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The humble user account has more power on OniGalore than on those larger, stuffier wikis. However, due to repeated attacks by spammers, new accounts have to be approved by a bureaucrat. Once you have requested an account for yourself, please be patient while we confirm your request.

Though guests (unregistered visitors) can read any page on the wiki, here are the notable rights assigned to registered users:

  • Creating new pages and talk pages
  • Editing pages
  • Moving pages and file pages (that is, images)
  • Uploading and re-uploading files
  • Purging the site cache for a page

Purging the cache is only helpful when you think some page has changed and you're not seeing the changes. You perform a purge by adding "?action=purge" to the end of the page's URL in your browser bar and then going to that URL. This is a site-wide action, not to be confused with clearing your browser cache.