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This page is a collection of seemingly defunct BSL variables and functions, which have no known/noticeable effect in the publicly available versions of Oni (be it on Mac or Windows). They may have been functional in the beta version; however, the Big Blue Box Beta data includes only resource files from the beta stage, not the executable.

Also included (for now) are functions for which the effect is unclear in some way.

Defunct or unclear variables

All the built-in BSL variables are listed here, in alphabetical order.

Row background color
White: available on all versions
Blue: only exists in Mac Intel build
Default value
# !!!: reset by engine at level load
!?: set by engine at game/level load, depends on persist.dat
"OK?": confirmation/refinement required
"??": apparently defunct (no effect)
Type Name Default value Comment Works
bool ai2_debug_showsettingIDs 0 "shows ID numbers for combat, melee and neutral settings" ??
bool ai2_melee_weightcorrection 1 "weights down non-attack techniques so they are never more than attacks" ??
bool ai2_showfights 0 "shows fights in progress" OK?
bool ai2_showintersections 0 "debug AI's melee intersections" ??
bool ai2_showjoblocations 0 "draws a green cross at each AI's job location" OK?
bool ai2_showlasers 0 "turns on laser sights for AI2 characters" ??
bool ai2_showlocalmelee 0 "shows local-environment melee awareness" OK?
bool ai2_showpathfindingerrors 0 "enables visual display of pathfinding errors" OK?
bool ai2_spacing_enable 1 "master enable switch for spacing behavior" OK?
bool ai2_spacing_weights 1 "enables position-sensitive weighting of spacing behaviors" OK?
int32 ai2_stopignoring_count 6 "set the number of events before the AI will stop ignoring" ??
int32 ai2_stopignoring_time 240 "set the delay timer before the AI forgets about ignored events" ??
int32 chr_buffer_size 8 "0 = normal buffer, otherwise buffer duration" ??
bool chr_collision_box 1 "toggles character bounding box / bounding sphere collision" ??
float chr_collision_grow 0. "sets character bounding box collision grow amount" ??
bool chr_corpse_fade_offscreen 1 "makes corpses fade when they are offscreen" ??
int32 chr_death_fade_frames 180 "the number of game ticks until charaters fade over" ??
int32 chr_death_fade_start 7200 "the number of game ticks until charaters begin to fade" ??
bool chr_print_sound 0 "turns on printing of the sound effect" ??
float cinematic_xoffset 20. "offset from the vertical edge of the screen for the cinematic insert" ??
float cinematic_yoffset 65. "offset from the horizontal edge of the screen for the cinematic insert" ??
float cm_lookspring_percent 0.5 "at what percent of lookspring fight mode turns off" ??
bool debug_font_cache 0 "displays font cache texture" ??
bool door_drawframes 0 "draws doorframes for all unplaced doors" ??
bool door_pop_lighting 0 "uses bad door lighting" ??
bool door_show_activation 0 "draws a circle where door activates" ??
bool env_collision 1 "enables environment collision" ??
bool env_drawallgqs 0 "draw all the GQs" ??
bool env_drawfrustum 0 "draw the frustum around the environment camera" ??
bool env_drawvisonly 0 "draw only the GQs used for visibility" ??
bool env_show_leafnodes 0 "enables display of environment octtree leaf nodes" ??
bool env_show_octnode_gqs 0 "when true the environment only renders triangles in the octnode that contains the manual camera" ??
bool env_show_octtree 0 "enables display of environment octtree traversal" ??
bool env_show_quad_count 0 "shows the count of visable environment quads" ??
bool env_show_rays 0 "draw the rays" ??
bool env_show_stairflagged 0 "show specially flagged noncollision quads"
(not sure what this was supposed to do, but the dev keys for "Character collision" (Ctrl-Shift-T) and "Invisible quads" (Ctrl-Shift-I) will show stair collision ramps)
bool fast_lookup 1 "enables fast lookup" ??
float flag_name_distance 150.0 "specifies the distance from the camera that flag names no longer draw"
(probably needs show_flags)
int32 flag_new_id !? "specifies the id for a new flag"
(equal to the last flag added at level load)
bool gl_disable_depth_reads 0 "disable_depth_reads" ??
bool gl_disable_dxt1 0 "lets you disable use of DXT1" ??
bool gl_disable_packed_pixels 0 "lets you disable packed-pixels support" ??
int32 gl_mipmap_offset 0 "lets you disable miplevels (-ve = disable big, +ve = disable small)" ??
bool gs_show_object_count 0 "shows the count of objects" ??
bool gs_show_physics_count 0 "shows the count of physics" ??
bool gs_show_scripting_count 0 "shows the count of active scripting contexts" ??
bool gs_show_sky 1 "turns on the sky" ??
bool gs_sleep 0 "turns on a call to sleep to make debugging easier" ??
bool gs_stable_ear 1 "makes the ear stable" ??
bool laser_alpha 0 WTF? lasers are always transparent ??
bool ph_debug_keyforces 0 "toggle keyboard applied forces" ??
int32 saved_film_character_offset 1 "dumps the filmed animation data of the player to file" OK?
bool show_performance_gsd 0 ?? ??
bool show_performance_gsu 0 ?? ??
float sky_height 0. !!! Y offset of skybox? ??
bool sky_show_clouds 1 "toggles display of the clouds" ??
bool sky_show_stars 1 "toggles display of the stars"
(no stars in any level)
bool spatial_footsteps 1 "spatial footsteps" ??
bool sync_debug 0 "enables sync debugging" ??
int32 wp_hypostrength 25 "sets strength of hypo spray"
apparently in % of full health, seems hard-coded