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I want to raise a couple of questions about the instance files as they occur in Oni's original resources:

  • As mentioned HERE, the "flags" bitset in the instance descriptor for non-empty files are actually 0x01 00 10 00, 0x09 00 10 00, or 0x00 00 30 00. I've added a mention of those other 2 bits (0x00 00 10 00 and 0x00 00 20 00), but since they occur systematically, it would be nice to know why, or at least to confirm that the current engine ignores those two bits.
  • Do we have a list of files (instances) that are both unnamed and unreferenced? (and will thus be discarded by OniSplit's -export? At least one known example of such "orphan" files are the unnamed TRCM of level0_Final. Has anyone come across any others, I wonder. --geyser 12:47, 21 May 2018‎