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IMPORTANT: LoserTRAM_V1.01.rar and LoserTRAM_V1.02.rar are OLD files present in OLD release of AE. These rars (and files inside these rars) are OUTDATED and will NOT be supported on this page or in talk. So if you have problem that

Muro does wrong animation while he performs front throw
Comguy front throw causes game to crash
it is unplayable and full of bugs
that knockdowned enemies hurt you as well as others
and maybe more

Then first check if you have NEWEST files! If yes, THEN post your problem in talk page. Thank you.

And to be precise: don't try to combine files from this page with old release of AE. Some bugs will disappear but some will REMAIN. So no posts like "I have D/Led your newest files and still knockdowned enemies hurt me!"etc. Get one original level0.dat, make it so OniSplit just merges all TRAMs/TRACs into one file (level0.dat/raw) (NO changes in these files). THEN apply mods from this page; first place the modified attack TRAMs into level0_Final, replacing any existing files, then move the modified throw TRAMs in, replacing existing files; then use OniSplit's -import command to recompile level0_Final.dat/.raw. These mods will probably be part of some Edition Installer GUI where you can tick what you want and what you don't want. So NO complaints about it being "too user-unfriendly". Yes, it is work in progress. We can help you with installation if you want. Just ask.


Original Oni does not have bad combat system. However, due to the fact game was meant to be sold as much as possible, original combat mechanics are favoring spam a bit. One example for all: when enemy catches you in combo, 90% of the time mindless forward+ punch will result in your punch throw, interrupting enemy's combo.

AE combat system is attempt to make fight more technical. Not that spamming won't work. Yes, it works. Only now it has to be only "spamming", not "mindless spamming" ^_^.

Due to the fact that not everything suits everyone, AE Combat system is divided into separate groups, allowing the one who installs AE to choose what he wants. Groups are:

Only attacks modified (100% done)
Throws modified (100% done)
Miscellaneous modifications (not working on it yet)
some OSBD files modified (not working on it yet, this will force character to stop shouting his special's name if he is interrupted)
Glass shattering melee (50% done)
New moves for bosses (15% done)

Groups in more detail:

Only attacks modified

Download HERE.
  • Directional kicks, running kicks, jumping kicks now cause mild stagger
  • Directional punches and running punches now cause knockdown for all classes if they sucessfuly hit + they have to be blocked a bit longer (10 frames instead of 8)
  • Some fixes in TRAMs (Muro can now pickup things in slide, Fury can now pickup things in slide, Striker has his crouch punch forward fixed, some hitflash fixes and more)
  • Combos. Combos were changed the most. Now if defender is caught in combo, he can break combo (counterattack, throw) or escape only after first hit. The moment second hit impacts, defender must either defend or eat whole combo, no chance to break after second hit. That is ideal case. In real gameplay it works like that, of course, only with exception that (depends on angle, environment etc) you can attempt to escape/break combo after 2nd hit if circumstances are good. But it is really hard and ocasional to see.
But it is possible (not aganist all classes !) to defend even if you were hit by first or second attack of combo. Hold "back" key and sometimes you can manage to defend rest of the hits so you are not damaged so much. Works especially aganist kick combos.
  • Specials were made semi-vulnerable so they are less spammable now. That means:
at the beginning and in the end of special, there are "windows" where user of special CAN be attacked and hurt. Beware, not in the middle. Special attack is special because it usually involves great momentum or strength, so in the middle of such a technique user is invulnerable to melee attacks and throws. Still, specials cannot be spammed so effeciently, because once somebody gets closer, he will hurt you, interrupting your special.

Throws modified

Download HERE.
->Last change was done 27th September 2008 (fixed Muro's running throw animation bug when it was performed on uneven ground)

NOW, here goes general talk about current throws mod:

  • generally, throws now have decreased range. If we count out Konoko (but some of her throws had throw range decreased as well ^_^) then all AI2-meant classes had quite unfair throw ranges. 15 , 20 , 25 (seriously, was that a joke? Tanker's and Striker's back throw had it).
  • Now throw ranges are about these values:
  • 13 for most of standing front throws
  • 11 for most of standing back throws
  • 15 for both running throws and for disarms
  • 25 for tackles (enemy is trying to run away from you and as you chase him, you perform runnning punch throw)
  • Damage was changed:
  • Front standing and runnning throws now usually do less damage. Why - to make throw spam less effective (don't forget - no way to break away from throw in Oni).
  • Back running throws do a bit more damage then they did (it is harder to get to enemy's back, less chance to do it or spam it).
  • Back standing throws are now deadly. Get used to it ^_^. They do from 50 (Comguy's) to 75 (Elite's, Muro's) damage. Average damage is around 60. Pretty much, eh? But count in fact that back throws now have quite close range. And fact that AE AI2 will NOT be that silly vanilla Oni one, letting you into their back so easily. So that's it: if somebody manages to get into enemy's back and be close to him (and not being back punched/kicked), he will punish his enemy HARD, player included ^_^.
  • Shortcuts were changed. Originally, Konoko had BIG advantage as she was able to apply her throw on more enemy's animation states. Others could only apply their throws on standing/running enemy (for example, vanilla Oni comguy/striker/tanker/red/Muro/ninja etc CANNOT grab enemy if enemy is stunned with WDG pistol. Only Konoko can ^_^). Now chances are even. All throws use same shortcuts, allowing performing throws from more states. So enemy can be thrown if he is in animation state:
  • standing throws/disarms: stand, crouch, stunned, walk_left_down, walk_right_down
  • front running throws: stand, running_left_down, running_right_down, stunned, walk_left_down, walk_right_down
  • back running throws: stand, running_back_left_down, running_back_right_down, stunned, walk_left_down, walk_right_down
  • tackle: running_left_down, running_right_down, run_start, sidestep_left_left_down, sidestep_left_right_down, sidestep_right_left_down, sidestep_right_right_down
  • Throws were made semi-vulnerable. That means:
After participants of throw break away from each other and after damage was dealt, both can be hurt even tough they are still in throw/thrown animations. For gameplay it means: use throws wisely. If you throw in the middle of crowd and crowd is not grounded with flying victim of throw, then there is a chance that some enemy will start pumelling you as you end throw animation.
But it also means that if you throw enemy, then allies or you can hurt him with melee even tough his thrown animation is not finished. That is great as it gives opportunities for easy combos (Personally I love when enemy is near wall and I am Muro. I do running throw, than immediately back kick. Then taunt. ^_^)
  • NOTE: some throws (and throwns) cannot be made semi vulnerable as they cause rotation (character if facing away from its original facing when animation ends). If I made these vulnerable as well, then it looks ugly bacuse rotation is not applied if character is hurt, so he/she "slides" back to original facing. Awful. /NOTE
  • RIFle disarms were added for all characters. That is why there are TRAC files in this mod. Those TRACs contain links to "new" RIF disarms. Usually those are just modified PIS disarms of respective classes, so no big deal. Again it is in order to even characters. It may look a bit redundant, but trust me: Konoko, with ability of rifle disarm, has VERY BIG advantage. Imagine it: No need to kick that mercury bow out of enemy's hand then pick it up: just rifle disarm -> shoot that guy on ground. Now all characters can do that. I did this so I can make some nice evil MELE later ^_^.
  • Various fixes were made to some throws. That means Z axis victim adjustment for some throws so they look better now (less "detached" feeling), some sounds were added/changed and some more.