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ONSK : Oni Sky Class
XML modding tips
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general information

skybox ONSKafternoon
  • The xml code on this page is based on onisplit v0.9.61.0
  • ONSK*.oni files are global. (They can be found in AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/level0_Final.dat)
  • The skybox is just a cube drawn using the skybox textures. The bottom face of the cube is never used/drawn.
  • There are 4 original ONSK files:
    • afternoon (level 1)
    • sunset (level 2 and 3)
    • crapsky (level 19)
    • night (all the other levels except level 13, which has no ONSK)


XML tag content type description
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> float, flag Don't change this.
<Oni> -
<ONSK id="..."> integer instance id
<SkyboxTextures> - Holds 6 <Link> tags. 6th tag isn't used. Image order:
(no) bottom

To put it short: of the sky box file, only <SkyboxTextures> and its 5 active links are of actual use, hopefully soon this includes also the <SunFlare> tag.

<Link> link TXMPfile_name.oni (file suffix .oni not used)
<Planets> - Holds 8 <Link> tags. The planets can be displayed using the specified textures, sizes and positions. Unfortunately there is a bug and they're no occluded by anything.
<Link> link TXMPfile_name.oni (file suffix .oni not used)
<SunFlare> link TXMPfile_name.oni (file suffix .oni not used)
<Stars> - Holds 5 <Link> tags.
<Link> link TXMPfile_name.oni (file suffix .oni not used)
<PlanetCount> integer Number of used planets.
<NoSunFlare> integer For the first "planet" an optional "flare" can be drawn. It does not appear to work correctly and since planets don't display correctly the flare is not of much use.
-1 (off)
0 (on)
<PlanetWidths> -
<Float> float
<PlanetHeights> -
<Float> float
<PlanetElevations> -
<Float> float elevation in radians
<PlanetAzimuths> -
<Float> float azimuth in radians
<SunFlareSize> float
<SunFlareIntensity> float 1.0 = 100% ?
<StarCount> integer A fixed number of stars can be displayed at random positions in the sky. Doesn't appear to work, the stars are not visible and the game crashes when the level ends.
<RandomSeed> integer Random seed for star generation.
<Offset_00F0> integer unknown

future fixes?

Hopefully we will have a public release of the skybox fixes one day.

The sky box bug doesn't seem to be visible on all daodanized (WIN) Oni installations.

2 examples:

skybox bug   operating system         main board   processor                graphics card

yes          Windows 7 Home Premium   M5A99X EVO   AMD Phenom II X6 1055T   AMD Radeon HD 7970
no           Windows 7 Home Premium   - (laptop)   Intel Core i5 2467M      Intel HD Graspics Family (Revision 9)


Plugin fixes the skybox borders and sun's visibility.

Actually there are no versions yet.

For now version = change date.

change date 15.07.2014

The zip contains also the original Oni.exe and binkw32.dll in case you don't have it anymore.

Known issues:

  • doesn't work with the daodan (binkw32.dll)
  • problems with lensflares
  • problems with sorting transparencies