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Furies are female Strikers. Like their compatriots, they share a green/tan-blue-red coloring system, but are more agile in battle, having unique attacks of their own.


  • Their combat taunts include: "What-ever!", "Oh puh-leeze..." and "I'm all that" .
  • When enemy defeated: "She was weak".


  • Supers :
    • Heavy Kick : "Whirl Kick"
    • Heavy Punch: "Ten Shadow Punch"
  • Throws : Interestingly, Furies are the only characters with a forward and backward running kick throw but without a running punch throw.
    • Standing forward punch throw
    • Standing backward punch throw
    • Standing backward kick throw
    • Running forward kick throw
    • Running backward kick throw
  • Others
    • Low Kick: produces a hit foot ouch effect on male characters. The only move in unmodded Oni that has that effect.

Color Variation




Class Variation

Besides the difficulty or color variation, the Furies come in 3 variants :

  • Fury with black hair and no headband
  • Fury with brown hair
  • Fury with headband and black hair

The Furies with black hair and no headband seem to be of a higher rank. For example the first Easy Fury encountered in the attack on TCTF is always one with black hair, the Fury at the end of Atmospheric Center Exterior with 2 Strikers after which Konoko has a Daodan spike, the Fury guarding Shinatama, and one of the Furies at Muro's side in the final battle is always the black-haired one.

Added value

It is unknown why there is a gender division in Syndicate ranks. Perhaps their female physique suggests training in a separate combat style. Perhaps Muro has a perverted view regarding the finer sex. Whatever the reason, Furies leave their faces unmasked, unlike their male counterparts.

The Furies, being female Strikers, may or may not have been promised Daodan Chrysalises. That idea was expanded on with the Regenerating Fury, a fan-made character with a health-regeneration ability like Barabas but without any external physical mutations.