker delivers one direct, powerful headbutt.

Varieties and their differences





In the early phase of development the tankers were supposed to be "bio-chemically enhanced syndicate kickboxers".

When they were changed into artificially-created (SLD) wrestlers (see quote HERE, search for "wrestler"), the head texture was redone to emphasize their new nature. You can clearly see the changed jaw lines for the mechanical mouth.