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There are nine documented versions of Oni's game data for Windows, not including the demo (eight language versions, plus the UK/US variant).

Listed below are the sizes of the game data files (.dat/.raw) along with their creation times (or rather the times when they were last modified).

  • A completion time preceded by "=" indicates that the .raw file was completed (last written to) less than a second before the corresponding .dat.
  • (Depending on the OS and/or DST setting at the time of the installation, the time stamps quoted below may vary, typically by ±1 hour).
  • A completion time marked in bold is the same as for the original US version, and indicates 100% identical resources (typically .raw).
  • A file size marked in bold is the same as for the original US version, and indicates a lack of structural deviations in the game data.
  • A file size marked in bold italic is the same as for the UK English version (if different from US), likewise indicating similar structure.
  • An underlined file size is much larger than for the original US version (this occurs only for the Japanese level0_Final.dat, due to fonts).

N.B. Game data aside, there are at least two distributions of the UK version, with an Oni.exe that either does or doesn't check for the CD - but accepts extended ASCII text in both cases (unlike the original US engine).
N.B. The Chinese localizers edited the .dat files in-place and left the .raw files unchanged (except for level0_Final.raw, also edited in-place). This is why all the file sizes match and the .raw files are 100% identical.