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The German localization of Oni for the Mac accidentally shipped with development-related files. This version was originally called "beta 5" by the community because it was thought to come after the leaked beta 4; but in fact the extra files it contains would likely have come from Oni's pre-beta period. It was also called the "Big Blue Box beta" or the "BBB beta" because the discovery was made in a collection of four games called The Big Blue Box which included Oni. However, not only do all German copies of Oni seem to have these files, but other localizations have them as well. For instance, the U.S. PS2 release of Oni has the cut level scripts but not the tool files; the Japanese releases for Mac and Windows have the tool files but not the cut scripts.

The app's creation date is 3/13/01, well after Oni's U.S. release, which indicates that the app was produced after localization had occurred, and contains changes necessary to make it work with the extended set of characters in the German alphabet. The game app itself has the same functionality, however, as other retail releases do; its version number is 1.1, just like the English Mac build of Oni, and access to Developer Mode and many BSL functions have been removed as in the English Mac builds of Oni.

However, the game data had two very unusual features: the level0_Tools files and some extra level scripts not meant for release. This might mean that Oni's game data files were made available to the localization team between the Windows gold master in November 2000 and the Mac gold master in December 2000; at least the code for the game app was supplied after the Windows gold master, since separate files are present, as in other Mac releases. However, this does not explain why there are files from earlier in Oni's development bundled with the game.

There are actually two peculiarities about the level scripts in German Mac Oni: first, it uses the Windows versions of the familiar level scripts (the Mac scripts have a few small differences). Second are the extra level scripts within IGMD. There are three reasons these scripts are not present in retail Oni: (a) some provided the logic for test levels used by the developers, (b) some represent content that was later merged into another level, and (c) some represent actual cut content. In total there are 10 folders not present in a retail Oni installation: Airport_II, BGI, aop, cap, CZ, CZ_II, global (empty), pit, ats, and SR. The missing levels that 9 of these folders refer to, and what the scripts reveal about them, are discussed on the Pre-beta content page.