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This is a representation of a typical Windows installation of Oni. Click a folder's name to navigate into that folder. Click on any File:Link icon.jpg under the "Doc.s" column to see the wiki's documentation for that file or folder. Click here to see the Mac version of the basic Oni installation. Click here to see the Windows installation after the Anniversary Edition has been installed, and here to see the Mac installation of the Edition.

Name Size Type Doc.s
File:Folder icon.jpg GameDataFolder File Folder Template:Navimg
File:DLL icon.jpg binkw32.dll 280 KB Application Extension Template:Navimg
File:Txt icon.jpg debugger.txt 1 KB Text Document Template:Navimg
File:Exe icon.jpg Oni.exe 1,492 KB Application Template:Navimg
File:Txt icon.jpg readme.txt 6 KB Text Document Template:Navimg
File:Txt icon.jpg startup.txt 6 KB Text Document Template:Navimg