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Being a modest-sized community of fans, there is no explicit, official privacy policy for our wiki. If you're curious what such a policy would look like, you can look at the policy for Wikipedia. The basic ideas outlined there apply here too:

  • We collect little data on our users that isn't collected by an ordinary web site. Your IP address is logged for a while after making an edit, but is apparently deleted by the software after some time (you should inquire with the developers of MediaWiki if you want more information on this).
  • All edits that you make are permanently associated with your user account, and any other user can view a list of your edits at any time.
  • If you use the "E-mail this user" feature found in the Sidebar when on a user's page, you will reveal your email address to that user.
  • User accounts are not removable in MediaWiki, but we may change your name upon request.
  • Edits that you've made are not removable, in that a wiki retains a history of all changes, even when those changes are reverted. We can delete a page you made, but it can also be undeleted at any time by a sysop.
  • Work that you submit here supposedly falls under the GFDL (see OniGalore:Copyrights for details).
  • We would have to release any information we collected on you in the unlikely event of "a subpoena or other compulsory request from a law-enforcement agency".

Most of you will probably agree that none of the above is anything to be concerned about, but maybe you learned a thing or two, so it was worth reading, eh? Well, back to the wiki!