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This article builds on this general introduction to modding.

The XML namespace is devoted to explaining Oni's data types in plainer language than the technical documentation at OBD and also provides tutorials in XML-based modding.


Oni's resources could be separated into one of two categories: media (such as models, textures and sounds), and non-media (such as character class data). Most of the non-media data can be exported to XML. This allows much easier modding than the hex-editing of the old days (compare the two methods here). Some media resources can also be "edited as XML", referring to the fact that an XML file will be created alongside the media file(s) when the resources are exported from the game data, and this XML companion file will contain metadata about the media files that allows OniSplit to re-import them properly when you are done editing them.

To learn what all the resource types do, and to see which types can be edited through XML, see the link to the database below. Though XML modding can generally be done with nothing more than OniSplit's command line interface and a text editor, the tutorials linked below are written with the Anniversary Edition in mind because the AE provides modding tools (including a GUI for OniSplit) and a framework for testing your mod package, and globalizes more of Oni's data so that it can be used in any level.

Working with XML files

Knowledge database

Starter tutorials

Additional tutorials