Walkthrough/CHAPTER 10 . CAT AND MOUSE

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- Fight off the lone Ninja Guard using what you learned before. Go down to the left, and drop down. Sprint forward strafing as a Mercury Bow sniper will pelt shots at your position. There will be a Ninja Guard trailing you from the rear, but focus on disarming the dangerous sniper. Fight them both using the fiery uppercut and swirl kick. Take the Mercury Bow in case you find ammo clips. Hop across the two chasyms to prevent dying from a long fall. Once you're on top of the elevator, do a long jump to the other side. Engage the two ground level foes, and go up the stairs. Take out the ranged ninja guard using your own weapon or an assortment of agile techniques. Continue forward across the rooftops, and three enemies will be waiting for you. Try to disarm the plasma rifle so you can use it against your Konoko wannabe. Otherwise, you'll have to waste some health dealing with the threats on ground level. Make use of the fiery uppercut and some sprint grapples for easy takedowns. Hop over to the next roof when you're finished at this location.

- Again, two guards will be there to greet you. They're basic enemies, so use basic combos. Look in the upper left corner for adjunct roof to hop onto. Do so, then curl around the corner. Two ninja guards will be around the corner, and extremely dangerous. Focus on the blue one with the stun gun, and try to use it against them if possible. The Scram Gun does very little damage in this situation. Head into the green door elevator. Konoko says that she knows the ninja quite well.

- When you first start out, go left and up the stairs. Take care of the Konoko wannabe by launching her off the railing. Grab her weapon, then sprint jump over to the other roof from this heightened position. From there, drop down and take out the armed man with the Screaming Cannon. Wield it against the gunner and Ninja Guard that drops down. With both men down, use the stairs to reach the top, then sprint jump to the new roof. Move ahead, and there will be gaps in this roofing ventilation area. Jump sprint jump across each large gap. It's easier to do than attempting to jump to each side segment and short hop to the other side. When you reach the far end, use the Screaming Cannon on the guard above you. Look across the pit for a small stairwell. Hop to it, then proceed up it. When you reach the top, curl around the left, and drop down on the guy crouching in the corner. Cut a right in towards the interior of this segway. You should see TV screens channeling in the distance. Go down this path, but watch for an immediate rush of guards. Try using the Scream Cannon to get a good laugh.

- Cut a left at the end of the hall, and watch for a Kevlar guard stationed around the corner. Look for some stairs, and take them up. When you reach the top, (2) Ninja Guards will try to interfere. Scream them down, or grapple them off the edge. Hop where the hypo spray is elevated, then jump again to the yellow marked spot. Pick up the zipline, and drop down to the zipeline where the Master Ninja just retreated from.

  *Konoko will zip to the other side.*

- Once there, rush ahead. Two more Ninjas will greet you. You know what to do. Scream them down, or slide them off the edge. Move up the mini-stairs, and hop across. Now, jump flip to reach the highest peak on each of these segments. Keep jumping till you reach a level floor. This next battle will be tough as three foes are ready to greet you. Watch for the ultra Konoko wannabe, and the armed guards. Fire a scream to down their damage while you combat them. Go down the stairs to your left. You should be on a circling path now. Knock most guards off the edge if possible, and try to disarm the Mercury sniper quickly (otherwise he will knock you off). One more Konoko wannabe and a force field powerup should be right before the lair door. Head into the door.

  *Konoko finally hunts Mukade down to an isolated position. He claims that
   they're both of the same build, but she dismisses him as a mere thug.
   Anyhow, it's time you just downed this cybernetic mess.*

- Mukade is very similar to the Ninja Guards in technique, except slower, but with special abilities. Basically, he has quick agile attacks, a leech "cell" attack, and teleportation abilities. The best strategy to defeat him is the use of grapples. You will never get a chance to stomp on Mukade, so don't even try. Try to push him into a corner if possible, or do enough damage so he teleports on one of the top ramps. If he goes invisible, look for his bold outline. Jam him into the corner and keep laying down combos finishing with grapples. Everytime he attempts to teleport out, he'll get jammed into one of your grapple moves. Really, this battle is not that enduring.

  *Mukade falls crippled on the ground with a data disc falling out of his
   pocket. Konoko knows that he and herself both feel the same feelings, but
   she's not sure why. She knows that she is nothing like this corrupt ninja
   and snaps his neck with her boot.*