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The Iron Demon is a mecha boss that was initially supposed to appear in Oni, but was cut at pre-beta.

Official references

Promo screenshots

These are our best in-game looks at the original model:

Japanese for "Iron Demon" would be... KANA-ONI?
(building on the proverb ONI NI KANA-BÔ)
Or, more literally, TETSU-ONI (TETSU="iron")?
Demos kratos

There's also this screenshot used in some print ads: Konoko runs from Iron Demon.jpg


In the 1999 trailer, the Iron Demon can be seen in two scenes: one brief shot in the Regional State Building and one extended walk sequence in the unreleased MP arena The Pit (slowed down for careful inspection):

Iron Demon walk 1.gif Iron Demon walk 2.gif

Promo art

The clearest appearances of the Iron Demon in 2D form are:

Fan content

3D models

There have been three fan attempts to recreate the 3D model for the Iron Demon by inspecting the visual evidence we have from the pre-beta period: