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A Deadly Brain is a cyborg entity developed by the Syndicate: a human fighter's brain neurolinked to a battle drone (which is a static frame meant to coordinate a large defense system, typically that of a room or a whole building).

Deadly brains were supposedly eliminated by the TCTF. However, one of them was set to guard the Musashi manufacturing plant (thus contributing to the diversion set up by Muro in order to raid the Vago Biotech research labs). Shortly after being activated by the Syndicate, it went rampant and threatened to self-destruct before Konoko shut it down.


Information on Musashi's Deadly Brain is supplied by objectives, data terminals and speech throughout CHAPTER 02 . ENGINES OF EVIL.

Deadly Brain detected

Pardon me Konoko.
What is it?
I used a wideband theta scan to locate the control mechanism that was used to activate the facility's defenses. I'm detecting a biomechanical expert system with a full suite of interface overrides and intrusion countermeasures.
A deadly brain? I thought we tracked down the last of them.
Apparently Muro found one we missed or manufactured one of his own. If you disable the device we should be able to take control of the security system and clear a path to the nearest exit.
Finally, some good news. Where is it?

Deadly Brain

ENCRYPT SEQUENCE TaL0315-68 seq. 1

File Archive > Subject: Deadly Brain

This project was an attempt to replace the control systems of a Type 3 Battle Drone with a grafted biological brain.

Projections indicated that the reflex response of a direct neural link would be as much as twenty times faster than any remote or automated system.

File Archive > Subject: Deadly Brain [cont]

Brains were harvested for us in hospitals by surgeons willing to falsify records in exchange for high paying consultancy positions with one of our "clean" corporations.

Wounded military and law enforcement personnel were given the highest priority.

File Archive > Subject: Deadly Brain [cont]

Cybergenic implants conditioned the brains giving them the programming needed to control the drones. Sixteen prototypes were produced before the TCTF located the test facility.

The prototype Deadly Brains engaged the TCTF, providing excellent live-fire field tests.

Deadly Brain: Weapon Systems

ENCRYPT SEQUENCE TaL0315-68 seq. 2
Deadly Brain > Weapon Systems

Engineers attempted to exploit the advantages inherent in the speed of the neural link by interlocking batteries of free tracking ball mount plasma cannons designed to independently track and fire upon multiple targets simultaneously.

In simulations the cannons were effective but in the heat of battle the friendly fire lockout would sometimes fail, causing the drone weapons to fire on allied units. In field tests against the TCTF half of the losses we sustained were from rogue plasma batteries.

Deadly Brain > Weapon Systems [cont]

Several attempts were made to remedy the flaws in the system but nothing provided satisfactory reliability.

Final prototypes incorporated Screaming Cannon mounts with auto-tracking projectiles along with Auto-Pistol mounts to provide target suppression and covering fire which proved to be an effective mix for area denial and point defense.

Deadly Brain: Weaknesses

ENCRYPT SEQUENCE TaL0315-68 seq. 3
Deadly Brain > Weaknesses

The greatest weakness of the Deadly Brain prototypes stems from their control interface.

Brains harvested from trained combat personnel come from a lifetime of interfacing with human physiology.

Deadly Brain > Weaknesses [cont]

Once integrated into the cybernetic system a barrage of alien data with no human frame of physical reference often overwhelms them.

Given time the host brain can adapt and begin to utilize its new physical state, but that delicate equilibrium is easily upset by ghost physical data input through the command consoles of the drone.

However approaching the command consoles of an active Deadly Brain is deemed virtually impossible, so this so-called flaw in the system is considered insignificant.

Dr. Singh

VOICE ENCRYPT 01.967.23 <Dr. Singh, Earnest M.>

"Dr. Kafelnikov and I have just completed Test Part 483 in the ESS (Environmental Stress Simulator) with the settings prescribed by protocol AT-MOK 64.

Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to recalibrate the surface tension sensors to accommodate the extended exposure required by this battery--

What the?!"



"I don't know what's happened. The Brain. Someone has turned the cursed thing on!

I've sent Dr. Kafelnikov into the chamber to see what he can do. But this looks bad. Very bad. If we can't get--

Who the blazes are you? Put that away. This is a restricted area! I...wait, no! Please--"


Dr. Kafelnikov

VOICE ENCRYPT 01.965.04 <Dr. Kafelnikov, Roland V.>

"Singh, can you hear me? I can't access the chamber! The damn thing managed to charge its security sub-systems.

Trip the breaker console in the lab, and get over here! Then we'll be able to get inside and trigger the overrides.

Singh? Where the devil are you? There's no time...I'm moving to the control platform to try and slow its arming sequence."



The Syndicate have activated this facility's Deadly Brain! Despite the considerable hazards involved, you must shut it down. Who knows what damage that thing could cause if it gains access to an external information node!

Hint: Please refer to the TCTF manual, Chapter 356.21.1: "Combating the Deadly Brain."

The Glorious Deadly Brain Fight (sic!)

I've interfaced with the Deadly Brain. It's broken out of the Musashi intranet, and is trying to gain access to the local TCTF Public Security Node. Turn off those breakers...Fast!
Deadly Brain
Am I the Pacific Brain? The Doltish, Shallow-Pated or Hebetudinous Brain? Indeed not. I am the Deadly Brain! Deadly, I say! You haven't a chance.

Unfortunately, the Brain's subconscious is attempting to crash the Public News Net. Something about "the glory of instant celebrity."... Ugh! It's unleashing a torrent of digital images of itself! Stop it!
Deadly Brain
Who can resist my subtle charm, my rakish lobes? No one! The world is my oyster, and I... I am the public's pearl.

You must have decoupled its core logic on that final pass. The Brain tells me it will irradiate everything within a 50 block radius unless we meet the following demands: it wants feet... Clearly it's gone rampant, but its Xiox destruct mechanism is extremely powerful. Complete the final sequence, and shut that Brain off for good!
Deadly Brain
I am a Brain. Hath not a Brain feet? Hath not a Brain hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...

Added value

  • The Brain's second line is a mixed metaphor based upon a line from Pistol in Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor": "Why then the world's mine oyster,/Which I with sword will open." The line had a different meaning originally, but in modern English the phrase "the world's my oyster" refers to being able to easily reach out and take hold of worldly riches or other good things.
  • The Brain's third line paraphrases a speech by Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice" which is often called "Hath not a Jew eyes?". The most familiar line for most people follows the Brain's excerpt: "If you prick us, do we not bleed?"
  • The Brain's last sentence is a reference to the disconnection of HAL by Dave Bowman in "2001: A Space Odyssey". As HAL slowly loses his higher faculties and regresses to his earliest memories, he sings "Daisy Bell", which apparently was taught to him in the lab where he was built. This song includes the line "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do..." (and HAL's recitation is, in turn, a reference to "Daisy Bell" being the first song sung by a computer in real life).
  • Shinatama's next-to-last line of dialogue references "rampancy", a concept found in the Marathon game series. See the Easter eggs article for details.