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Hints that the very Syndicate placed this trap:

1) They used the same encryption for the data pad and the rail gun. BGI would had never done that. It means sure discovery of their actions. So it served a double purpose: decoying Konoko and damaging one of BGI's cash-making tribes.

02_05_01 Barabas: They're here! Finally!
02_05_07 Muro: There may be someone with them, an exceptional agent...

The talk seems clear enough: they awaited the TCTF and Konoko and this can only be if they placed the trap.

If we continue from this point we might wonder who gave Muro the information that Konoko could be of his very interest so near before his project's completion. Why should he care about a random special agent if the hint wasn't hot?

So maybe stealing Mai's case from the state archive didn't mean to hide it from her but to deliver it to Muro - if Mukade acted in Muro's order. --Paradox-01

1) Yes, it seems that Muro is not fond of BGI, and the feeling is probably mutual. Geyser suggested on AE:BGI that BGI was from the old days of The Network that preceded the Syndicate, and that they would not agree with Muro's style and goals for the Syndicate. We're probably going to work this idea, about Muro throwing a wrench into BGI's plans by leading the TCTF to Musashi, into the BGI storyline when we add it to Oni.
2) Am I the only one who's bugged by the cutscene you describe taking place in Ch. 2? Why is it there when Barabas doesn't fight Konoko until Ch. 3? It feels misplaced to me.
Now where you say it, yes, looks like a twist. But I don't think it's solid (like much more in Oni isn't). Barabas was eager to fight Konoko but Muro remembered him that he isn't the strongest (which has also a touch of "you are replaceable") and what a failure mean (pailful punishment/death). Also the railgun page warns about failure. They/BGI seem radical even to their own men. That might made Barabas to let the Deadly Brain go first before he risks his life. --Paradox-01 20:42, 29 September 2009 (UTC)
Anyway, it could be that Muro was trying to steal her files, but he *did* already know about her, and he definitely knew about Hasegawa, so would he need the files? --Iritscen 17:17, 28 September 2009 (UTC)
When he did knew about Konoko already, why then he placed a trap at all ? Can you tell me any source that proofs he knew about Mai and/or his father ? It's the missing facts that allow - not in total but also - for Truth Number Zero as well as for other ideas.
I've read about Truth Number Zero, but I'm not sure I understand how it ties in with this point. Can you explain that to me? Also, if Muro doesn't know about his sister and father by Rooftops, why does he know at the end of the story (since he refers to "our father" at that point)? --Iritscen 01:15, 29 September 2009 (UTC)
I was thinking you referred to TNZ because of the talk of geyser and the AE:BGI page which includes TNZ memes anyway. So I thought that “Muro was still in his early teens, and Hasegawa naturally became his peer and advisor.” and stuff was your source for “Muro definitely knew about Hasegawa”.
“if Muro doesn't know about his sister and father by Rooftops, why does he know at the end of the story”
I think they didn’t tell Muro very much. Loyal super soldiers don’t need to know about farther and sister... He offers her to join him in the end. But not at the airport.
04_14_01 Muro: Kill her. I have a plane to catch.
04_17_01 Muro: I'm impressed. Your potential is almost as great as mine.
04_17_02 Muro: Unfortunately that means you could pose a threat to me.
04_17_03 Muro: I can't allow that.
Probably he had information about the Chrysalis. But how much?
Shinatama didn’t tell (and maybe didn’t know) Konoko that Muro was her brother / Hasegawa’s son. Did she tell Muro? Unknown. At least she admitted that Mai was part of the TCTF-driven Chrysalis project and that at least two scientists exist. Then Muro could have pumped this scientists “Hey guys, TCTF has a Chrysalis too. Isn’t that strange? Did I miss something?”
So stealing Mais’s data from state building might mean a worthy option but not the only one. After getting Mai’s case failed, finding special people and make them talking might also take a bit time. --Paradox-01 20:42, 29 September 2009 (UTC)
I only said that Muro definitely knew about Hasegawa because of this quote:
15_59_02 Muro: [...] I have accomplished everything our father dreamed of doing.
So, by the end, he knows who his sister and father are, and he knows something about Hasegawa's plans for the Chrysalis. But I admit that Muro doesn't indicate whether he knows that stuff *earlier* in the story, and even at the end he doesn't exactly seem to be following his father's plan to save people with the Chrysalis, but rather plans to extort money/power from them in exchange for Chrysalises. --Iritscen 21:09, 29 September 2009 (UTC)