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Call this template to convert a temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Both will be displayed, with the unit you supplied coming first.

Simplest use case

To convert degrees between C and F, just supply a number and the unit it's in:

100° C (212° F)

212° F (100° C)

Decimal precision

Supply a third parameter to ask for a number of places after the decimal:

99° C (210.2° F)

Note that the output only has one decimal place despite the template call asking for five; that's because the answer was 210.20000, but the template won't display zero places. For that reason, {{Temp|100|C|5}} will simply return 100° C (212° F).

Relative change

If you are converting a relative change in temperature, not an absolute temperature, supply "r" as the fourth parameter (though the way the logic in the template currently works, you can actually type anything for a fourth parameter and it will do the same):

9° C (16° F)