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Power of Seven

The name echoes Bungie's "cult" of the number 7 and its powers (343, 2401). They were a digital music content publisher headed by Paul Sebastien. They are most noted for producing the music to games including Marathon 2: Durandal, Marathon Infinity, Oni, and collaboration on the soundtrack of Halo. Wikipedia entry here. has the following to say on the subject (in a Marathon FAQ)
Power of Seven Inc. were a Minneapolis-based digital music content publisher headed by Paul Sebastien. Paul was responsible for writing and producing the theme music for Marathon 2 Durandal and Marathon Infinity. Power of Seven Inc. were acquired by Headspace Inc., a leader in Internet music and audio technology, and relocated on-site to Headspace's San Mateo headquarters. Paul Sebastien assumed the role of Director of Production for Headspace. (Update: Headspace is now known as Beatnik Inc. and Paul Sebastien is no longer listed as a company employee)
Paul Sebastien is also the leader of the platinum record award-winning electronic/alternative group Psykosonik.
Psykosonik's first album "Psykosonik" was recorded in 1992 at Chicago Trax Studio in Chicago, and released in 1993 on Wax Trax/TVT Records.