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This material is meant to be read after 12/3.
At the end of Oni, Mai stopped Muro's plan by 'blowing the processors' (ACCs). This sacrifice apparently "bought [the world] some time". However, "the dead and the dying" could indeed become a common sight in the cities affected by the destruction of the ACCs. True, Muro's planned inversion didn't take place, but the now-broken ACCs were performing a non-negligible decontamination work. Thus, even if we're far from the "dead air and foul water" promised by Muro, "underground" life and rationing come to mind.

On the other hand, a dramatic decrease of the world's population would mean much less pollution in the years to come. This would allow for a local or global regeneration of the biosphere (à la Ergo Proxy or Nausicaa).

In a highly hostile environment, the population is more of a burden than a source of power. It would probably be left to itself.

In one of the remaining cities, on the contrary, it can be organized into a strong community under the protection of leaders. Ecoban or the Domes in Ergo Proxy come to mind: basically every intact city can become a "utopian" mini-state after the events of Oni.