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Here's an all-ASCII alternative to GIF/PNG snapshots of hex data.

Editable by anyone, "right there", in parallel with related documentation.

Either embedded in the article using it, or in a subpage of the article.

(in that case, transcluded and made directly editable via a header)
(but if one wants to keep the doc in sync, it's not such a good idea)

The following input :

{|border=1 cellspacing=0
|Who needs this?°}}

produces the following output :

0x00:  01 51 02 00 01 00 00 06 AD DE AD DE AD DE AD DE  Who needs this?°
0x10:  AD DE AD DE AD DE AD DE AD DE AD DE AD DE AD DE  °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

There are 66 "actual" arguments; they are not named, but they line up intuitively.

(the extra | at the end of a line is part of a hack)
  • The first argument is the data's offset (default is 0x00, maybe it should be blank).
  • The next 16 arguments are the 16 hex bytes.
  • Then you have the RGB components of every byte's background :
    • 16 "red" bytes
    • 16 "green" bytes
    • 16 "blue" bytes
  • Finally, you can add an ASCII translation if you so wish.
    • Most of the time it's actually irrelevant
    • I'd systematically show nonsensical ASCII as ° : it's less distractive.
    • If all 16 chars are nonsense, simply omit the last argument (the default value is °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°)
    • Same for confirmed garbage in the hex fields : you can fill it with °.

Only the fixed-size font is specified in this template, as well as bold for offset and ASCII.

The rest (cell spacing/padding, border, alignment on page, background color, etc) is set at table level.