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Oni ni Kanabô

Modded weapons and weapon-related stuff should go here.

Weapon classes

This involves modifying ONWC files (weapon classes) in level0_Final.dat.

You may want to back up level0_Final.dat before proceeding.


SBG2 & SBG2bis
  • This is an SBG with two firing modes : regular SBG rounds and WMC grenades.
  • Ammo clip capacity is 5 regular SBG rounds or 10 WMC grenades.
  • SBG2 fires regular SBG rounds as primary ammo, and WMC grenades as secondary ammo.
  • SBG2bis fires WMC grenades as primary ammo, and regular SBG rounds as secondary ammo.

Patch the file w5_sbg.ONWC in level0_Final.dat with one of the following ONWC files, depending on the file IDs of the involved files in your version of Oni.

File ID File name
3897 3898 .M3GM
3905 3906 superball_icon.TXMP
3711 3712 tap_empty.TXMP
3712 3713 tap_fill.TXMP
3908 3909 w5_glow.TXMP
3909 3910 w5_glow_ammo.TXMP
  1. Open level0_Final in OUP
  2. Check the IDs of the involved files
    • the nameless M3GM file is just the body mesh of the SBG (should be right after w5_sbg.ONWC)
  3. Download the appropriate version
  4. Import the downloaded ONWC on top of w5_sbg.ONWC

WMC Lite

In the case of the WMC (Wave Motion Cannon), it has a few flags set in w11_ba1.ONWC :

  • it doesn't fade
  • it can't be reloaded (which is why most AI won't pick it up)
  • it prevents you from running, creeping, jumping and melee fighting
  • it has no laser sight (so it's pretty hard to aim as precisely as the AI do)

All these can be changed by hex-editing w11_ba1.ONWC.

  • open level0_Final.dat in OniUnPacker
  • look up w11_ba1.ONWC
  • in the hex editing window, change the value at 0xD4 from 0E 3E 08 00 to 0C A6 00 00 (if you want it to reload with energy cells) or to 08 A6 00 00 (if you want it to reload with ballistic ammo)


Then you get what I call WMC Lite : something like a regular weapon, that AI can pick up and reload if they have the right ammo, and something you can move normally with. Plus fading plus laser sight plus ammo meter. Plus holstering, even though it looks super-weird.

Black Equalizer

An Equalizer with a rapid-fire mode, coming soon...

Campbell Adder

A Black Adder with a single-shot mode, coming soon...

Framerate Friendly Fireworks

Mukade's Red Ball with a much slower fire rate and limited ammo.

Maybe with a Phase Stream Projector body.

Maybe with WMC grenades as secondary ammo.

Coming (sigh...) soon...

Telekinetic bracelet

Mutant Muro's Tractor (attractive force field) and Thunderbolt (repulsive force field) in one combined.



To get this power you need to:

  • Open GameDataFolder/level0_Final.dat in OniUnPacker.
  • Choose the w10_sni.ONWC file in the list on the left (set the extension filter to ONWC)
  • Look for w10_sni_e01 in the data viewer (top right, right column)
  • Replace it with w13_muro_e01 (Tractor) or w14_muro_e01 (Thunderbolt)


More advanced hack instructions coming Soon(TM).

Advanced weapon handling


Either we'll make the AI smarter about holstering, or we'll just disable holstering for rifles (or all weapons).

Hand grenades

Probably scripted, not only patched.