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Bungie has been using the number 7 recurrently in its games as well as in the surrounding "Bungie mythos" (e.g., there is a 7-point plan for world domination). This numeric theme includes powers of 7 (49, 343, 2401...) as well as the related "Bungie numbers", 4, 3 and 10.

Here are a few occurrences of 7 in Oni:

  • Most of the soundtrack is composed by Power of Seven.
  • The digits of the year 2032 add up to 7 in both decimal and binary (11111110000).
  • Konoko's Chrysalis was implanted at age 7.
  • Konoko can wear 7 different outfits in Oni.
  • She wears her battle armor outfit in 7 Chapters (counting Training as a separate chapter)
  • This outfit has a stenciled 07 on the back in the intro.
  • A broken mirror means 7 years of bad luck.
  • There are 7 rooms in the training course.
  • Hasegawa's diary is accompanied by 7 images on-screen.
  • There are 7 particle damage types.
  • It takes 14 days to grow an SLD.
  • There are 14 Chapters, not counting Training.
  • Konoko can carry 7 hypos, ammo clips, and energy cells (if you count the one in use).
  • Bungie's build of Oni for the Mac has a creation date of 7/7/77.
  • The Oni matrix image has 42 columns and 28 rows, composed of 7 unique statements.

The fan-made Anniversary Edition project also uses "it's a seven" as a tagline. This wiki also has a few hidden sevens built into it, left to the reader to discover.

Other disputable ones can be disputed HERE.