Konoko Chase

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Click for the 1999 trailer.

Konoko Chase might be considered the anthem of Oni due to its use in the official 1999 trailer. (That being said, "Trailer" was used in the unofficial 1998 trailer, and it's this track which is heard on the game's Main Menu and in the credits, so there's competition for "main theme" status.)

Composed by Brian Salter as part of Power of Seven's work on the soundtrack, Konoko Chase piece has the distinction of existing in more variations than any other music associated with Oni:

  • The original version, which comes in three lengths:
  • The three in-game versions:
  • The six-minute Remix, a somewhat deluxe harder-edged version of the original
  • Salter's re-release Furies, an extremely deluxe version from his CD "Missing Scenes (1997-2005)"
  • Salter's re-release Terminus on Smartsound.com is similar to "Furies" but makes use of a proprietary feature which can mix different component tracks to produce variants on a piece. Terminus has 13 variations: Collide, Edge, Fuzzy, Grabber, Haze, Klub, Modulate, Psyche, Rage, Reps, Spatial, Storm and Twister. You can also select one of 10 moods, which are different mixes of the instrument tracks: Full, Background, Dialog, Drums & Bass, Light, Leads, Drums Only, Small Group, Synth Feature and Breakdown. This makes 130 combinations, though the 13 variations are not totally unique and mostly differ by the order of the segments in the piece.