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This is a fun way to mark a block of quoted text. Stolen from Wikipedia, where it was called Cquote (Centered quote), and reminiscent of the "pull quote" tradition in periodicals, where an excerpted quotation appears in an inset box in the article to draw the reader's eye.

It could be annoying if a whole article was written this way, couldn't it? But it's fun for short quotations. It's not intended to be set on the side, as in a newspaper (that would be the Quotebox template), but rather to demand your full attention, perhaps at the top of an article.

Here are the parameters you can use with this template:
Parameter 1: The body of the quote text. This is the only required parameter.
Parameter 2: The source. Who said it?
color: The color of the quote marks! The default is "silver"; here, we used "color=blue".
width: The overall width of the box as a percentage of the screen; default is "auto". This parameter doesn't seem to work properly, however.
inset: How far over to put the quote box. It doesn't seem to accomplish much good to set this. Default is 10%.
size: The font size, in the unit that you specify (default is 3.6em).

P.S.: In order to use an equals sign, you have to specify the text body explicitly as parameter 1: {{Pullquote|1=E = mc<sup>2</sup>, but templates are confusing.|2=Albert Einstein}} yields

E = mc2, but templates are confusing.

—Albert Einstein

This is simply because the template thinks the first equals sign it encounters is referring to a parameter being set, and it gets confused. Note that you also have to assign parameter 2, the source, manually in this case.