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GENERAL ACCESS - Clearance Alpha G1>
TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate

The Mafia was the dominant criminal organization in the US for many generations but they began to lose their hold when the information age dawned. Their old world traditions were ill suited to the techno-centric world of the twenty first century.

Younger and more agile organizations were able to exploit this weakness. One of these, a collaboration known as "the Network" had earned incredible sums of money through black market technological sales, patent jumping and mercenary exploitation of their expertise in the underdeveloped nations of the pre-WCG world.

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Funded by wealthy white-collar criminals, the Network viewed their involvement in organized crime as an investment. They treated other criminal organizations as foundering companies ripe for takeover, a strategy well suited to the new face of crime.

TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate [cont]

The Network's financial assets made it possible to simply buy the loyalty of top men from existing criminal organizations and within twelve years their dominance of the criminal world was complete.

When the new geopolitical order of the World Coalition Government was instituted many technologies were identified as dangerous to world stability and were banned or reserved to restricted access. The Network survived the chaos of the world riots by establishing and maintaining a reliable technological black market.

TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate [cont]

During that time of unrest they found that they needed a more centralized armed power base to maintain their operations and so began to arm and train their operatives in a consistent manner. In doing so the faceless Network evolved into the highly trained and heavily armed force that we now know as the Syndicate.

The Syndicate has strong ties with and influence over several small countries that lie beyond the easy reach of the unified WCG. In these countries Syndicate factories produce the goods they sell here.

TCTFaa01\hop\gM1 History of the Syndicate [cont]

At present the TCTF is involved in two thousand ongoing Syndicate-related investigations. The resources of the WCG are at our disposal and we will use them to strike down this cancer that threatens our entire way of life.