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Download and installation

Install by dragging and dropping OniTools.xsiaddon into Mod Tool's viewport.

Demo video (, dead link)

OCF thread


  • while in point (vertex) mode, creating a flag/powerup/TV/weapon will move it to the selected point
  • while in object mode, creating a flag/powerup/TV/weapon will spawn it at 0, 0, 0
    • check the point snap checkbox, then use move tool [V] with [Control] to move object to desired point

Change log

known issues of v7.1.x

  • FURN particle not yet supported by export
  • not compatible with OBJ drag and drop plug-in (it appears to be taken down anyway)

known issues of v4-v7

  • manager windows sometime don't update what results in another opened instance
  • slow flag import, I will probably make the flag numbering (textures) optional in a later version (then turned off by default)
  • broken weapon depot update function (temporary solution: delete depot and add all dae file to folder)

Material-depending polygon cluster deletion: You need to find the material.
Material-depending polygon cluster deletion: before and after image.

version 7.1.8

  • material-depending polygon cluster deletion

version 7.1.7

version 7.1.1 - 7.1.6

  • bug fix: TRGV writing/reading
  • CRSA (corpse array) import
  • scaling support for TRGV
  • print absolute position and rotation of selected objects
  • print relative position and rotation of selected objects
  • furniture library (alpha)
  • basic OFGA import / FURN export

version 7

  • a "character export (TRAM)" button (select one bodypart and hit the button, it will select the tree automatically)
  • the code includes the "Make Rotation Keys Continuous"
  • the addon will change your save file settings (to framerate 60 fps)
one person can send a new *.exp file and the other person can make a *.dae from it
old *.exp (that were created based on a 30 fps setting) needs to be scaled down by a factor of 2
  • currently removed the features made in version 6 (hopefully we will not need that any longer)

version 6

  • repair major character rotation flips (beta)
    • select a body part and set keyframe range and flip amount
    • fine-tune problematic zones by hand

version 5

  • pathfinding manager (alpha: ghosts can be created on edges)
  • trigger volume manager (plus BINACJBOTrigger Volume.oni drag'n'drop support)
  • bugfix: flag xml code

version 4

  • flag manager (plus BINACJBOFlag.oni drag'n'drop support)
  • "(un)hide" button works now properly

version 3

  • weapon manager (plus BINACJBOWeapon.oni drag'n'drop support)
  • disables transparency on weapon textures
  • button to access OniXSI resources folder
  • fixes glitchy PPGs (manager windows sometimes switched from "locked" to "refresh" mode, etc.)

version 2

  • better support for future custom resources (check out the readme files in OniXSI resources folder)
    • for example new LSIs can be added at ...\Softimage\Softimage_Mod_Tool_7.5\OniXSI_resources\PowerUps\LSI

version 1

  • powerups manager (plus BINACJBOPowerUp.oni drag'n'drop support)
    • LSIs gets imported with a placeholder geometry (there's no easy way to detect what actual LSI is used for a level)
    • using LSIs from the manager works though (just keep in mind that levels are fixed to one type of LSI)
  • drag'n'drop support for OniSplit update