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Everything related to Serious Engine 2/3 will eventually be moved here from the "Oni 2" page.

(after all, Serious Konoko is not "Oni 2", just an experiment/concept demo/whatever)


Has officially started with the release of Croteam's Serious Engine 2 GUI.

Latest achievements on Croteam's side:
  • release candidates for Linux
  • progress on Serious Engine 3
Latest perspectives on my side:
  • import FBX scenes into SE2/3 (meshes, skeletons, maybe anims)
  • import ONi content into SE2/3 (meshes, skeletons, anims)
  • get the SDK (no hurry, since I'd rather work with SE3 than SE2)
Serious Konoko is not dead.


  • Imported a few vehicles and furniture objects.
  • Imported Konoko's head and Sutur's Mukade ^_^
  • Imported Seventeen Seconds's Iron Demon.
  • Made the Demon/bike/van/truck/cars driveable.
  • Didn't make the Demon walk yet... sorry ^_^

Images etc here:


TRAM >> AAF converter
converts bone rotations and root movement to Serious Engine (2/3) ASCII Animation File (AAF) format

That should be really easy (for non-overlay TRAMs at least). No intermediate formats (like FBX).

Stay tuned...
geyser 17:14, 22 February 2007 (CET)


  • everything else ^^