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/Chapter 14 - Dawn of the Chrysalis/


      Module: Syndicate Mountain Compound
  Difficulty: ****
  Objectives: + Infiltrate Muro's Compound
              + Access the Computer Core
              + Overload the Generator
              + Fight Muro
  *Konoko manages to land in the Syndicate's compound. She is ready to
   seek vengeance towards Muro.*

- Start off by sneaking right past the guard tower. There's a Mercury Bow Sniper up there, so it's best to zig zag when he has an angled shot on you. Take the Hypo Spray behind the tower, then rush across the black-colored pavement. You're going to end up facing (3) Syndicate Heavy Guards. Try to disarm one of them with the gun, and focus on avoiding the cannonball rolls. Use blocking to help defend against their powerful attacks. Rush past the first transport helicopter and continue down this landing location. Head diagonally right past a few more hangars and you'll see a building in the distance. Before heading where the two guards are standing near the door, go right. Kill the Heavy Guard, then look on top of the brown boxes for a Superball Gun and Phase Projector. Take either weapon you prefer. Head towards the doorway where the two guards are and blast them down. Head inside. When you reach the room with a red console, don't touch it no matter what. It's an alarm console, and will trigger 3 Guards if you do. If you go right, you'll find a hypo behind one of the tall columns. Go back out, then take the left door. Note behindone of the sides of the arlam console there is a force field This will come in handy later.

- This next area will have lasers on both halls, with two patrolling guards. I recommend luring the guards out to where you can fight them in open space. Avoid the first set of lasers by jumping and rolling in mid-air. Enter the first room. The scientist says you can take anything you wish. Pick up the powerups, then avoid the second set of lasers the same way. The second room has a data console with some information. Finally, take the last unlocked door against the right wall to exit this area.

- This next part can be tricky. There are (3) normal Kelvar Guards down the left hall, with one armed red guard down the right hall. Try luring them into a group so you can nail a Superball shot on them. Take the right door, and proceed through the appropriate door on this ledge. You'll encounter (3) more tangos to deal with. Do not fall to the center room, but feel free to knock your opponents down there for easy kills. You'll eventually find a right open door. Proceed through it, and launch an explosive round at the two guards in the lab room. Use the console in this room to unlock a nearby door. You'll find a hypo spray on top of one of the ventilation boxes in this room. Triggering the console causes a Mercury Bow guard to pop out. Backtrack from your current room to the first hall you encountered. Rush down here, and charge grapple the Mercury Bow guard. Kill him, then hold onto this Mercury Bow for pretty much the rest of the level. You should have a few ammo clips for it by now. The door you need to enter is right by the guard against the left wall. Head in, and again, engage (2) Heavy Guards. Take them down, and talk to the scientists for free hypos. Use the console against the wall. Exit the room.

  *An armored truck has arrived on the scene. Konoko wants to hijack it for
   her own personal joy. Right on, woman.*

- Turn to your right and move to the beginning of the hall. A recently unlocked door should be there. Go down it, and take out the guard on the stairwell. You'll find an Phase Cloak at the bottom of the stairs. Use it, then go through the door. You'll run into an ambush of 3-4 men to deal with. Keep your eyes on where the engineer goes. He has the truck keys and must be killed. Deal with the threats, then grab the truck keys off of his dead body. Go near the armored truck on the ground floor.

  *Konoko takes control of the truck and careens through the armored door.
   She now has access to the interior of the base.*

- Proceed up the stairs in front of you. Take out the Konoko wannabe, and prevent her from Screaming you to death with that lethal weapon. Keep going up the stairs until a red Heavy Guard pops out. Toss him off the stairwell, then head through the door he just came out. Pull out your Mercury Bow and pick off the topside guard. Cut a left at the intersection and go through the door. Check the console out. It describes the plans of the Syndicate, but we still do not know why they're hijacking only the atmospheric processors. Exit the room, and head in the opposite direction until you meet a single door just like it. Head in, talk to the scientist, then use the console to unlock most of the doors. Exit this labyrinth, and go back to the stairwell. Head up one flight of stairs, then re-enter the complex. On this top floor, head along the left side, and enter the single door room. Kill the lone Heavy guard, then read the console.

  *Apparently, Konoko believes Muro is trying to reverse the process on the
   atmospheric processors, which will cause poison to spew into the air. He's
   trying to kill everyone.*

- Exit out, and head to the opposite door. Talk to the scientist for a hypo. Go back to the stairwell, and head down to the ground level doors. Head on in. Disable any patrolling guards, then check the left room for a console. Use it.

  *Konoko has figured out the plan. Muro wants to poison everything in the
   atmosphere so everyone across the world will want Chrysalis implants.
   Chrysalis implants will help regenerate any damage taken from poison in the
   air, and hence, everyone will rush to his necessary implant. By implanting
   these devices into humans, he will manage control over an entire army.*

- Leave the room, and three Heavy Guards will rush out of a lower chamber. Drop to ground level, and expend all remaining Mercury ammo on the guards. Kill them, and pick up ammo clips if possible. Still, hold on to your Mercury Bow. Head through the door they came out of. You'll have one guard on this square pathway to deal with. Head around to the other side, then proceed up the stairs. Watch for the pistol-armed guard. On the second floor, try to toss the force field ninja off the edge. Repeat this two more times, go up alternating stairs. Knocking your opponents to their death is the easiest strategy past this part. When you reach the yellow construction bars at the top, jump to the center platform, then hop over to the nearby computer. Kill the Static thug, then use the computer.

  *Konoko manages to input a command and alter the settings causing the
   system to practically overhaul every atmospheric processor on network.
   Muro's evil plan to disrupt the world is ruined. However, he still lives.*

- Hop onto the center platform again.

  *Konoko criticized her brother for following the wrong path. He curses her
   for coming here alone. If you chose to spare Griffin's life, then Griffin
   will come in support of you via an attack helicopter. He claims Muro is
   under arrest. If you did not save him, then Griffin will be dead and not

- Fighting Muro is not as challenging as it seems, although you'd probably have to worry more about his minions. If you still have that Mercury Bow, use the remaining rounds on the (2) Konoko wannabes and the (2) Heavy Guards. After the (2) Konoko wannabes are killed, watch for the (2) Heavy Guards to ambush. Muro's techniques involve a few aerial kick moves, fast agile Hypo power, and obvious spin kicks/attacks. He does not use grapples as often as he did during Konoko's dream. I simply used kick and punching combos to get close. Once you injured him to the orange status, he hardly blocks. Start doing grapple moves at this point to really lower his health bar. Mercury Bow rounds do not work on him as he has a permanent force field. Try to keep Griffin alive as he's a useful comrade during the fight. Let Griffin distract him while you punch your brother in the back of the head. Muro will go down quite easily.

  *Just as you thought you saved the world, the overload inputted by Konoko
   on the generator caused a majority of the atmospheric processors to
   explode. Several of these explosions caused mass deaths across the world.
   She hoped that people would realize her father's work of preventing
   pollution was the right way to go. The work of the Chrysalis, despite being
   a partial overpowering of the being, could be the source in saving lives in
   the future. Nonetheless, she knows Earth is doomed for constantly using
   toxins and not sparing the wrath of poisons on the planet.*