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TRAS : Totoro Aiming Screen
XML modding tips
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switch to OBD page

TRAS files supply overlay animations meant to be mixed with pre-existing animation states in a character when they are aiming a weapon. The OBD page has a good explanation of the particulars.

ONCC (<AimingScreens>)
       +--TRAS (multiple)

TRAM*_fire_arc files are exported with QKeys (quaternions) in XML. These are not stored versus time like in ordinary TRAMs but as a list.

Tag Type Description
<TRAS id="0"> parent tag
<Animation> link TRAM file
<LeftStep> float
<RightStep> float
<LeftFrames> integer
<RightFrames> integer
<DownStep> float
<UpStep> float
<DownFrames> integer
<UpFrames> integer