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Hello! This is me... I'm 17, from Canada, and I've been playing this game ever since I can remember (about year 2k2- 2k3)

I've dabbled here and there in BSL, Animation, Particles, Texturing, etc... But my fortay is animations for sure. I have a few new moves out right now including a new heavy kick with Samer's new Casey (CASCOMkick_heavy) A new throw and kick up for the ninja, and whoever else people decide to attatch them to. (NINCOMbk_fw_kick, NINCOMrun_thw_fw_k(_tgt) )

Also have a few videos on youtube, a Combo video, a Oni Tribute/Trailer thingy, a couple of animation test videos and me screwing around with Lightsaber FX. Search Mukadeus on YouTube and subscribe :D

Working on more to come!