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These are the fixes and patches that are automatically installed by the AE.

Package Name Ver. Description Preview
0 OniSplit Allows the AE to apply mods to Oni's game data.
1 XmlTools 2.0 Allows the AE to apply patch mods in Oni's game data.
2 XmlTools Dependencies 1.1 The framework needed for XmlTools to run.
7 AE Read-Me 2015-03 A shorter version of the documentation found on this wiki.
10 Oni game app (Windows) 1.0 Provides a standard version of Oni.exe for the Daodan DLL to modify. Oni icon-original 32px.png
11 Oni game app (Macs) 1.2.1 The Feral build of for Intel Macs. Oni icon-Mac 32px.png
20 Daodan DLL (Windows) 4.1 Applies many patches to Oni.exe. See link at left for details. DLL icon-WinVista.png
50 Menu Fixes 1.1 Labels the Main Menu with "Anniversary Edition", fixes the backwards "Invert Mouse" option label, corrects an out-of-order diary page, and corrects the spelling of "effect" in a restart dialog. AE Main Menu.jpg
2000 Globalization Fixes for Characters 1.2 This fixes incorrect occurrences of certain character classes, which are a side-effect of the globalization process by which the AE makes all classes available on all levels, and prevents TCTF from attacking civilians in Ch. 6.
2200 Custom Character Variants & TRAM Fixes 2.1 Allows for new character classes to be referenced by mods without crashing if those characters are not installed. In addition, applies fixes to vanilla animations, such as adding hit_jewels and hit_foot_ouch stunned animations where they were missing, and allowing VDG-stunned throws to be performed by all characters.
2400 Airport Vehicle Fix 1 Fixes an improperly-textured sports car that pulls away from the Airport suspiciously in the beginning of Chapter 4. Car960 fix.jpg
3000 Bomber Fix 1.0 Makes AI aware of the danger represented by a ticking Mad Bomber so they can (try to) evade the explosion.
4000 Widescreen Fixes 1.11 Corrects issues that show up in 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions, which Bungie never thought you'd see back when 4:3 was the standard. Hover over images for more info. In the intro to Chapter 2, a nearby wall was blocking the camera at the beginning.
In the intro to Chapter 11, all the photos that were supposed to be hidden off-camera were visible.
In the intro to Chapter 14, Konoko was visible on the ground before she falls from the sky.
5000 Unlock All Moves 1.3 Makes all of Konoko's attacks available from Chapter 1 onward.
5100 Vanilla BSL 1.2 Simply supplies the original, unaltered level scripts to help guarantee that mods are running on consistent scripting. Uses the scripts from the Mac version. See HERE for details.
6000 Missing Sounds 1.0 Restores sounds to Oni that were missing upon its release (only one sound so far, the gears at the end of Chapter 12). Gears with missing ambient sound.jpg