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About me

Hi, I am Script10k, a Oni player, since 2001. I am from Portugal and I have 27 years.

Since 2004 (since I have internet acess), I have been active in Oni community. I have did some modding since then.

Some of my modding are scripts, Oni Titan Mode, Oni RPG, Oni Script Installer and Oni Key Editor. I also contributed for mods like OTA, Renegade and Take Me Down. I have did the first versions of these, and provided the initial idea, at least for Renegade (Vampire Mod) and Take Me Down.

I have been a little less active in last years, because I lost in someway some of my interest by games, including Oni.

Feel free to contact me my the email faob2 at hotmail dot com, or here at discussion.

Anniversary Edition Mods

Complete Glass Mod v1.0

This mod includes: - Glass breaking moves (moves do now break the glass) - Dangerous Glass (glass shards now hurt the characters) - Stand glass (glass takes now 3 minutes to disappear) Download

Perceptible Blood v1.0

Adds blood implemented by Gumby with a darker red colour, making it more perceptible. Download

Minor Scripts

Where you can download all my minor scripts. The Ones that have an OSI package, can be easily installed with Oni Script Installer.

Full Scripts

Name Latest Version Description OSI Package
Fun Script 1.7 A script that I did to have some fun. Never ends, being you and your enemies always restored. Yes
Fun Script Arena 1.4 Same as above, but in arena style. Also have some differences in game. Yes
Take me down 1.1.1 The objective of this mod is try that enemy fall. This version include multi arenas and frag limit. Check the readme for more information. Yes
Thousand Dragons 1.2 Cool script with a lot of enemies, a big boss and new moves for Konoko! Now also have savepoints. Yes
Tournament in real time 1 1.1 Arena script, where enemies appear after the time is over. Yes
Tournament in real time 2 2.1 An alternate version of the above. Yes
Tournament in real time 3 3.1 An alternate version of the above. Yes
Tournament in real time Special Edition 1.1 An alternate version of the above. The more complex. Yes
The Mysterious Lab 1.0 My first script. Make some changes to dream lab how for example: You can play against Muro, Konoko and griffin at same time. No
Airport Assault 2 1.1 It's a little edit to the airport level. Also one of my first scripts (2004 =P), so it will include no sense story, if any and bad English. However it still a fun script that everybody should try. Yes
Airport Assault 2 (Alternate Version) 2.1 An Alternate version of above. Yes

Incomplete Scripts

Name Latest Version Description OSI Package
A.A. The Civilian Attack 0.2 The name says all. Very incomplete. No
Unreal Tournament Oni Mod fixed version OTA first script No
Barabas Gun V0.9.1f Beta Another old script. It has a really bad english, stupid storyline but still fun.

Load Savepoint 0 and 1 for a part, and savepoint 2 for a another different part. (After beat Barabas, don't forget to kill the strikers above the acid paths) Based in Barabas like the name say.


Char Battles Scripts

Name Latest Version
Droid_VS_Male_Scientist Original
Droid Vs Engineer Original

My Movies

I have did some movies or films in Oni scenery. If you want to check them out, just check my page at youtube.

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