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The following text is intended for use on Oni's Discord server. A moderator on the server can paste this into the Dyno bot's Custom Commands page in order to create a command that randomly selects an Oni-related fact to print out. Anyone can contribute facts to the list below. Make sure to end each fact with a ';'. Be advised that we don't yet know the limit on how much text can be supplied to a custom command.

{choose:Most of the soundtrack is composed by Power of Seven.;
The digits of the year 2032 add up to 7 in both decimal and binary (11111110000).;
Konoko's Chrysalis was implanted at age 7.;
Konoko can wear 7 different outfits in Oni.;
Konoko wears her battle armor outfit in 7 Chapters (counting Training as a separate chapter).;
Konoko's battle armor has a stenciled 07 on the back in the intro.;
A broken mirror means 7 years of bad luck.;
It takes 14 days to grow an SLD.;
There are 14 (7 x 2) Chapters, not counting Training.;
Konoko can carry 7 hypos, ammo clips, and energy cells (if you count the one in use).;
Bungie's build of Oni for the Mac has a creation date of 7/7/77.;
The Oni matrix image has 42 columns and 28 rows, composed of 7 unique statements.;
The word "oni" is commonly translated "demon", but is usually depicted as an ogre-like creature.;
Oni's Project Lead believed "oni" to mean "ghost", and intended it to be the game's codename, inspired by "Ghost in the Shell".;
Oni was intended to be the codename for the game. An actual working title for Oni at one point was Mnemonic Shadow, referring to Konoko's suppressed memories in the early draft of the story.;
Konoko's name can be translated as "this child".;
The name of Barabas' Wave Motion Cannon is an in-joke referencing the fictitious weapon of the same name in Marathon.}