Importing weapon models

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Export/Import 3D models

M3GMs, ONWCs, ONCCs can be exported to the Wavefront .obj and COLLADA .dae formats.

  onisplit -extract:obj dest_dir ..\GameDataFolder\level0_Final\M3GMnotfound.oni
  onisplit -extract:obj dest_dir ..\GameDataFolder\level0_Final\ONWCw1_tap.oni
  onisplit -extract:obj dest_dir ..\GameDataFolder\level0_Final\ONCCbarabus.oni

Or for a total export:

  onisplit -extract:obj dest_dir ..\GameDataFolder\level0_Final.dat

Importing obj files:

  onisplit -create:m3gm ..\GameDataFolder\level0_Final TCTF_Shotgun.obj

For importing obj files the obj file must only contain triangles so when exporting a model from a 3D design tool it needs to be triangulated. If the obj file uses more than one texture then only one will be taken into consideration. If the obj file does not contain a texture or someone wants to use a different one then the texture name to be used can be specified with -tex option:

  onisplit -create:m3gm ..\GameDataFolder\level0_Final -tex:TCTF_Shotgun TCTF_Shotgun.obj

Just like in -envmap option case the texture name can start with TXMP but it is not required. Note that in both -envmap and -tex cases a .oni file is not created for the specified texture. The .oni file for that texture must be create separately.