Walkthrough/CHAPTER 05 . HOT PURSUIT

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/Chapter 05 - Hot Pursuit/


      Module: Airport Cargo Hangars
  Difficulty: ***
  Objectives: + Continue tracking down Muro
              + Find the Rappelling Harness
              + Reach Muro's Plane

- Check the left hallway for a guard or two. Once they're down, talk to the nearby engineer for a hypo. Move across the large room to the door on the lower floor where the windows are. Cut a right and take out the guard beating up the engineers. Talk to the engy for an easy hypo, then use the console. Some flights have been tampered with according to the log. Move up the stairs, and work on taking out the (2) Plasma-armed guards. Watch for a lone Static thug to assault you. Move across the pathway to the opposite second floor doorway. You'll a C4 guard near the command console in the right corner. Take him down, then retreat before he blows up. Use the console to unlock a door. Drop down, and move to the upper left corner. Go through the door and talk to the engineer. He'll tell you that some sort of tracker is in the next hangar over. Read the nearby console. Move to the far end of the room and use the unlocking computer. Backtrack to the main room, and head for the large door.

- Once inside, move forward and plasma down the red-suited guard. Flank along the left, and nail down the submachine gun guard. Check near the back portion of the room for one more guard with a Superball gun. Now, eliminate the remaining threats by conserving ammo. Move to the back room, but watch for a Static guard directly right of the door entrance. Knock the stunner out of his hand, kill him, then activate the console. Look for the unlocked door right around the corner. Move in.

  *Muro and his men will split up. You now have a choice of taking the lower
   or upper route.*

- First off though, 3 lower room guards will protrude your way. Many of them are armed. Try to shoot any of them down using your weapons, otherwise, lure them one-by-one near the cargo crates along the right portion of the room. Knock their gun out of hand, and use it against them. Clear out the last guy on the stairwell, then move left to the rear of the dislodged truck. Move in here, and you'll have roughly 2-3 rooms to clear out. Various men will be armed. Use jump kicks to disarm most of them, then wield the gun against their own guys. Talk to the engineer in the small office for some free hypo sprays. Move up the next ramp onward. This next part may be fairly tough. Basically, a bunch of lasers will operate at varying lengths damaging you if you happen to touch them. Sprint as the first pattern repeats and stay behind the initial lasers. Interact with the console and now dash forward ensuring to jump, slide, and roll when necessary. You will take some damage, but try to reach the other end before the 10-second counter reaches null. Once you hit the door, you'll encounter a Static and Grapple Guard. I recommend shooting down the Static thug, then trying to martial arts the Grapple guy. Quick punches seem to do the most damage since the grappler has fairly slow attacks. Move through the next door. You'll eventually reach a parking lot. Drop down to the right and disable the submachine gunning guard. Move ahead and use martial arts to take out the Scram Gun guard. Move up the railing, then take out the Plasma Guard. Try to conserve ammo in the weapon. Move up the left area on the roofs. Take out the plasma guard after the cross-section area, and pick up his hypo spray. Move down and you may notice an area below that is too far to jump down.

- Look along the left and you will see 3 Engineers running for their lives from Muro's thugs. There should be a small stairwell. Head down it, then engage the two thugs in the alley. Watch for two more men to appear. Be careful not to harm the engineers, otherwise, they'll end up fighting you as well. If they live, talk to them for some free hypos. Leave the alley. Run down the left parking lot until you reach the area that you saw before. Charge the nuclear guard and try to stun him with the Van de Graaf pistol. Otherwise, disarm the Superball Gun and wield it against them. Watch for the C4 man as well. Use the console, and the door from the roof will now be unlocked. Backtrack to the mini-stairs and head up to the roof. Look for a nearby doorway on the roof area that has stairs leading up to it. Head on in, and talk to the scientist for some ammo clips. Move down the stairs.

- When you reach the bottom, try to save the scientist from the Kevlar and Nuclear guards. It can be difficult fighting the ultra-tough nuke guard, so focus on him over the primitive guard. The Scientist hands out much-needed hypo sprays. After another flight of stairs, take care of the two enemies below. You'll find the Rappelling Harness just before the third flight of stairs entrance, to the left on a table against the wall. Pick it up, then head downstairs. Take out the Nuclear Guard. Head through the door and chase down the 3 enemies in this large room. Two will be on the ground floor, with one patrolling near the alarm on the second floor. Prevent them from sounding the alarm. Contine up the stairs. Head into the side door before the very top.

  *Muro and his men will be seen getting into the cargo plane.*

- Leave the mini-room and head to the roof via the stairs. Once on top, watch for the ambush of dual-armed thugs to your left. Sprint on the roof to the center metal railing overlooking the base unit of the plane.

  *Konoko will automatically rappell down and plant a tracking device on top
   of Muro's Plane. Inside, we see Muro and an associate talking over about
   your presence. You're apparently an Android hooked to an SLD. Sounds brutal
   and experimental if you ask me. He wants Barbaras to capture you alive.*