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Atmospheric Conversion Centers (a.k.a. Atmospheric Processors) are large facilities that "suck in air, treat it, then belch it back out".

They are supposed to deal with the steady increase of toxins in the atmosphere of Oni's world (Cf. BioCrisis).

Every major city has its air cleaned by one or several such facilities.

Atmospheric Conversion Center

CHAPTER 07 . A FRIEND IN NEED and CHAPTER 08 . AN INNOCENT LIFE are in fact two parts of one mission. The transition is essentially seamless, however the player's inventory is reset. Same as between CHAPTER 04 . TIGER BY THE TAIL and CHAPTER 05 . HOT PURSUIT


Add descriptions of Konoko's descent, screenshots of the architecture, terminal readings...


Add a description of Konoko's encounter with Shinatama and escape from the compound...

Other references

There are a couple of references to atmospheric processing other than at the ACC. Either early hints at Muro's STURMANDERUNG plan, or late revelations thereof.



Dispose of the combustion engine parts contained in shipment 2Y-224-B, but keep the shipping containers.

There must be no chance that the parts can be tracked back to the original order. Repack the shipment with the Atmospheric Densifiers present in shipment 3X-302-C.

Weights will be added to match the original recorded tonnage, but we aren't expecting anyone to open the crates so they will only need to pass a casual inspection.


From the Diary entry
This place is really big. What the heck are they making here? Weapons? Robotics? They must be building something large. I'd better check the data consoles to see if I can figure out what it is.
Some of this stuff looks like atmospheric processing equipment. I can't believe I KNOW that! Maybe that means I'm a nerd?

"I'd better check the data consoles to see if I can figure out what it is." - a typical gameplay hint, which actually leads to information on the Deadly Brain. Thus the puzzling "engines of evil" are apparently unrelated to the atmospheric processing equipment, which Konoko identified by herself (in the original Oni, it is not clear what part of the facility she is referring to in either case).


WCG.subref.NavCom Advisory >

Unexplained interference in Sector N31 has been reported to create "ghost" signals which may be displaced echoes of standard guidance transmissions.

Report all incidents of ghosting to NavCom Central. It is believed that a malfunctioning Atmospheric Processor may be responsible for the rogue emissions.

A Crisis Control response team has been dispatched and will file a follow-up report in 28 to 32 hours.


Rather ambiguous and untidy references here, mostly valuable for the number of ACCs and control stations worldwide (Tertiary Stage). 417 ACCs means the population is mostly concentrated in today's million-plus cities.

TITAN = high-security access
(as opposed to dwarf)
mtnc = mountain compound?
dcs= data console?
Accessing Data Files...

Primary Stage:
1) Worldwide infiltration of Atmospheric Conversion Centers
2) Modification of ACC core filtration systems with smuggled parts
3) Remote satellite uplink/triggering systems installed: 417 regional processors on-line

<<<Primary Stage: COMPLETE>>>

Accessing Data Files...
TITAN = restricted access
dcs = data console?
Alignment is critical for low-orbit satelites
mtnc = mountain compound?
ssob = ???

Secondary Stage:
5) Low Orbit satellite control signal burrow established
6) STURMANDERUNG mountain compound construction
7) Daodan core technology (ref.TITAN\ssob)

<<<Secondary Stage: COMPLETE>>>

STURMANDERUNG baseline report: Dioxin levels

Actually, that's a (152 - 97)/97 = 56.70% increase
As for the (152 - 97)/152 = 36.18% ,
it would have been the decrease percentage
if the amount had gone down from 152 to 97ppm

Project initialization: 97 ppm

Primary stage: 100 ppm

Secondary stage: 152 ppm

36.18% increase

This "..." character breaks the line
in the Eastern English version
Accessing Data Files...
TITAN = restricted access
dcs = data console?
uwlb = ???
mtnc = mountain compound?
Barabas and what army?

Tertiary Stage:
9) Daodan core technology (ref.TITAN\uwlb)
10) STURMANDERUNG mountain compound construction
11) Symbiote candidate selection and implantation

<<<Tertiary Stage: COMPLETE>>>

417 regional atmospheric processors on-line

15 group control stations on-line

This "..." character breaks the line
in the Eastern English version
Accessing Data Files...
TITAN = restricted access
dcs = data console?
point (2)
point (6)
point (10)???

Final Stage:
13) ACC installation modification COMPLETE
14) STURMANDERUNG mountain compound COMPLETE
15) STURMANDERUNG transmitter array COMPLETE

<<<Final Stage Complete: PENDING>>>

invalid STURMANDERUNG command

invalid STURMANDERUNG command

Welcome to STURMANDERUNG help.
Please choose from the following options:

1) Initialize
2) Test with current settings
3) Edit current settings
4) Abort current process


Current settings

Frequency: 1002 Amplitude: 233 Mode: 1

input>Frequency = 9999, Amplitude = 9999, Mode: 9999
Warning: value out of bounds

Warning: error encountered
Warning: charge overload detected
Abort process or press F1 for HELP

input>blam! love, little sister
invalid STURMANDERUNG command


Added value

Distance to cities

It is not clear how close the ACCs could be to a city's center/suburbs. It doesn't make sense to place an ACC too far away and in a Wilderness Preserve (too much decontaminating work). But if they're too close, you end up with toxic waste (the product of decontamination) right next to a city. Unused dialogue indicates that the ACC was conceived of as being underground, which would explain a few things, including the fact that most of the clean air seems to be pumped through massive "lines" such as the one seen at the end of CHAPTER 08 . AN INNOCENT LIFE instead of simply released into the open air. Those lines must run up through the city's foundations, which would explain how they're able to get close to a city without dumping waste in the middle of it. Note that ambient street sounds (police sirens, car horns) can be overheard in CHAPTER 07 . A FRIEND IN NEED even though no city is visible, adding further evidence that the city being served by the ACC is much closer than you'd think from your surroundings.