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These are the files that Oni uses to present content in either the in-game user interface (Data Comlink and text consoles) or out-of-game user interface (windows and dialogs). These interfaces are sometimes called IGUI and OGUI for short.


This section shows the interface-related resources as a hierarchy of linked resources. These trees do show some file types that are technically General files, not Interface files; see the § List for a stricter list of types classified as Interface.

Comlink, console pages

  • OBD:HPge (Help page; only one instance of this type, shown under the Help tab of the Data Comlink)
    • IGPG

  • IGHH (IGUI HUD) (only one instance of this type, used to provide the labels on the HUD when viewing the Help page)
    • TXMP

  • OBD:TxtC (Text console)
    • IGPA (Page Array)
      • IGPG


  • IGPG (IGUI Page)
    • TSFF (broken down in next section)
    • PSpc
    • or TXMP
    • IGSA (main content)
    • IGSA (hint/notes)
      • IGSt
        • TSFF


  • TSFF (Font Family)
    • TSFL (Font Language)
    • TSFT (Font) (contains actual glyph data)
      • TSGA (Glyph Array) (lists glyph data offsets)


  • WMDD (Dialog Data)
    • for Picture elements:
    • TXMP
    • or TXMB
      • TXMP
    • or PSpc
      • TXMP
    • for Popup menu elements:
    • WMM_
    • TSFF (broken down in previous section)


PSUI stands for Part Specification User Interface. There are two in the game data, and only one is used by the regular game (the other was used in Tool mode). No file type links to PSUI; it is only called upon by the game code.

PSpL stands for Part Specification List. There are two in the game data, one for the out-of-game UI and one for the in-game UI. Effectively, they are only used for painting background colors behind the UIs. No file type links to PSpL; it is only called upon by the game code.


A stricter list of only what we have grouped under the Interface family of file types.

Type Description
DPge Diary Page
HPge Help Page
IGPA IGUI Page Array
IGSA IGUI String Array
IGSt IGUI String
IPge Item Page
KeyI Key Icons
OPge Objective Page
PSpc Part Specification
PSpL Part Specification List
Type Description
PSUI Part Specifications UI
SUBT Subtitle Array
TSFF Font Family
TSFL Font Language
TSGA Glyph Array
TxtC Text Console
WMCL WM Cursor List
WMDD WM Dialog Data
WMM_ WM Menu
WMMB WM Menu Bar
WPge Weapon Page