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Anniversary Edition
Change Logs

The Anniversary Edition builds on a retail copy of Oni and is the result of years of research, work and discussion in the Oni community. The first official release of the Edition was made seven years after Oni's release, hence the original name of the project -- "Seventh Anniversary Edition". The AE is essentially made up of:

  • A modding framework
that globalizes some game data so that you can mod more freely; it also introduces a mod package format to make it easier to distribute mods.
  • A mod installer
that browses the Oni Mod Depot and allows you to selectively install only the mods that you want.
  • Core fixes to the game data
installed automatically to correct menu and cutscene glitches.
  • Patches for the game application
to correct bugs and add some new features, as well as unlock Developer Mode.
  • Modding tools
used for exporting/importing and intelligently patching game data.

More details on each part can be found in the Directory to the right. Since the components of the AE are always being worked on in one way or another, it's not a project with a fixed feature set or a planned end to its development.


Besides a retail installation of Oni, the Anniversary Edition requires Java (but this is bundled with the AE for Windows), as well as .NET in Windows and Mono on the Mac.


Here is the Setup app for the latest release, Anniversary Edition Seven: