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AISA : AI Character Setup Array
XML modding tips
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General information

  • The XML code on this page is based on OniSplit v0.9.61.0.
  • AISAlevelN_scripts.oni is level specific (it can be found in AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/levelN_Final.dat).
  • AISA is still used for a few cutscene characters, even though BINACJBOCharacters has made it redundant.
  • If you make an AE package containing an AISA file, you must also include the corresponding ONLV or else Oni will crash.

File structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <AISA id="0">

[...] means at least one character. Paste all character data into there (this includes <AISACharacter> and </AISACharacter> tag).




XML tag Content type Description
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> string there's no reason to change this
<Oni> -
<AISA id="0"> integer instance id, do not change
<Characters> -
<AISACharacter> - start tag of a character data
<Name> char[32] name of AISA character
<ScriptId> integer ID of the character, which you can spawn with the scripting command "chr_create"

Player character

If the ID is 0, the character is spawned as a player character, stealing controls (but not focus) from the current player. Focus is transferred as well if the old player is deleted immediately before the new one is created.

Automatic naming

If the name field is left blank, the engine will generate an automatic name "ai_#", where # is the runtime ID of the character (first empty slot in memory at the time of the spawning). The ID is not zero-padded: "ai_0, "ai_1", ...

<FlagId> integer flag where character is spawned; must be a valid flag ID (from the BINACJBOFlag list)

In the level Atmospheric Conversion Center (exterior), Bungie used FILM files to teleport AI Konoko and Griffin.

Missing FLAG issue

If the flag ID requested by "chr_create" is obsolete or otherwise unavailable, "chr_create" will fail with a message to the console.

<Flags> flag these flags can be also found via onisplit -help enums
<Team> flag these flags can be also found via onisplit -help enums
<Class> link must be a valid ONCC; replaced with first available ONCC if missing
ONCCname (without file suffix .oni)

Missing ONCC issue

Missing ONCCs are resolved by picking the first available ONCC. If the eventually used ONCC is invalid (e.g., if it has a missing TRAC or if its ONCV is missing from ONVL), Oni will crash. This applies to CHAR a.k.a. "ai2_spawn", AISA a.k.a. "chr_create", and "ai2_chump" (hardcoded to spawn ONCCstriker_easy_1).

<Scripts> char[32] BSL functions
<Spawn> (called when character is spawned)
<Die> (called when character dies (health reaches 0); can work multiple times)
<Combat> (called when character notices an enemy; works only once)
<Alarm> (called when character is alarmed)
<Hurt> (called when character is hurt for the first time; works only once)
<Defeated> (called when character is "defeated" (health reaches 1); works only once)
<OutOfAmmo> (called when character runs out of ammo (reloads a weapon with the last clip/cell); works only once, and the character must have the ammo at spawn-time)
<NoPath> (should be called when a character has trouble pathfinding, but isn't)
Inventory and script events.

Since nearly all the inventory fields are ignored, AISA characters can't be created with inventory items, and so the "out of ammo" script function is irrelevant. The inventory can still be set with scripting (items that the character can use, not what they drop when killed). The NoPath function doesn't seem to work, neither does it seem to work for CHAR.

<WeaponClass> link ONWCname (without file suffix .oni)

Original weapon classes:

ONWCw1_tap (TCTF pistol)
ONWCw2_sap (Syndicate uzi)
ONWCw3_phr (plasma rifle)
ONWCw4_psm (phase stream projector)
ONWCw5_sbg (super ball gun)
ONWCw6_vdg (van de graaff pistol)
ONWCw7_scc (scram cannon (mini-rockets))
ONWCw8_mbo (mercury bow)
ONWCw9_scr (screamer gun)
ONWCw10_sni (Mukade's fireball)
ONWCw11_ba1 (Barabas' gun)
ONWCw12_ba2 (-)
<Ammo> integer percentage; 0 - empty, 100 - fully loaded ?